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Would you call yourself a "deep reader"?

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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris | 24 comments Mod
Just sharing this interesting article about research done on the difference between reading a book, and reading things online. In essence, it says reading books is a form of "Deep reading...it is an experience, not a chance to record ideas in our brain for later use". The action of reading a book increases people's empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence. I certainly find from my experience that is a more calming experience than flitting to and from website to website online! But each has their benefits of course. Anyway, here is the article for reference:


message 2: by Ess (new)

Ess Garland | 1 comments Hi Chris Appreciate you posting this. Completely agree and would never forgo the immersive and escapist qualities of a good book read. Twitter on the other hand is scanning for useful info, doesn't relax, more frantic... But useful form study. Tweeted the article thanks :)

message 3: by Kc (new)

Kc | 126 comments Mod
Hi Chris, definitely so. Nothing better than immersive reading. Having a family though I have also learnt to read through noise and intermittently whilst being asked questions :-)

message 4: by Glaucia (new)

Glaucia Mizuki | 5 comments Hi Chris, I agree. Nothing like reading a book. I am a mother, and my son (2 years) and I, every day we have a special time to read ... we simply turn off the TV, computer, tablet, mobile, and we read a book. I think it is essential to be more human. Be eBook or printed book, reading with depth is a dip in our human essence.

message 5: by Kc (new)

Kc | 126 comments Mod
Hi Glaucia,
It's meditative too - and the best way for me to wind down.

message 6: by Rene (new)

Rene (reneglez) | 1 comments I also agree. Reading a book is calming experience for me.

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