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Sam/Applejack♆ GREASERS
Greasers don't have nice clothes, they aren't rich, they don't have good cars or houses, the boys wear lots of hair grease, and the girls wear a lot of makeup and swear a lot. No exceptions.

You must include all of the following, and your character must be accepted before you are allowed to roleplay. Be sure to actually use correct format because if you don't I will not accept it. Delete the periods from the HTML.
<.b>First Name:<./b>
<.b>Middle Name:<./b>
<.b>Last Name:<./b>

<.b>Age:<./b> Keep them olderish to keep things interesting.
<.b>Date of Birth:<./b>

<.b>Main Ethnicity(ies):<./b>
<.I>:Place of Birth:<./I>

<.b>Appearance:<./b> A photo is mandatory.
<.I>Hair Color:<./I>
<.I>Eye Color:<./I>

<.b>Personality:<./b> Use details.

<.b>History:<./b> Use details.


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"I love you, but. . ."

{First Name} Kelly
{Middle Name} Rachael
{Last Name} Quincy
{Nickname} Kel

{Age} 16
{Date of Birth} May 26th
{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual (Straight)

{Main Ethnicity(ies)} Scottish

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{Hair Color} Chocolate Brown
{Eye Color} Dark Brown
{Height} 5' 6"
{Weight} 132 lbs

"We can run forever, and still never escape fear.

Seemingly sweet and innocent, Kelly knows how to have a good time. She's a rebel, a rule breaker. She uses innocence to make others unsuspecting of her; her friends know she's nowhere near close to innocence. She smokes, drinks, breaks rules, goes to clubs, and even talks to Socs sometimes. She's a party animal, and doesn't bother trying to hide her craziness when she knows she's in a place where she won't get caught.
Despite her "hipster" self, she's does decent in school, usually earning B's and sometimes A's. She never gets called a nerd, because that's pretty much the opposite of her. She's a social butterfly and gets invited to almost everything, and that's because she talks to almost everyone, meaning she has a ton of different friends. Sure, she has that one closest group, but everyone does. She just isn't afraid to talk to the goths and nerds sometimes, because some of them are actually really cool people, according to her. But this doesn't mean she won't tease kids, because she does sometimes. Just watch your back, because you never know what Kelly will be up to.

"And the longer we gaze . . . the more we want that one thing . . . that one thing that we can't have."

Kelly's family has always been tried for money. They don't have a lot of it and they have to work extra hard to get enough to sustain themselves. But Kelly doesn't spend a lot of time at home. It's more likely that you'll find her either outside somewhere or at a friend's house. It's not that she has anything against her family, because she loves them. She just finds her house boring and she prefers not to stay there. She'll usually be at parties anyways, she hardly stays home because she is invited to every party; being the life of the party as well. She's always had a tougher background, some of which she also prefers not to tell as it involves her brother being unintentionally slaughtered by the Socs. She's never forgiven them for that, so she prefers to avoid them for the most part. . .

Sister: Naudia Quincy
To be created later.

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Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling)

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Name: Sebastian Alixandre Delacroix | No other pseudonym is tolerated. |

『 〓 』• Pronounced | sə-BAS-chən | | ah-lek-SOHN-dre | | del-la-QWAH |
From the Latin name Sebastianus which meant "from Sebaste". Sebaste was the name a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from Greek σεβαστος (sebastos) "venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors). Saint Sebastian was a 3rd-century Roman soldier martyred by arrows after it was discovered he was a Christian. Due to the saint's popularity, the name came into general use in medieval Europe, especially in Spain and France. It was also borne by a 16th-century king of Portugal who died in a crusade against Morocco.
Latinized form of the Greek name Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros), which meant "defending men" from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, help" and ανηρ (aner) "man" (genitive ανδρος). In Greek mythology this was another name of the hero Paris, and it also belongs to several characters in the New Testament. However, the most famous bearer was Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. In the 4th century BC he built a huge empire out of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and parts of India. Due to his fame, and later medieval tales involving him, use of his name spread throughout Europe.
This ancient surname, Delacroix, is of Roman (Latin) pre Cristian origins. It derives from the word 'crucis' meaning 'cross'. There are several potential origins, the most popular being that it was originally a habitational name for a person who lived at one of the many places called Cruc or Cros.

Age: Seventeen 27th of October 6:56 a.m
Gender: [/peers down into underwear] "I guess I'm a male."
♂ ┏━━━━━━━━━┓
Derived from the masculine chromosome
┗━━━━━━━━━┛『 xy 』
Sexuality: Heterosexual Asexual | Asexuality (or nonsexuality) is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone or low or absent interest in sexual activity. It may be considered the lack of a sexual orientation, or one of the four types thereof, alongside heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. A study placed the prevalence of asexuality at 1%.

Main Ethnicity(ies): Nuristani, Romanian, French, English, Italian, and Brazillian.
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy.

██████████████████████████ ██████████
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(view spoiler)

|| ♛ || Sebastian maintains a physical build betwixt the ectomorph and mesomorh; with the ectomorph being typically skinny whilst the mesomorph the exact opposite, this combination establishes a bodice of slender, with notable taut muscle properties -- though only on his solar plexus; albeit for the mot part, he remains practically lanky looking. Though having sustained a multitude of fatal injuries, his body remains almost flawless, and those scars that remain are hidden beneath ink. His eyes are somewhat unnerving whilst drawing this sort of fascination to them, luring people into contemplating profoundly into their unfathomable depths whence they probe through the souls of their victims and reveal secrets better yet kept unbeknownst. His voice is that of a southern english (or if you're that ignorant, just call it british) accent, giving him that aura of extravagance when in all honesty, he is nary other than a brute.

Sebastian is a very handsome young man in obvious -- but nerdy -- aspects; the angular jawline, the oddity that are his eyes, and even the air of slight arrogance that he envelopes around himself as a façade seems to attract people to him, which would be a vain attempt on others' parts; it almost seems as if he is contemplating through the individual rather than scrutinising directly at them when engaged in conversation. One might as well not exist -- for to him, you likely do not.

Though he is much more comfortable adorned in casual, sporty clothing, he still does not come off as a hobo; a clean hoodie and some jeans will do. Though no one really notices his effort to remain presentable given his height; at 6'6", he is incredibly tall. Do not make some joke along the lines of 'how is the weather up there?' or 'the air must be really thin.' Female or male, you're going to end up with some sort of bruise or scar to remember your ignorance by. No, he does not mind the 'wow, you're tall,' but if you've got nothing nice to say, don't open your mouth, for he will rip it off if he sees fit. See if you can talk then.

For Sebastian, it's all about what he wants people to see; if he wants to make an effort to look forthcoming, yeah, but until then he tries his hardest to keep a stone-cold countenance and an intimidating caliber. He feels that as long as he does not socialise too much, people will ask less questions, thus conjuring less better-left-forgotten memories -- though all those memories have never been forgotten. There is just a difference between thinking about it upon your own accord and having someone bring it up. All in all, this male is an enigma; he looks like a lowlife nerd, with the strength of five men, and the arrogance of a jock.

Hair Color: A combination of eumelanin and phaeomelanin that composes his hair into that of a light brown pigmentation, whilst occasionally appearing somewhat auburn.
Eye Color: His eyes, due to heterochromia, are a mixture of four colors; green, blue, amber, and somewhat golden.(view spoiler)
Height: 6'6.62" in height.
Weight: 175.43 pounds.


Calculated  &  Enigmatic 
▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
I'm not solely emotionless; I'm prone to fits of uncontrollable rage.
Though Sebastian, deep within he dark recesses of his being, is a malicious brute, he does well to hide this; he is not completely incapable of affection and passion as he claims, he merely makes false accusations of himself due to the unfavourable and irrational assumption that to have sentiments would only slow him down; true and false at the same time. On the other hand, he is merely a gradually fading and ominous apparition whom keeps his distance from most situations due to a fear of unsavoury outcomes. Though even without the façade he is still cold, just less angry, less dangerous. Given the depth description of all things negative about him, one would assume this is all there is; most of the time, Sebastian is a relatively neutral androcentric organism whom can just get angered easily if surrounded by an unfortunate atmospheric setting. In addition, he is a top notch jerk -- 'cause he wants people to be drawn away from him. He has an offensive, witty remark for any insult that is thrown his way. People around school have this saying; 'You can't insult Sebastian. Only he can insult you.' The remarks he makes are like an annoying stain on your favourite t-shirt; you try to ignore it, telling yourself it's not that noticeable -- not that bad. Albeit you keep thinking about it, you keep probing and touching at it and suddenly it seems a thousand times more annoying and you try your best to get rid of it, but it won't come out. His words stick in your head.

Overall Sebastian is just a slightly taciturn young man who takes pride in himself but secretly lacks in amour-propre. Being silent and reserved to those he deem unknown, he is articulate in speech when needed to speak; he chooses his words carefully and with tact, though, if piqued, he can obtain a sharp-tongue. Perhaps being a little ways overly circumspect (often due to a lack in trust or a fear of unfavorable outcomes), he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. Despite being known to go ballistic, he obdurately adheres to a firm set of aphorisms; he is empirical to a limited extent, though at times his sentimental issues drive him to make audacious decisions. Sebastian is hesitant to forgive as he takes gradually to profound anger; profound anger is the only point in which he resents anyone; he simply does not disregard transgressions committed opposed to him. Being one whom has a cacophonous presumption upon the kind of man, he is known to shy away from those who are unfamiliar for lack in better temperament; he may come off as frigid or indifferent at best. However, he is willing (albeit hesitant) to extend a hand of affiliation if he deem the individual trustworthy and relatively conscientious.

⋮▌   ❛ Life is a game; you can't win -- but I can.
Now you see me, now you don't.
'Did you snag the keys?' Sitting in the drivers seat of a car that he had only attained through a daring heist, the teenager turned to regard his younger, currently fourteen year old brother. The older teen did not think much of the young male, as his undying passion for this crap he called magic embarrassed him, but he had to admit… the kid had some tricks up his sleeve that were necessary for his own passion -- robbery. 'Got 'em.'

Sebastian Delacroix & his brother Steel Delacroix were a match made in hell. They hated each other, and yet depended on one another for everything; Steel had the manipulative mindset, and Sebastian had the ability to steal things under people's noses -- 'cause he practiced magic and illusion as a child to pass time for the lack of affection he received from his parental guardians. At the mere age of ten was the first time Sebastian shoplifted, and his older brother had been thirteen. Then there came a second, third, fourth, and fifth time, and on the sixth was the last straw. Not only did they steal a car -- and an expensive one -- but Steel died in the process. What started as a 'harmless' prank/joke/heist, turned into a highway speed chase in which the car flipped over. Sebastian was able to crawl out from under the car, but his brother had been unconscious and was stuck in the seat; after all, the cops had tried to pull him out before the mixture of gasoline and fire blew up the entire chunk of (now useless) metal.

So, once Sebastian lived and recovered, his parents ('cause they wanted nothing to do with him) sent him off to Tulsa, Oklahoma to stay with his aunt and uncle. There, he got mixed in with the 'wrong' crowd.

Relationship: "Oh, so you're a comedian?"
Other: An old dirtbike he doesn't really use -- but he keeps it clean. (view spoiler)

Sam/Applejack♆ Julia and Sebastian are accepted.

Sam/Applejack♆ Zara is accepted.

Sam/Applejack♆ Jana is accepted.

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