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Jade Ablitt Introductory Post: “Between the Lines” by Jodi Picoult so far is a dreamlike read so far bringing us into the world and letting us see through the eyes of a storybook hero after his story has ended. But Olive is anything but his story self after the story has been told. Olive is bored and trapped between pages and setting that he has seen millions of times over. He wants to be set free of his paper bindings and step into the real world. The first 3 chapters we are introduced to the format of the book. The 1st chapter reads the original book text in 3rd person perspective. The 2nd Chapter reads of the protagonist (Olive) in his own story and the book he talks in 1st person and introduces us to the characters of the story that are not necessarily the same as in the play they put on. The 3rd chapter has the reader(Delila) of the storybook talking about how she could meet the handsome hero of the story. From this I can tell that the relationship between the fictional story hero and the average girl will fight past the odds of a relationship that is being blocked by a thin barrier. The pages.

Pranshu This is great but what is it for? Is it for a review or just for yourself? Sorry if I wasn't supposed to comment on it, I guess :D

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