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'Who Owns the Future?' by Jaron Lanier

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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Thibeault (thebookreporter) | 15 comments Just finished the new book by Jaron Lanier called Who Owns the Future? The book focuses on the information economy, and argues that the Internet is creating a system of winners (the major Internet companies), and losers (the ordinary people who freely provide the content and data that is being used by the Internet companies to create mega-profits). In order to preserve a middle-class going forward--as the information economy comes to represent an ever greater proportion of the economy as a whole--Lanier argues we must monetize information, and pay ordinary people for the contributions they make to the Internet. An interesting idea. I've written a full executive summary of the book available here:

message 2: by Richard (new)

Richard Roedel (polariseffect) | 1 comments The Polaris Effect: Who really holds the power in creating American Jobs? is more than just a book - it's a movement to bring back three million U.S. manufacturing jobs. Rather than rely on the government or other companies, I place the responsibility to bring back U.S. manufacturing jobs on U.S. citizens, whose wallets affect where manufacturing jobs are sent.

I was one of the individuals that had to restart my career at age 55, as my last occupation disappeared over night with the changes our country has gone though. Thus, the inspiration to write my book and share my experience with others.

Please check out my book and tell me what you think. I am very happy to announce the release to this community.

Rick Roedel

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