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I did not care for The Book Thief, is this better?

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Todd I seem to be one of the few out there that just could not get in to The Book Thief. I have heard great things about this book but have been a little reluctant due to the fact that I heard a lot of great things about the The Book Thief as well. Without spoilers, is it a different kind of read? Thoughts on the book in comparison to the The Book Thief. I found TBF to be a little boring and just blah, I don't know how else to describe my feelings toward the book. I didn't hate his writing style or anything. Please share your thoughts.

Amber I didnt think I Am the Messanger was that great. So if you didnt like The Book Thief then you probably wont like this.

That being said, its a short read and wont take too long to read and the premise is intresting even if the story did not go where I wanted it to go.

Buck I like both of them very much. I Am the Messenger is nothing like The Book Thief. If you didn't care for the Book Thief, that's no indicator of whether or not you'll like I Am the Messenger. I recently came across a goodreads discussion where folks didn't like the ending of it. I did.

The only way you'll know is to read it yourself.

Jumana A I did like I Am the Messenger much better than The Book Theif. It was a feel good book and easy to get into right away.
The ending is not what you expect and keeps you thinking, but in a good way.

Suge When compared with The Messenger, yeah this book is vastly different. It's a period piece so it takes place in a different era and describes incredible hardships that the main character goes through because she is jewish.

However, The Messenger is an incredible story and it's interesting that the same writer wrote both. I find them both incredible reads. The Book Thief is more historical whereas The Messenger is more modern. It's a great story about finding your place in the world, even if you have to be forced into it.

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I really liked both I Am the Messenger and The Book Thief. I Am the Messenger is nothing like The Book Thief, and the only way you'll find out if you like it is to read it. It's a short read, so it shouldn't take that long. It's a beautiful story about how everyone is important and you can do anything no matter what your background.

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Sam Funderburk I loved both, but the writing styles are, surprisingly, not very similar. Give it a read. It's a quick one and it has a pretty unique message, that is not overdone in the writing world, even though that is precisely what it pertains to.

Salem I hated The Book Thief and this was MUCH better. Much more likable and relatable characters. I felt like I knew the people in this book and I could never feel that in The Book Thief. I gave this book 5 stars and The Book Thief got 2.

Diane I liked this one better that Book Thief. The characters are likeable and engaging. A really good read.
Katrin (kitkatkathy!) wrote: "It is SO MUCH better. Ed i found a more relatable and enjoyable character than Liesel- and the narrarating in I Am the Messenger is funnier and less morbid than Death himself in The Book Thief.

Todd wrote: "I seem to be one of the few out there that just could not get in to The Book Thief. I have heard great things about this book but have been a little reluctant due to the fact that I heard a lot of..."

Kimberley I Am The Messenger is my favorite book! I've read it three times and I still find things that renew my love of this book. The characters are relatable and the writing style is easy to follow. It's funny, it's enduring, and if you love imagery like I do this book will certainly deliver! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Lena I did like most of it better. The characters are fun and the story is good, although personally, I felt that the ending was a huge cop-out. Otherwise, the book was good up to that point.

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sam This is VERY different from the book thief, just because its by the same author doesn't mean the books are anything alike.

Meena Yes, this is a totally different kind of book, so it's hard to predict whether you will like this book based on your level of enjoyment from the Book Thief. I personally loved the Book Thief and thought this book was interesting and good, but not nearly as good as the Book Thief. However, if you didn't like the Book Thief, maybe your opinion will be different. The two books are both good, but so different and hard to compare with each other.

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Iris The Messenger is WAY different than The Book Thief, books are not even similar.
I liked both, tbh. TBT is one of the best books I've ever read (btw, if you don't like first 50 or so pages of the book, stick through it, it's worth it).
The Messenger is AMAZING. Characters are really relatable and awesome and the book is easily read, so you should definitely try it!

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Toni The Messenger is, by far, one of my most favorite books. I even have an autographed copy. Thoroughly a feel good book!

Colin Yeah, The Book Thief is definitely more historical fiction, whereas The Messenger is more contemporary. Easily in my top five favourite books ever, and for a contemporary book to make the cut in that list of mine is a miracle in itself!

The characters are amazing, the plot is intriguing and keeps you on your toes and the way Zusak weaves the humour, drama and philosophical elements into the plot is sheer genius.

Just call me Pocahontas:) NO! It was terrible, especially the ending.

Kelseyc I also wasn't a big fan of The Book Thief, I think it's overrated. However, I thought I Am The Messenger was a fantastic read! I've read it twice now and have been thoroughly impressed both times. It is my favorite book and I recommend it to everyone.

It isn't anything like The Book Thief and a much more intriguing read. Also, the ending blew my mind:)

I definitely suggest you reading it:)

Lohengrin I thought I Am the Messenger was absolutely terrible. Unlike The Book Thief, which sugarcoats nothing, I found it extremely complacent; I've read children's stories that are far more realistic about the problems and challenges of helping others than this was (in the real world, the protagonist here would've been severely injured, killed or jailed early on in the story).
I also could feel no sympathy for any of the characters - unlike Liesel, who is many ways admirable, as are her foster parents, despite their faults, the narrator here is rather pathetic, and so is essentially everyone else in this story (most characters are just two-dimensional cardboard cutouts in any case).
Essentially, I Am the Messenger is a feel-good book completely out of touch with the real world and with only superficial character development.

Joanna Yong They're both pretty different books so I suggest you try reading it. I reckon I am the Messenger was more realistic because its not historical fiction, and I could relate to it better than The Book Thief.

I liked I am the Messenger slightly more, for this, but on which book is really 'better', that is more subjective.

Cheryl I loved I Am The Messenger and liked The Book Thief - vastly different

message 22: by Jude (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jude Sierra I loved both books, to be honest. They are incredibly different, so I would definitely recommend reading this. I will say that Zusak has a really interesting and different prose style than a lot of mainstream fic out there: I don't know if that's part of what bothered you? I loved the ending of this book too.

Víctor Honestly, it's different. In this case, liking one doesn't mean that you won't like the other. Just give it a try.

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Zady I had to read I Am The Messenger for school and normally I would hate books that I was forced to read but I liked it a lot! Its different from the books I would normally go for but its uniqueness is what made it great

Vr Gimena I liked The Messenger, but The Book Thief is the masterpiece of Markus Zusak

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Florin Ungurianu They are different. Very. Nothing about wars or anything like that. I loved it. I pictured it as a movie from the first page. And yes, I know that that's what happens with every book, but I don't know, this really had something different that made you feel like you're in the cinema. Oh, and the life lesson at the end was great. It is unique and I think you would miss a lot by not reading it.

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