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Books to Read After the Hobbit and LoTRs

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Robert Evert Several of the other forums on Tolkien have threads discussing books similar to the great man's work. Other than the obvious, "big named" authors, I'd like to see if we can generate a list of new indie authors who Tolkien fans might enjoy.

Part of my motivation here is to find books that can make me feel like I did when I first read the Hobbit. I miss the wonder and splendor that Tolkien first gave to me. Hopefully a new generation of authors can kindle the same emotions.

Another part of my motivation is because I'm a new novelist. Sorry for the shameful self-promotion, but I'd like to start the ball rolling by suggesting my book, RIDDLE IN STONE.

Again, it's nowhere near the quality and beauty of Tolkien's work. But you might enjoy it.

It's about a fat, middle age man who stutters. Tired of feeling like a loser, he attempts to become a famous adventurer so that he can win the heart of his love, Molly; however, his first quest goes horribly wrong.

It's an e-book available at Amazon and other outlets.

If you read it or are interested in reading the first chapter, PLEASE let me know.

Okay... done with that!!

What other new authors would you all recommend???? Try to give a brief overview of the story so we all can get an idea what it's about and a link to where the book can be purchased.

Any other suggestions??????

Martine Raymond E. Feist - The Magician

Robert Evert I don't think I've read The Magician. I've read Grossman's "The Magicians"...which was good. But I'll have to find The Magician. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anybody else?

Elentarri Raymond E Feist - Faerie Tale.

Elentarri Patricia McKillip - The Riddle Master of Hed trilogy.

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Sandra Alex The Conjunction of the Realms (Part One) - Sandra Alex
(shameless plug... just published it yesterday)

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