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Reader Response 6/7/13

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Ms. Brown | 2 comments Mod
Complete a Reader Response journal based on your reading for this week. You will choose ONE RR question to answer and write a 5-7 sentences paragraph in response. Please remember the following requirements:

1) Appropriate heading should include the Title, Author, and the pages that you read this week.
2) Write complete sentences (no sentence fragments or run-ons).
3) Use correct capitalization and punctuation.
4) Make sure that your RR paragraph is focused on one main idea with several supporting details - don't switch topics midway through your writing!

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris | 2 comments shattering glass
by gale giles
pgs 1-67

i noticed that every character in the book is suddenly nice to glass. and at the begining no one liked him. i think thats cause the popular kid liked him. and everyone followed him. and everyone wanted to be like him.

O'block Bang bang # Hash Tag 3hunna Skuuuwuu  Pancho Free My cousin Tyrone Skurrrr 2 chainzzz  | 8 comments Chanda's Wars
Allan Stratton
pgs 1-24

I can connect this book to chanda secrets. In chanda secrets her mama die and how bad she feels. In this books it talks about how she was doing for the 3 months and that she still thinks about her. Iris and Soly seem that they forgot about their mama. I wonder would be able to support them.

-Christian Martinez

message 4: by lalo (new)

lalo City Of Thieves
by David Renioff 40-55
Kolya and Lev are looking for eggs and some boy tells them he knows where they can find them.Kolya and Lev start feeding in to the story. Though they find out its a lie when the boy starts over exaggerating. They go on and see if they can get some eggs some where else.Luckily their in luck they meet a giant man that says he has a dozen eggs.Kolya all desperate to find some eggs tells him he will pay him enough money for the eggs. The giant excepts the offer and takes them to a a bonded building and says he has the eggs in their.Though lev believes its a lie because the man doesn't want to bring the eggs downstairs.

message 5: by Mayra (new)

Mayra Diaz | 3 comments the bar code tattoo
by suzzane weyn
pgs: 16-50

the thing that i question about is that brenda is so insecure about the tattoo that every one has. also in order for the people of her town want to buy things from the the store they have to be scanned and then they can go home with there purchases . lastly her father tells her that she is old enough to get her tattoo and can do what ever she wants with the tattoo that looks like a code of a cerial box .

message 6: by Andre (new)

Andre | 2 comments Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Author: John Boyne. Pages;1-104. How i feel: I feel sorry for Bruno because because she he has alot of friends at his old house and then they had to move far away. I feel sad for him because everyday he always wants to go home and he probably going to think hes might go back home but hes not. I also feel sad for him because were he lives there is no kids so he can play with , the only kid that is there is a prisoner. Also he cant go back home

message 7: by Cristian (new)

Cristian | 3 comments cristian izaguirre
pg 1-21
title: troy
I got ah question on how they got where they are now.His mom doesnt work or even do choirs around there home.Troy's mom doesnt bother to wait for him to take care of his brother when she go's out.Troy should work at a store or reusturant. I can relate to the fact Tyes mom didnt bother to watch her son when he gos out in the streets.

message 8: by Okobe (new)

Okobe City of Thieves
By: David Benioff
What do you predict?
I can predict that Koyla and Lev are gonna get a beating from the officer. They are out after curfew and are under the age to be walking around. I think there gonna get a beating because there jews and Germans at that time didnt like jews and thought they werent worth living. Due to that, they would hold consentration camps where they would put jews and make them work or they would just kill them.

message 9: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie Ambriz (LadyTrex) | 3 comments The Bar Code Tattoo
I feel that this book is boring but, I'm hoping it gets better. I feel that the tattoo is kinda stop idea to do. I feel that if other things had happen in this book it would be better. But, since it hasn't really happen anything I'm getting bored of it. I feel that the girl should also make up he mind on what she is going to be doing. I fee that since she got the tattoo she has to get away from her family.

message 10: by Wei (new)

Wei | 2 comments WeiZheng
freedom writer
Zlata Filipovic
I feel this book are interesting.I feel that because I think this book are about some gangster.Also I am interesting about this book because this book about life changing.I have saw this movie before,so I am interesting about the book.I want know the different between the book and the movie.

message 11: by Ana (last edited Jun 07, 2013 07:58AM) (new)

Ana Vazquez | 3 comments Title: A Child Called "It"
Author: Dave Pelzer

I notice that Dave is the only one that gets mistreated by mother. She treats him horrible, like if he wasn't her kid. I feel that Dave is traumatized by all the stuff that his mother does to him. I think he needs to tell someone before his own mother kills him,or keeps beated him and making him go to all the pain. i notice that she treats him even worst when no one home, when they're just by themselves she makes him go through more pain.

message 12: by el chiqui narco (new)

el chiqui narco Well I can predict that Benny is gonna join the family business becasue he was begging his brother to be in the bussiness.Everytime when benny see his brother he keeps telling him if he can take him to kill or wack some zombies.

message 13: by Michelle (last edited Jun 13, 2013 02:54PM) (new)

Michelle | 2 comments Thirteen Reasons Why.
Jay Asher
I wonder why Clay Jensen is in the tapes. he looks like the type that's innocent and wouldn't hurt anybody. the only connection they had together so far was when they made out at a party. what if he did something wrong that day and he doesn't remember. or it can be something positive about him.

message 14: by Panchito (new)

Panchito Gee Dgaf Yolo Swag 300 Ymcmb (; Oink Oink K | 3 comments The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
John Boyne
Pages 30-55

In the beginning of the chapter the boy starts to look who lives there and what kind of people. But he also talks about in mostly all the chapters about how he misses his house and wonders why his dad left a few days early. But I think that its hard for him to get used to living there, he feels like theres nobody with him.

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