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Should George have done what he did?

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Jorge Gutierrez I don't think that what George did in the end was right. He could have taken Lennie and ran away from work. Nobody would have died if instead of shooting Lennie, George just ran away with him. However, I do see why John Steinbeck would make George kill Lennie. In my opinion he did this because George was trying to end Lennie's "suffering".

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Nathan Of Course, imagine if your friend that you care about does something wrong but doesn't mean it, you would still forgive him and move on..... imagine if you had to keep doing this over and over again. At the start of the book, we could already see that George has grown tired of this but he still cares about Lennie. But when Lennie does something far worse than grabbing a girls dress, I could already see at that point, killing that girl pushed George past the limit, and he knows that Lennie has grown too dangerous. When a man and a dog become friends they forge a strong relationship, doesn't matter if the dog pooes in the house or bites someone, the man forgives him and moves on, but if the dog goes rabid and attacks people, then the man would put him down, for the safety of others. Although Lennie is good, he never means to hurt people, and George understands that, but after Lennie killed that girl, then George knows that Lennie is a threat to others. So he had to do it for the safety of other people. It wasn't about what was right or what was wrong..... It was what was needed to be DONE.

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