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Jade Ablitt Introductory Post: “Plain Truth By Jodi Picoult” My first impressions of this book are miraculous due to the fact I love Jodi Picoult’s incite into our legal system and the parts of society that are darker than ever. We are first put into the eyes of Katie Fisher, an Amish girl on a farm, where we look into the events that lead up to her giving birth in the barn and the baby dieing. Other characters that have been introduced so far are Ellie (The Defence lawyer), Aaron Fisher, Samuel, Levi and a few other minor characters. Also an important point to make is that Ellie is staying with the Fishers to take care of Katie. So far what I’m predicting will happen from the knowledge I have from the book is that Ellie will start to understand Katie and the Amish culture and from the way Jodi Picoult wright her books we will find more evidence to support Katie and tell us who the baby’s father is. I’m already reading more of it by the second and can’t wait to reach the end.

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Jade Ablitt Summary: Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult has surpassed my expectations of the story and overall plot. *SPOILER* The court doesn’t have enough evidence to find the actual cause of death but Katie is found with a sentence of 1 year under house arrest. This punishment is for everyone’s best interest: The prosecutor’s win streak continues without harming his reputation, Ellie doesn’t have to suffer emotionally anymore from the burden of feeling like a mother to Katie, and Katie well in the Amish tradition you repent and accept the consequences so she’s totally happy about losing the trial with a minimal punishment. Katie’s relationship with Samuel is all well. Ellie and Coop are living a happy life as a strong couple. The only problem I can think of with the book that is my problem with regular court proceedings is that Katie’s story keeps changing from “I didn’t have a baby!” too “I guess I had a baby.” and “I didn’t kill the baby!” to “I killed the baby.” she just can’t make up her mind. I know now that in court that people need to change the story but this Amish way of thinking seems really unreal and I don’t think Jodi took her time in researching the part. Another problem with the book might just be with me being fifteen but the story gets really sexual at parts to the part of Katie’s intercourse to Ellie and Coop’s love life. The sex scene is so detailed that there should be a warning. Love is definitely a strong motif in the book because there is family, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends, and brotherly love.

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