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Cyndi What did Dean do at 91% that he enjoyed and made one reviewer upset? I hope not cheating

Ladyamelia I couldn't figure out how to hide spoilers so I sent you a message.

Literati Literature Lovers It's funny that some people were so upset by that 5 second scene and others (like me) weren't bothered by it in the slightest.

When you have a chance, you can read a transcript of our live fan chat with Nina Lane where we talked about this scene. Do not read this if you have not read Arouse! :)

Louise What he did???, it wasn't him who made the move, and its natural, his body reacted to it lol, but it did not bother me, I love (view spoiler)

Ruth I Loved this book!!!!!

Rebecca I have just finshed this book and found realy good something different to what i usually read, loved it.

Ruth I'm reading book 3 now....I'm almost at 70%

theblkgrlibrarian It took me a minute to be okay with it...I was like really, please don't react, but he's a guy...

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