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Does anyone know if Melina Marchetta is going to write more books?

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Anne I seriously love, love, love, LOOOOVEE the Lumatere Chronicles and I'm just wondering if Marchetta is planning on writing more books for this series. I seriously can't get enough of these characters and this world and I originally I thought it was a trilogy and Quintana of Charyn ended so perfectly and satisfying but, I don't know there's so many different characters I love and wish Marchetta expanded on and I'm starting to ramble now but, ya.Are there going to be ore books in Lumatere Chronicals?

Georgia I think the series itself is over, but she has said that she plans on writing another short story about Celie.

Anne Awww i was kinda hoping for another answer even though I kind've subconsciously knew that was gonna be the answer but, hey at least we might be getting another short story. And thanks for the answer :-)

Amanda Burns I read that she still had stories left to tell and of these included Jher, the yut prince who finnikin met in the first book and who also went missing in the second book. I also read that the prince of Avanosh was a story she wanted to expand on and see what happens to him.

Cynthia Malek I love the idea of her writing about the Yut prince!

Ashley Lady Celie's short story was published just prior to Quintana's release. It's called Ferragost and is in Vol. 3, Issue 4 of this publication, available here:


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