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message 1: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Lowe | 1 comments Last year I wrote to Mr Sanderson thanking him for the enjoyment I got from reading his Mistborn trilogy. This week I received a personal email from him thanking me for writing to him and discussing the books. What a thoroughly nice chap he must be to work through his fan mail, even a year later, to finally get around to replying to everyone.

As it happens I'm reading Way of Kings right now, so by pure chance the author filling my evenings also dropped me a line.

Just thought I'd let the good people of this group know that our worldbuilders are thinking of their fans.

message 2: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 61 comments Wow, that's awesome.

I met him very briefly on the Memory of Light tour earlier this year at the Baltimore signing. The crowd was much larger than they expected (500 tickets given out and many more showed up), so the bookstore said no personalizations on the first time through the line. Mr. Sanderson was kind enough to do short personalizations anyway so people didn't have to wait an additional 5 hours in line. I thought that was a reasonable compromise and very considerate. He and Harriet McDougal also both made it a point to chat a little with each fan as they came through the line and didn't make us feel rushed.

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