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Adam (edgeofinfinity) | 32 comments Has anyone read Cloud Atlas? I'm wondering how it is. Especially in regards to the themes and story. In the movie adaptation, the trailer depicts what appears to be clips from a future authoritarian-like state (or maybe I wasn't paying as much attention as I thought). Having not seen the movie or read the book, I'm not sure if it's a dystopian tale or just a tale about the human condition.

Anyone willing to recommend that I read this?

Nordlys | 15 comments I read this not so long ago, and basically it is six different stories that are linked together. They take place at different times, stretching from the 1850's, all the way to a post-apocalyptic world.

All the stories are fairly different, and it's quite interesting I think. Some stories more interesting than the others...:) Like I mentioned, the last story is a post-apocalyptic world, and the second to last is in a dystopian future, so you get both types in this book.

I enjoyed the book, although I can't say I loved it. It is a lot about human condition, and how things go in cycles. So I would recommend it, it is an interesting read, but not my favourite.

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Adam (edgeofinfinity) | 32 comments Thanks so much for your detailed description. It sounds like I may enjoy the book. I certainly see what you're saying about it not being your favorite: the book gets a lot of reviews that say similar things. And the movie did horribly in the box office, lol, but sounds interesting and worth the casual read through.

I like the whole philosophical thing you're talking about too.mSounds like I'd dig the last two stories best. :)

Nordlys | 15 comments Yes, I think you'll enjoy it, it's worth a read. And yes, the last two stories are the most interesting ones, but I also liked the environmental thriller one that comes a little before them. And the link between all the stories is also interesting.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when you have read it:)

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