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Catherine Ann Wilson (catherineawilson) | 4 comments Hi All ...

I am hoping you can help (offer advice). I have been trying, for the last week, to add my co-author to the listing of our first novel. We are two authors with the same name, but for 1 initial. I am Catherine A Wilson and my co-author is Catherine T Wilson. I edited and saved the addition of an author to our listing, but nothing seems to happen (other than I receive a message stating that it will take about 10 minutes for my changes to appear). We have both emailed goodreads, but have not received a response.

Am I missing some basic step?

Thank you in advance ... Catherine A

message 2: by Mercy (new)

Mercy Cortez (mercy-cortez) | 11 comments May be that you need a period eg. Catherine T. Wilson. etc.

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 332 comments GR prevents the addition of too similar names on purpose. I have added it using a work around.

Catherine Ann Wilson (catherineawilson) | 4 comments Thanks Mercy - I included periods in both names - mine appears as Catherine A. Wilson and I did the same with Catherine T. Wilson ... but, sadly, that didn't work either.

Catherine Ann Wilson (catherineawilson) | 4 comments You have added Catherine T. Wilson? If so, many thanks Paula ...

Catherine Ann Wilson (catherineawilson) | 4 comments Many, many thanks Paula :-)

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