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message 1: by Kara, TBR Twins (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kara (karaayako) | 3941 comments This thread is for the Introduction through chapter five.


Londa (londalocs) | 117 comments Is anyone reading? This is my first time discussing with this group and I don't know how you all usually start. My edition has two introductions (25th ANN year & 30th ANN year), The Princess Bride, Buttercup's Baby Explanation, Buttercup's Baby Chapter One.

I skimmed through introduction parts and started with the explanation of how he came to abridge 'Morgenstern's work'

What did you all think of his childhood story and his description of his wife and son? I have never researched the book before, so it took me a while to realize his trick with the whole Morgenstern thing. Once I did, I thought it was a clever writing style, but it still started to bore me and I wanted him to just get to the story. All the introductions felt drawn out and almost put the brakes on my reading the book before I even got started.

message 3: by Kara, TBR Twins (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kara (karaayako) | 3941 comments Hmm...looks like we're a little slow this month. :)

I saw the movie first, so I thought it was totally bizarre that there was a whole back-story about the abridging. I didn't like it at first, but then it kind of grew on me. I ended up really enjoying it.

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Nik (bleepnik) | 852 comments I watched the film many years ago, but never read the book. My edition has one introduction, which ends with his son's birthday. Interestingly, I rarely read introductions and forwards, and this time I just happened to do so, without realising that it's actually relevant to the story.

Without any background, I took to Google to find this "original work" that Goldman abridged. I wondered if I had the wrong book or something. It took me a minute or three to understand that the entire premise was fictional and itself part of the story, sort of. But that made me wonder about his wife and son, and the way in which he depicted his relationship to them (especially to his wife). I was thinking it was autobiographical and I guess it really wasn't…?

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Robyn | -15 comments This was a film I watched yearly way back in high school. It seemed we would watch it in each class when we had time to kill. When I tried to read the book I couldn't handle all the backstory and narration. I don't think I really even gave it a chance because I was comparing it to the fantastic movie.

fast forward about ten years... I am giving it another shot and so far I am really enjoying it. the narration gives it extra character and I found the introduction entertaining. I really loved the part with Sandy Sterling. I could just picture this woman waiting while he was tracking down a book then eventually loosing interest when she realized she couldn't compete with his task.

Kelsi  (essentiallybooked) | 750 comments I am being a terrible moderator! I've been traveling and working three jobs so I have finally been able to just crack it open.

I am reading the 30th anniversary Kindle version and his intro is spectacular. The author is explaining his research and is blending fiction with reality which has made it enjoyable thus far.

I also may have watched the movie twice this week because I love it so much.

Katelyn | 73 comments During student teaching. One of my students adapted and play version from the book. Alot of the book is the same as the movie. Although it been so long since I have seen the film. Also one of students who adapted it did a good job. I love the humor in the book too! It took me a while to get started with this book too.

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Megan (lahairoi) | 6136 comments Ok, so glad that I read this discussion before I read the remainder of the book. I was totally rooked and believed everything the author was selling. I'm going to blame this heavy-duty conference for my naivete:)

Kaitlin (kait-k) | 513 comments Kara wrote: "Hmm...looks like we're a little slow this month. :)

I saw the movie first, so I thought it was totally bizarre that there was a whole back-story about the abridging. I didn't like it at first, but..."

I agree! I was like, this is really unnecessary. And then I started to enjoy it :-)

Kaitlin (kait-k) | 513 comments I started this on the beach today and am surprised how different it is from the movie, but it's still so silly. I'm glad I finally picked it up!

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Jodi (readinbooks) | 1912 comments Okay, so I missed the group read. I meant to read it in June with everyone else but June is a busy month for me.

My question is....How is chapter 5 over 2.5 hours long? I hate long chapters when reading a book.

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