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message 1: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 494 comments Did you know that we can upload photos to this group? I added a photo of an alpha-looking guy. Does anyone have any interesting pictures to share? Just click on the word "photos" on the right hand side and upload any interesting photos you want to share.:)

message 2: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
I was actually trying to figure out how to this the other day when I saw people uploading pics of their bookshelves from other groups in threads. Let me go check out that photo spot :D

message 3: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
Ok just saw it but you can't seem to comment on it. Hmmm.... Nice pic though Auntee :D

Maybe Isis the Queen of Computer Formatting can help us figure out how to upload pics in a thread so you can comment --provided she's not watching the hockey game that is (lol!) ;)

message 4: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 104 comments Isis is not discussing today's hockey game

message 5: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
LOL! I take it Auntee's team won then ;)

message 6: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 104 comments Eastofoz wrote: "LOL! I take it Auntee's team won then ;)"

No comment.

I can tell you a how to post photos, though. But it's not exactly a simple process. It involves saving a pic to your comp, uploading it to an image hosting service, then posting it via html in a comment. (that's the simplified answer)

message 7: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 494 comments Aww, sorry Isis.
Looks like you had us there at 3-0...what the heck happened because I couldn't take it and turned it off. Turned it back on with 2 minutes to play and couldn't believe it.:)
I do like that little emoticon!

East, we've got to get people to upload pictures of their shelves!:D

message 8: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
Now those shelves would be worth some good chatter Auntee.

Isis can you help again with a step by step guide for the computer challenged on how to post those pics in a thread (lol!)

message 9: by jenjn79 (last edited Apr 25, 2009 09:01PM) (new)

jenjn79 | 104 comments Posting a pic:

1. You need to have an account with a photo hosting service that allows remote loading. I believe Flickr is a popular one. If you have gmail or a Google account, they have a service called Picasa. Or you ISP (internet service provider) may provide you with web storage - if you use Comcast, you DO have this (it's where I upload pics to). Before you can do anything, you need to get this done.

2. When you see a pic you want to post here, first save it to your computer's harddrive.

3. Upload the pic to the photo hosting service. I'd give directions for this, but it varies according to the service.

4. Posting the pic...this can also vary. Some services help simplify this by having copy/paste text available for each image for easy posting to the web. You just copy the text, paste it into wherever you're posting and voila, image posted. Google's Picasa has this feature. I'm guessing Flickr would too. My Comcast web storage does not.

4a. If you have to manually post the image, first you need the URL location of the image - which is dependent upon where it is uploaded. For an image I upload to Comcast, a URL for me looks like:

4b. Once you have the URL, you will need to insert the image into the comment you are writing using the image HTML tag:

{img src="INSERT URL HERE"}

{img src=""}

*** replace } with > and { with < ***

And your image will be posted. There are ways to customize the img src tag, but to just post the image, that's all you need to do.

That's about as specific as I can get because of how much things vary depending upon your photo hosting service. If anyone needs help or has questions, you can comment here or send me a PM.

message 10: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
Thanks Isis! I have Picasa so I'll see what happens with that.

message 11: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 104 comments East, for on the right side of the page, there is a link that say "link to this photo." If you click that it brings up some options for "link" or "embed image" and also size, and "hide album link." First check the "hide album link" box. Then if you wanted you could pick a size in the size dropdown. After, copy ALL the text in the text box under "embed image"...I think when you first click in the box, all the text will highlight automatically. Then just copy it, paste it into your comment here and post. That should do it :)

message 12: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 494 comments How are you feelin' now Isis? Are you over it...or still burnin' mad?

message 13: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 666 comments Mod
Thanks Isis!

message 14: by Kathrynn (new)

Kathrynn I like the photos. Neat stuff. ;-)

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