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I find the title a bit misleading

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I believe that Adam was the first Muslim. So she does not know what a Muslim is.

Tariq Mahmood I really don't know how it can be so difficult. Could there be Muslims before Islam? And if there were than Islam was always there which makes the Prophet's initiative completely redundant. And if you maintain that Islam was always there than whats the point of conversion? Surely all the religions of the world are also Islamic in nature albeit under different names?

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The fact that Adam as the first Muslim does not make the Prophet's initiative redundant at all. People had gone astray and the Holy Quran was sent as a mercy to us to get us back on track. To know who and what we are. So saying that the Prophet was the first Muslim, Muslim meaning, one who submits to Allah (swt) is incorrect.

Tariq Mahmood So, by your reckoning, were we Muslims before or after the Koran?

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Sura 22, ayat 78 is one of the mentions in the Holy Quran.

Tariq Mahmood It is He Who has named you Muslims both before and in this (Revelation); that the Apostle may be a witness for you and ye be witnesses for mankind!

Wonderful, that means everyone is a Muslim, most just don't know it yet. I stand corrected, the title is indeed misleading. But pray tell me, where does this new logic leave 'conversion into Muslims' than?

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There is a movement that it is not conversion but reverting. So you will have reverting/conversion stories.

But even those who are "born" into a Muslim family will have to embrace Islam in their life.

Tariq Mahmood Congratulations, you are a true Muslim. Very efficient justifications. I bet you are converted?

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Not Congrats needed.

I was born Muslim just like the whole world. But raised in a different religion until I embraced Islam. And what of you? Have you embraced Islam?

Tariq Mahmood I was born and raised in the Muslim tradition, and still pretty much love being a Muslim. I just cannot stand all the rigidity surrounding Islam. Its a nice religion, as long as you are not surrounded by a lot of Muslims all the time.

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I see. I find the religion very freeing. Maybe it is just the culture that is stifling.

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