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☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ (pnr_list) | 133 comments I have a quite lovely playlist for when I am in an Historical Romance mood - lots of Loreena McKennitt and Celtic folk music to act as a lovely backdrop to escaping to a pre-industrial world of romance and mystery.

But what about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance??? As my go-to genres, you would think I would have the perfect playlist for escaping into a book of that ilk. So I ask for advice - what is the background music that helps you absorb the story of the bad-ass Urban Fantasy heroine, or the quiet haunting melody that plays along with the sweet scenes of your favorite Paranormal Romance? I prefer instrumental music that creates atmosphere rather than distracts from reading - what do you recommend? :)

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Margarita Gakis (margarita_gakis) | 24 comments I'm a big cello fan so for softer background music I like
Zoe Keating - Into the Trees
Phillip Glass - Songs and Poems for Cello
Anythign by the Vitamin String Quartet - they take popular music and make instrumental string version. You can find A LOT of artists like this and then it's like the best of both worlds - songs you know, but in instrumental versions!

☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ (pnr_list) | 133 comments EXCELLENT suggestions, Margarita, thanks so much!!!

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Margarita Gakis (margarita_gakis) | 24 comments You're most welcome! I hope you find some new favorites!
I'm always excited to find new music. It's like finding an old friend.

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Hailey (goodwhm) | 27 comments I love Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series and she actually puts a playlist in every book. They work really well with the book and also translate to other UF books too.

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Carolina Montague (cstewart) | 19 comments I adore cello! Do you make playlists for the books you write? I always make movie soundtracks for them, hoping my son will help me make a video trailer for them someday, or that I could figure out how to do that :-)

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Margarita Gakis (margarita_gakis) | 24 comments Caroline says: I adore cello!

I made a playlist for my current book but it didn't include any cello! It was for the main character and she's not a cello kind of girl. I've a feeling when I make one for the male lead, his will have some cello on it, though.
Do you take lessons? I've been taking lessons for 2 years. I'm not very good, but I LOVE IT

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Carolina Montague (cstewart) | 19 comments Oh how wonderful! I used to play the guitar - lessons years ago - and the alto recorder, but now I pretty much do iTunes :-)

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Margarita Gakis (margarita_gakis) | 24 comments I'd like to add Balmorhea to my recs! I just downloaded their album, River Arms, and while it's a little different in places, it's SOOOOO relaxing. I particularly like the songs The Winter and Greyish Tapering Ash. Greyish has this background noise like trains on a track and it's SO relaxing to me.

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 49 comments I will have to add that, Margarita. It sounds wonderful.

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Bella Roccaforte (bellaroccaforte) | 9 comments I so can't listen to music and read at the same time. I can actually write and listen to music.

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