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message 1: by Scribbble (new)

Scribbble | 1 comments Does anyone have any cool place in their city/town they like to read or write in? A tucked away coffee house? A certain tree in a park?

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 118 comments When I lived at university I used to love to sit in this cute little area under some small trees that had a few tables and chairs. This was like the best spot ever, but no one ever went there, and it was like an unspoken rule to be quiet there. Now that I'm at home though I just love to sit back in my chaise (we call it the fainting chair lol) and turn on the dim lamp. Then I just can read forever.

message 3: by In2books (new)

In2books (in2book) My favorite place to read is on one of the lower decks of a cruise ship (usually deck 4 or 5). You've got beautiful views (when you bother to look), good breeze, and for the most part quiet.

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