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Isis | 6034 comments Alright

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Isis | 6034 comments Yes that's fine with me, and don't worry about it haha.

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Isis | 6034 comments I love it :) I vote yes.

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Isis | 6034 comments Yes ma'am

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Isis | 6034 comments (Sounds good to me, and don't worry, my pictures will be modern too))

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Isis | 6034 comments Name: Danny -(the only name given to him)

Age: 21

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An African man born an bred. He's dark, 6'4", and of broad muscular build. He's a large, handsome man who has spent his days in the sun doing hard work. He has mastered the serious face and his smile is often a rare thing indeed.

Personality: He's a serious man who knows what consequences are. He's worked hard his whole life, even before the plantation, and he knows how to do it well. He never complains about his duties in life and he knows his place in the eyes of others. His shell can be broken though. He can be sweet and loving and he can even give the biggest and best smiles when someone brings it about. He knows how to care for people around him and he knows what the most important things are in life. He's a tough, brave man, who knows his work...but he also has a soft center.

Brief History: Danny doesn't know his original birth place, which often worries him. He doesn't want to lose his roots, but in all honesty he never had much of any in the first place. As a young child he lost his parents and thus was constantly moved around from village to village and then country to country. As soon as he could work, he got to work. He wasn't a slave though. He was paid and he provided for himself, until he was captured. Along with the rest captured in the area he was put into a wagon then thrown onto a boat. On the ride he lost his only friend in the world, his best friend, due to disease.

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Isis | 6034 comments ((Hehehe he's amazing and I am soooo using that!!!))

Are we starting after they arrived, or when they arrive?

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his forearm. The sun was especially brutal today and it made working that much more difficult, but he would never admit it out loud. He swung his sickle back then toward the wheat. Strands of the stuff fell onto the ground and picked them up and set them in his wheel barrow. He swung the sickle back again, and again, and again. His shoulders were beginning to ache, it was a familiar feeling at this point but still unpleasant. He would have to see if any of the woman had any soothing ointment, he had heard that a few did.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny looked at the boy who was being yelled at. He was young and very obviously not used to all of this hard work. "Just make him think you're busy," Danny whispered to him so that the overseer wouldn't hear. He continued to chop with his sickle even while he spoke. He was always willing to help anyone around him, but he couldn't get himself killed in the mean time. He glanced around at the other working near him. An older woman of about forty, another young boy at maybe fifteen, then there was a girl. She was also young, not quite a child but not a grown woman either. She was gorgeous though, the perfect size and shape. He caught her eyes for a second then looked away.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny couldn't help but smile as he noticed the girl come close then continue to snatch glances at him. She was certainly the prettiest woman he had seen here, and he had been here a little over a week now. Maybe he would talk to her later when they all went in. He would grab a little extra food from his quarters and bring her some even. He would ask her her name. He continued to work diligently as he day dreamed of speaking to her. He didn't try anything here but later, when it was dark and they were allowed on their own, he would. Maybe.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny decided, without even really thinking about it, that he would go to the creek and wash up before he even considered finding this mystery girl. Cutting the wheat was dirty work, especially in the sun when a man was likely to sweat off half his weight. He went to a more secluded area of the creek, removed his clothes, and waded into the water. It wasn't deep, it want to about his waist, and it wasn't wide, but it did the trick. He was immediately cooled off and feeling fresher than he had all day long.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny came up from underwater and ran his hands over his wet hair. The water was very cool and almost crystal clear. There were no fish in it so it stayed fairly clean as long as no one went about kicking up mud. He turned to make sure he was still alone and saw that he wasn't. There was the girl...naked, stepping into the water. He slipped back into the shadows. It would probably be best if he didn't meet her for the first time while he was butt naked and she was the same.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny shivered when he heard her start to sing. She had one of the most beautiful singing voices he had ever heard. The song sounded like something the woman in some of the villages he had lived in sang. Sweet, soothing, something one might put a baby to bed with. He suddenly felt like he was intruding though, so he climbed out of the water, trying to be quiet but mostly failing. Getting out of water without splashing was almost impossible, especially for a big man such as himself.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny pulled on his clothes, tripping and falling into a bush as he tried to yank on his shirt. He yelped softly in pain as the little thorns bit into his back. It wasn't all that painful really, but it was quite the surprise to say the least. He stood up, glad he had managed his pants before he fell. If she hadn't have heard that then she was deaf for sure.

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Isis | 6034 comments "Uh, it's uh, it's Danny. Sorry ma'am, I didn't mean to intrude on you." He walked out from his hiding place, picking thorns out of his back. "I was washing up and you came down and I tried not to make any noise and just leave you be." He was nervous, for the first time in his life he was nervous around a woman.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny gave her a soft, sweet smile. "Thank you ma'am, that would be wonderful." He let her lead him along to her quarters. "Can I ask you your name ma'am?" He looked at her body as they walked along, it was just the right size for him. He tried not to stare, but it was hard.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny nodded "Yes ma'am, Carolena," he smiled at her and turned so she could get the thorns from his back, some very buried deep now. "I was one of the few to survive that journey. My dear friend, I'm afraid, did not. Were you there?" The men and women had been kept separate.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny didn't even flinch as she pulled the thorns out. "It must have been hard to part ways with your family. Was it just your parents or did you have siblings too?" He didn't mean to bring up the bad but he wanted to know her more. He needed to know her more. Her hands were so gentle and soothing, he hoped her personality was as well.

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Isis | 6034 comments He turned to look at her then shook her head "No. I don't know my family. I was abandoned as a baby, I don't know how or why. I was just taken from one of the many villages I was staying in at the time. It saved me the trouble of losing family, but then again the only one who was like family didn't make it. It was a difficult time for us all I think."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled just the slightest bit "He was like a brother. He was always watching my back and my blind spots and I was watching his. We grew up in the orphanages together and we traveled from place to place together. He was my exact opposite but we loved each other like family anyway. His new name was Ronald, he died just moments before we landed here."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled at her sweetly, his dark eyes taking in her whole face. "Excuse me for being so frank ma'am, but you are a very beautiful young woman. Can I ask your age?" He didn't know what had come over him, usually he would never ask a lady something so impolite. Usually, he never asked anything at all because he didn't want to seem like he was putting his nose where it need not be.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny's eyes stayed steady with hers "I'm twenty-one. I supposed you were about seventeen though, something in your eyes I think." He smiled at her again "Would you like me to go home now? I really appreciate your help, but I don't think you particularly invited me in. It was impolite to intrude."

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Isis | 6034 comments ((Hahahaha it's all good))

Danny smiled at her then took one of her hands and kissed it gently "Thank you again ma'am, t'was very sweet of you." He turned and walked out of the little excuse for a house. He then walked along down the little dirt path toward his own quarters.

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Isis | 6034 comments ((Sure thing.))

Danny walked toward the lunch area to get his share of the rations. Today the overseers said they were having soup, but to him it looked more like some sort of dirty water with bits of carrots floating in it. He didn't complain. Food was food and he would take anything that he could get.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny sat down on one of the bales of hay that were meant for shares. He put his soup on his lap and the cup of water on the floor next to him. His bread went into the soup to soften up a bit. He ate slowly to savor it all since they never really knew when the next meal might come or what it might be.

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Isis | 6034 comments ((No problem haha))

Danny smiled and shook his head "Be my guest ma'am. I've got no one to sit with." He slurped his soup quietly, since they had no spoons. "How's working going today? It's not as hot so I hope it's better than yesterday at least."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled and showed her his big callused hands "You'll get used to this work eventually, like I did. Your hands may not be as pretty as they are now though. They'll be rough like mine. Not hands any young lady would ever like to hold." He ate his bread slowly.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny felt a little color come into his cheeks, but he hoped she didn't notice this. "I guess you are," he chuckled and laced his fingers with hers easily. It just felt natural, maybe even...right.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled and nodded "I love to go there with you. What time should I be meeting you ma'am?" He finished up hid food and water then just sat there and tried not to stare at her. She was gorgeous on every account. Nothing about her was flawed.

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Isis | 6034 comments "Anything you wish," Danny replied with a bright smile "I'll be there the second the clock strikes midnight. Promise." He crossed his finger over his heart.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny bit his lower lip and looked away. He could already feel the effects of seeing her bottom, but he knew it wouldn't be right to stare. He grabbed his own dishes and stood up. He turned them in, trying not to think about what he saw...he backside or her entire naked body.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny had been sent further along the field to cut wheat. He wished he could still stare at Carolena, but she was too far away and he needed to get quite a bit done in order to leave and meet her.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny figured it was about midnight at this point so he made his way toward Carolena's quarters instead of his own. He would invite her back there for a snack maybe, but only if he thought it proper.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny chuckled "How could I not wait? Any man would rather spend his time waiting for a pretty lady than doing anything else in the world, otherwise he is not a true man." He took her hand gently.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny could never have described a more wonderful feeling than have the soft weigh of her face against his arm. "I'll follow your lead Carolena," he smiled "I'm trusting you not to run me into anything."

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Isis | 6034 comments "I'm willing to take that risk if I'm with you," Danny grinned "But if you let me down I'm going to be mighty upset with you." He watched her as they walked, unable to take his eyes from her.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled "Almost as beautiful as the girl next to me." He sat down on the grass then patted the spot next to him. The grass was damp and it felt nice on the bare skin of his feet and hands. He looked up at her and gave her a huge bright smile.

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Isis | 6034 comments He put his hand in hers once more "I must're very young, but I cannot help but feel something for you. I tried not to..."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled softly and took his eyes away from the sky to look at her "I also have to admit that I did see you naked. It feels wrong not to tell you."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny laughed softly, it was a deep rumbling sound but not unpleasant. "Well with how little clothing we get around here, I would hope not." He looked up at the stars.

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny looked at her then chuckled and shook his head "No one would have a problem with us. I know a man who took a wife who is only 14, he's 37. It happens sometimes. But...there are boys your age, why don't you like them?"

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny smiled softly before reaching out and gently touching her cheek, turning on his side to look at her better. "You hardly know me," he reminded her "But I hope that feeling continues, but I think I'm starting to fall for you."

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Isis | 6034 comments He smiled softly at her "Would you hate me if I kissed you?" he asked her, looking into her eyes.

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Isis | 6034 comments He leaned slowly forward, pressed his lips to hers for only a few seconds, then pulled back and looked into her face again. "Was it horrible?" he asked her.

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Isis | 6034 comments "I've never done that before," he admitted and laid next to her "I've never had time or a girl I liked." He laid back and closed his eyes.

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Isis | 6034 comments He thought about it "Your favorite thing about your home land," he smiled "I like to hear people's little stories, it says a lot about them. What about you from me?"

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny frowned and thought about it for a long time, then he shrugged. "I don't know what I would do. I have been doing work like this my whole life and I know nothing of this country. I lost my goals long enough and now I just don't know."

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Isis | 6034 comments Danny shrugged "I just wanted to be happy," he said "But I didn't have time and I don't really know what will make me happy. I've been happier here with you than I have been in a long time."

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Isis | 6034 comments He chuckled softly "They'd find us if we didn't come around in the morning. But maybe we can come again some time?"

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Isis | 6034 comments He stood up and smiled down at her "Shall I walk you home?" he asked. He reached out and gently touched her cheek then leaned and kissed the tip of her nose.

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