Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) Hush, Hush question

Did anyone else hate this book?
no one no one Jun 04, 2013 02:13PM
Okay no one hate on me, but I really just didn't like this book. It constantly made me feel really uncomfortable and I thought the writing style was bad. Not going to read the 2nd book :(

Sorry Hush Hush Fans

Everyone is free to express and have their own opinion. I personally enjoyed it but the third book was repetitive for me with and haven't brought myself to finish the series, though I want to.

I've read the entire saga and I keep thinking the same I thought when I finished Hush Hush: Bullshit.
The other ones were "good", they kept me a little bit into the story but the first one ugggh, it was beyond silly. In the first chapter Patch is already there trying to seduce Nora, I mean, can you not be that obvious?

Yeah, I hate Hush, Hush. It's just twilight with fallen angels instead of vampires, stupid Nora Grey instead of pathetic Bella Swan, and Patch Cip-something who is basically Edward Cullen in all his stalker-ish glory.

I did not like Nora. The guy (forgetting his name...) is amazing (is it Adrian???) And my complaint about the second one was she couldn't get over her jealousy to see that she had an amazing thing going on, even if it was timestamped.

i'm not a fan of how this book seems to be glorifying and justifying abusive relationships if the guy is HAWT.

Hush hush sucks, better than House of Night, not as bad as twilight, worse than Charlotte's Web.

Hush,Hush was pretty good, I didn't hate it and I didn't completely obsess about this book unlike other series which I loved that fall under a slightly similar genre.

I don't like it either
At least I'm not alone :)

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I thought it was OK, better than Twilight, way better than House of Night, but I won't be reading the next book because I don't want it to be ruined for me.

that's exactly what I feel. My best friend LOVES this book and so does other 4 friends so I read it and just didn't like it??? They told me to read the 2nd but I just don't feel like it :/

Totally agree with you!

Patch's comments towards Nora made me really uncomfortable especially when Nora tried to be open to a teacher about how he made her feel which somehow ended up with the teacher essentially making her tutor him. And once again in these types of novels the characters start having feelings for one another based on nothing but awkward and dangerous encounters. So yea...I thought it was terrible and I'm really hoping that there aren't people in this world that are like these characters.

Euh. Hush hush was awful. Becca Fitzpatrick definitly tried to make it into a kind of mystery. But honestly it was just a pile of crap. The relashionsips weren't believable AT ALL. I mean who could possibly fall for Nora. She's just so incipide and has not an ounce of independence in her body. With that said, I respect everyone's opinion :) (The movie will surely be even worse! God it will make such a bad impression of YA to the world)

I don't hate this book and I also don't like it. It's just an "OKAY BOOK".

i do

Okey, to start with it is terribly bad written. The novel is creepy and Nora Grey is like, the most stupid stereotype of a teenage girl. I just hate her, she is like increadibly lucky to count with Scott, who is just so sweet, and of course, absolutely misterious and sexy patch, he is a bit of a stalker tough. I read the complete saga, and Hush Hush is the best of the fourth by far, in my opinion at least.

Another hater over here :D That book was idiotic!

The first & second books i finished bcoz i thought there was still hope in improvement. by the third one, i was like, 'meh. i'm done with you.' didn't even finish book 3

I hated this book passionately. Nora was just too stupid to care about.

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Eh, I didn't hate it but it's DEFINTELY weird and it will never be even close to being my favorite book.

This series was good but then after not reading it for a while, it just died down on me. The series was good up until the last book. It would have been better if she ended the series at Silence. Finale seemed a bit too rush and it wasn't a good read. The only problem I had with this series was Nora. She was annoying. I hated her. She was always whining and she's so useless. I mean she never does anything and when she does, it seems so weird. The author made Nora very weak in my opinion and she's just not the type of girl who can handle dangerous situations.

If you want to read another angel book, you should definitely try Angelfall. It's amazingly written, the plot is excellent, the main girl isn't weak and she knows how to fight. And the main guy is irresistible yummy. It's a great read and in my opinion, so much better than Hush Hush.

Mo :D wrote: "Okay no one hate on me, but I really just didn't like this book. It constantly made me feel really uncomfortable and I thought the writing style was bad. Not going to read the 2nd book :(

Sorry Hu..."

completly agree!! trust me the second is even worst

You're definitely not the only one. The book was freaking terrible. Badly written, Nora was perhaps one of the most boring characters ever to exist. And Patch? Well, he was rape culture personified. Creeped me out to no end, like seriously, that guy starts following me around? Restraining order time. No questions asked. That said, I did finish the series and you know what? It did NOT get any better.

I love this series so much.

Hush Hush rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't a fan either. This is one series I won't be finishing.

i agree with Lillie Hush Hush rocks i will be first in line if the series becomes a movie.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ Nope, you'll be fighting for first with me!!!! ...more
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AbigailDenyse01 I loved tis series but everyone has an opinion, right?
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