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Anastacia (ana3) | 254 comments Mod
Full Name:

Relationship Status:

Date of Birth:

Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:





message 2: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Full Name: Leander Hawthorn
Nickname: Lee, Ander
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 8th
Gender: M
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130lbs
Country of Origin: America
Personality: Leander is the “As you wish” sort of man. He’s quite the gentleman, but he’s definitely less physical with women than Tamaki, and he holds an aversion to prominent displays of emotion (unless presented in the form of a country song ). Yukatas kind of bother him, and he has yet to perfect the art of eating with chopsticks. While he cleans up quite nicely he is a man of manual labor and so his tie is almost always crooked, or he’s missed a button on his shirt. Frankly, he prefers to be without one anyway.
History: Leander’s father grew up in a small rural town named Jessapeak with his brother. Leander’s parents own a very successful veterinary supplies company (they also make shoes, don’t ask). They were always very busy and had no interest in settling down or hiring a nanny. Instead they sent him to live with his uncle (who followed in his father’s footsteps and now runs the farm). He grew up riding horses and raising cattle, but at the same time his parents had him homeschooled (because rural public schools will not teach Leander how to run a successful business) with the understanding that when he got into highschool they would move him to a prominent academy in Japan (so he could experience culture, learn from other students, and also get a “proper” education).
Family: Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin

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Anastacia (ana3) | 254 comments Mod
Full Name: Zinan Kamiya
Nickname: N/A

Sexuality: Striaght
Relationship Status: Single

Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 31
Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 132.2 pounds

Personality: Zinan is a very caring and considerate person, even if his actions may cause some people to think otherwise. Unfortunately, this caring personality is often hidden by his rash actions brought upon by that desire to help people

History: Zinan is the second born in his family, he has an older brother Taichi and a little sister Hikari. Through out his childhood Zinan was raised by his great grandmother because his parents had business to take care of. All of the Kamiya children went to the best private schools and were expected to get top marks. He now is a second year student at Ouran Acadamy. He only recently joined the host club.

Family: Susumu Kamiya (Father) 42
Yuuko Kamiya (Mother) 40
Taichi Kamiya (Older Brother) 20
Hikari Kamiya (Litte sister) 12

Other: N/A

message 4: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine ((can I make a haruhi-like host character?))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 254 comments Mod
((I guess so))

Soul Stealing~ Come and Play on the Dark Side ginger | 122 comments Full Name: Xander Lea
Nickname: Blade

Sexuality: Bi
Relationship Status: Single

Age: 16
Date of Birth: August 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: http://editing-it-out.tumblr.com/post...
Hair Colour: pink
Eye Colour: brownish pinkish
Height: 5'8"
Weight: refuses to tell

Personality: Sometimes she is very shy, sheepish, and quite. While other time she is very loud, rambunctious, and talks slang.
History: Like Haruhi she can be mistaken for a guy easily. She grew up in the streets and some how by sone miracle made it into oran academy.

Family: None she ran away from home when she was little

Other: she tends to carry a switchblade with her wherever she goes.

message 7: by Sydney (new)

Sydney  (sarcanine) Full Name: Naoki Fukai
Nickname: N/A

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Age: 17
Date of Birth: Febuary 19
Gender: Male

Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: It green, but he like wearing eye contact...
Height: 5.7 ft
Weight: 102 pounds

Personality: Naoki is very quiet, but he also a very sweet and caring guy, he known Arianna when they both in middle school, but had to leave Japan for a while, then he returned and join the Ouran.

History: N/A

Family: N/A

Other: He is one of the most popular guy in Ouran... and secretly in love with Arianna.

message 8: by Spadez (or Kadyn) (last edited Jun 07, 2013 12:32PM) (new)

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 7 comments Full name: soul chain
Nickname: soul

Sexuality: Bi
Relationship status: single

Age: 17
Date of birth: december 24th
Gender: male


Hair color: black
Eye color: light blue but turn red-ish blue when mad
Weight: 120 pounds
Hight: 6'1

Personality: outgoing, a huge flirt, charming, loving. But if someone brings up his past, the rest of the day he will be quiet, mysterious, calm, and deadly

History: soul grew up with his mother who was always very sick, a father who hated his guts, and a little sister who was 8 named Emiko. 5 years ago his mother finally died from how much his father worked her and a few months later his father abused Emiko to death. He found out about this all and was going to call the police and to prevent this from happening, his father sent him here. Only the hosts know of his past, no one else.

Family: his father Stone (alive):

his mother Sakura (dead):

his little sister Emiko (dead):

*red roses

*hard to please girls
*too much silence

Other: (i added pics for his family just for the fun of it)

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 20 comments Full Name:Ichirou Ibuki

Relationship Status:Single

Date of Birth:January 1


Hair Colour:Blonde
Eye Colour:Golden/Orange
Weight:135 lbs.

Personality:Ichi is one of those kinds of guys who doesn't seem to care, but deep down, he's very sweet and gentle. He enjoys socializing though it may not seem that way even though he's not good at talking. He doesn't like people too much, but he also doesn't hate them either.

History:Ichi grew up in Nagoya, Japan for 15 years before he moved here to come to Ouran High School due to a scholarship. His mother had died on his 17th birthday, leaving Ichi and his father alone. Ichi's father, which his mother didn't know, was very abusive towards Ichi, and beat him frequently behind his wife's back. But Ichi can't do anything about it.

Aoi Ibuki(Mother)
Ryunosuke Ibuki(Father)

Other:He plays the piano and violin

Sye~the spontaneous! :3~ (j8haruhi-fan) | 160 comments Full Name: Remington "Rem" Cadwell
Nickname: Rem

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: single

Age: 16
Date of Birth: May 9th
Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140

Personality: Though Rem looks like he would be charming and confident, he is the most awkward and self conscious boy that ever lived. He holds the deepest respect for women, but when he talks to them he stutters and blushes. Because of this behavior he is a very popular host.

History: Rem's parents sent him away to an all boys boarding school at the age of five. The only contact with women he had growing up was with the occasional woman teacher at Birch Academy. This led him to not know anything about woman, what they like, how they act, or how to interact with them. He also has no interaction with his parents, only that they left him millions and cut contact.

Family: Technically a birth mother and father, but none.


message 11: by ♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (last edited Jun 10, 2013 02:20PM) (new)

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 89 comments Full Name: Ryuga Suzuki

Nickname: Ryu, Suzuki senpai

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Date of Birth: June 5

Age: 17

Gender: Masculine


Hair Colour: A nice, well-kept blonde. His hair is rather long, so it is usually up in a small little ponytail, with the shorter hairs untouched.

Eye Colour: A silvery, gray-blue color that is very easy to get lost in

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 133 lbs.

Personality: Ryuga is extremely polite, gentlemanly, and mild-mannered. He sees that every girl gets the right amount of attention and compliments. Ryuga is somewhat shy, but he's still fun to be around, as he likes to make you laugh and smile. He likes to express himself in art, often times contributing his work to the Host Club. Ryuga's painting and drawing attract many girls to him, many times asking him to make something. His work goes on auction most of the time, however, pooling in money for the Club.

History: His father died in an accident when he was seven, and ever since his mother has cared for him. Ryuga is an only child, but is very fond of litte children. His family is in the art gallery and museum business, owning many of those all around the world. He is half British and half Japanese. When he cane to Ouran, Ryuga mainly kept to himself, usually staring off into space or quietly drawing. His calm, quiet, and mild-mannered demeanor brought him many fans. Ryuga over-heard conversations of him needing to join the Host Club. He was curious, and somewhat starved for some companions, so he joined

Family: Mother-Arina Suzuki; Father-Hinata Suzuki (Deceased)


message 12: by Grake (new)

Grake | 1 comments Full Name:Grace Kathrine Elizabeth Munro

Nickname:Gracie or Gra-ke

Doesn't like sexuality

Relationship status : Hitachiin Twins love intrest/crush (she likes them back)

Apperance: Hair the is in a side bun on the right side of her head with unevenly parted hair.She wears the male unifrom shirt and a red midnight blue and black plaid skirt with wjite socks that have black ribbons on them with brown mary janes. she also wears a ribbon in her hair that looks exactly like Rin the vocoloid's.
Date of birth: Oct.28


Gender: female

Hair color:A blood red that feels really soft

Eye color: Chocolate brown that honey-sempai sasy reminds him of cake!

height: 4'8

Weight: 62'3

Personality:A very happy girl that is outgoing and in her eyes is not pefect but in everyone elses even haruhi's eyes is perfect. She is go lucky and humourous. She is also a prodigy in many different topics. She loves singing,dancing,acting, and making people laugh.She can sometimes be very shy and aont make her mad! if you do you will probaly die or atleast be scarred for life. that does not happen alot. Only if you mess with her friends.

History: Was born into the richest family in Italy and is the youngest.She moved to Japan when she was 3. she has a loving family that will always be there for her. She grew up with Honey and is a dance,singing,acting,and academic prodigy. She Graduated elemantery At the age of 5 and middle school at 7. She was off school for a couple of years because she was traveling and doing movies. she is a movie star and loves sweets. she started attending ouran a month before her birthday. She was adorded by everyone on her first day and drgged to the host club by Honey and joined because Honey begged her. She is the most popular girl in school and is the only female(That stays a girl) that is in the host club.

Family:Father(Charles),Mother(Diana),Sister(Maria) Dogs(Zack)(Male) and (Roxanne)(Female)
P.S Zack is 12 year old border collie and Roxanne is 7 year old petite breed King Charles Cavalier.

Other:She is very insecure but still cheery she lives by the quote
"If you want to live a happy life,tie it to a goal not people or things." She lives life to the fulest and triesto be friends with everyone.

Soul Stealing~ Come and Play on the Dark Side ginger | 122 comments Umm... It would be nic if you asked the person acting as the Hitachiin twins(me) first before saying that they like your character.

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Full Name: Yukino Keira Cadwell
Nickname: Yuki or Yui

"If a girl tried, she can beat you anyday."

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Age: 16
Date of Birth: October 31
Gender: Female

Appearance: description

Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'1
Weight: 93 pounds

image: description
"United we stand, divided we fall."

Personality: It depends on who shes talking to. She can be a mean, nice, shy, tsundere, generous, sassy, cocky, and or flirtatious.

History: She grew up in a royal family in England, and when she was 10 she moved to japan with a guard. She learned Japanese when she arrived, she also did research on their culture. It took a while to fit in but she got there. She based her personality on who she was talking to so she didn't anger people. She eventually decided to attend Ouran Highschool. She eventually heard about The host club and Joined. She based everything she said and did on the costumer she was speaking to.

image: description
"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival"

Mom & Dad: description

Other: She cosplaying, music, anime, manga, and art! She works at a maid café and often you will find her smiling.

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