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So what kind do you wanna do?

message 2: by Isis (new)

Isis I'm up for anything.

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Umm how about one where there's this fat, nerdy guy and a popular girl and the girl always teases him with her friends. Then during the summer he diets and gets really hot and yeah:3

message 4: by Isis (new)

Isis Sounds awesome to me! Would you like me to be the guy or the girl?

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Which do you prefer being? I play guys more than I do girls

message 6: by Isis (new)

Isis I'll really do either

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Name: Dylan
Age: 17
Looks: (Before)
Personality: Nice, happy, smart

message 8: by Isis (new)

Isis Alright give me a few

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Isis Name: Maddy
Age: 17
Personality: Outgoing, fun, popular, very out of tune with her emotions.

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How do you wanna start?

message 12: by Isis (new)

Isis It's up to you.

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Wanna start before he's skinny or after?

message 14: by Isis (new)

Isis After maybe?

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Still be summer or they just starting school?

message 16: by Isis (new)

Isis Your choice

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Just starting school it is then.

Dylan walked into school, feeling more confident than he had in years. Going to his group of friends he sat down and began talking to them. They had supported him throughout the weight loss and everything so it wasn't weird for them.

message 18: by Isis (new)

Isis Maddy walked into the school, her usual couple of friends at her side. She never treated him badly, she never treated anyone badly...except him. She wondered when she would see Dylan, so far there was no sign of him.

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Dylan stretched and got up, deciding to walk around with his friends. He still had the same style clothing and backpack, just different body. Running a hand through his hair he looked around and put a headphone in his ear.

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Isis Maddy saw a boy walk past with headphones on, he looked new. Wait. He looked like Dylan only, thin and very attractive. She had always liked Dylan, but she had hated herself for it. She had known him her whole life and she had loved him in elementary school but he had ignored her. Her revenge was to tease him harshly with all her friends.

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Dylan looked at Maddy for a moment before looking back at where he was going. He wasn't fond of her at all. She was always mean to him, but he had no idea why. Oh well, not like he really cared since he only had one more school year left to put up with it. Maybe he'd finally get a girlfriend that year? The thought of it made him smile, thinking that he was finally attractive enough for one.

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Isis Maddy turned to one of her friends. This particular friend had always been a jerk to everyone and it would seem she was the leader, but she wasn't, and she was actually one of Maddy's better friends. She had never been good with people so it was just nice to have friends at all. "Was that Dylan?" she asked softly.

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"Who?" She asked and looked around. Seeing Dylan's backpack she shrugged. "Probably just like the same backpack. Don't worry about it. Plus Dylan's all fat and ugly so you'd notice if that was him." She shook her hand a little to dismiss the thought.

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Isis Maddy bit her lower lip. Either way, that guy was really cute and she would have to keep tabs on him. She threw her things in her lower, smoothed her skirt, then nodded. "Alright, I'm off to class. See you at lunch."

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"See you at lunch." She smiled at her before leaving to go find their friends.

Dylan sat in his seat and leaned back in his seat. Rubbing a hand grouch his hair he sighed and popped his back. The bell was going to ring soon for class to start, but he really didn't wanna be there. Putting his head on the desk he listened to his friends talked.

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Isis Maddy walked into class and took a seat toward the back of the room. She could feel things had changed a bit this year. She was still popular and she was still the constant focus of every man in the room, but something was off.

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When the bell rang the teacher called their names for roll and everything. When Dylan had called 'here' he still sounded the same except that his voice was a bit deeper. A few people looked at him and he smiled at them, glad people weren't staring at him because he was fat anymore.

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Isis Maddy stared at him, and she stared at him hard. It couldn't be him, and yet it was. He was so...he was so attractive! She suddenly looked away and toward her face. She had been so evil to him just because of silly childhood crush that never went away and now she felt bad. Horrible even.

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The teacher told them that they were going to be paired up with someone in the room and they were going to do a small project together. Everyone groaned and the teacher waited until they finished before pairing everyone up with random people. Hearing that he was paired up with Maddy Dylan groaned internally.

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Isis Maddy groaned internally and suddenly felt very nervous. She hadn't felt this shy and nervous since she young and a total nerd. She looked up then walked up slowly. "You look good," she commented awkwardly.

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"And you look like Maddy." Dylan looked up at her, his face stone hard. "Let's just get this project over with," he said as he pulled a chair over for her to sit. Sighing, he went and got everything they needed before going back to her and sitting down.

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Isis Maddy had always been the perfect student. It was her one talent, school. "I can just do it," she said with a shrug "You can pretend you're helping."

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"Umm no. We're doing the project together like we're supposed to." Grabbing a paper and pencil he started working on it.

message 34: by Isis (new)

Isis She sighed softly and started doing her part. Usually everyone was all too excited to just let her do it.

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He wasn't excited about the project, he just wanted to get it done. Usually he took his time, but he'd been working hard all summer and didn't want to do anything now.

message 36: by Isis (new)

Isis She took her time to get every detail perfect, like she always did. She was a bit of a perfectionist.

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Dylan just did what he had to do and finished it. He didn't really take it seriously, but tried so that Maddy didn't get a bad grade.. not that he really cared.

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Isis "Just let me do it," she glared at him "I'll get a better grade doing this and you can just sit there. Alright? You're not even taking this seriously."

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Dylan glanced over at her. "No." He started on the next part and rubbed the side of his face. The first day they already had a project. Great.

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Isis She pushed his hand away and glared at him before she continued to work. "I liked you better when you were fat."

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(She pushed his hand from what?)

"I liked you better when you weren't around." He put his head in his hand and continued working on his part of the project.

message 42: by Isis (new)

Isis (Their work haha, sorry.)

"So you've said since I met you in third grade," she rolled her eyes "Now you're a big dick like everyone else."

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"I'm sorry that I'm not all lovey dovey after all of your bullshit towards me your highness." He rolled his eyes. God people were so irritating.

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Isis "I felt bad before, but now I don't. You deserved it. You're just the same as every other man in this school, you just hid behind that fat," she growled.

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"I deserved it? Oh yes, never doing a thing to you and then you being a brat. You're right I completely deserved it," he said sarcastically. "God you're a bitch."

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Isis She laughed "Yes, I am a bitch, but at least I can admit it. You're going to be an ass and you're never even going to notice."

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"Oh, I know I'm an ass. I really am nice it's just that why should I be nice to you? You've never done anything to give me a reason to be nice to you."

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Isis "And you've never given me a reason to be nice to you," she replied to him "So stop talking and do your work if you want to do it."

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"Who made you the boss of me?" He shoved the papers off the desk and moved his desk away from hers. There wasn't any way he was going to let some bossy, preppy girl tell him what to do.

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Isis She smirked and started to work on the project alone. She had gotten what she wanted. He could sit over there and pout and she could save her grade.

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