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Kiyla So the rules are simple.
You will be presented with two choices, and you have to pick one.
No both or none.
So would you rather be with Jack Dandy or Sam?

Tessa I would rather be with Sam.

Would you rather be Finley or Emily?

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall Emily.
Have a metal arm or the steel corset?

Harmony Steel Corset
Be with Jasper or Sam?

Faith Jasper
Would you rather have Finley's abilities or Griffins?

Eleanor Rigby Finley's
WYR punch Mei or the Machinist?

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Kill Mei or Dalton

Ciara Dalton

Would you rather have Sam's strength or Emily's ability?

Joseph Rouhana Emily's ability would you rather have telepathic powers or cat like abilities?

Becky Telepathic powers

have Griffin as an enemy or the Machinist

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