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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Stone (calasade) | 1 comments I recently posted an article about books that help authors improve their craft on writing.

Read it here if you're looking for help books, might save you some money. :)

message 2: by Lilo (new)

Lilo (lilo-hp) | 2 comments Could you recommend a book that teaches English punctuation rules? I have studied 8 grammar books and numerous grammar websites, and the rules are still foggy to me. I am an ESL writer.

I have another problem: When reading books by accredited authors, I find that they use a lot of fragment sentences. When I do it, my editor corrects them. This does not always benefit style. I know, "Quod licet Jovi, not licet bovi." ("What's permitted for Jupiter, is not permitted for an ox.") Yet, I wonder how much poetic license is permitted for an "ox"?

message 3: by Lilo (new)

Lilo (lilo-hp) | 2 comments Would it be allowed to post any sentences on this page where an author likes his/her own version of a sentence better than the edited version but is not sure if it could pass the scrutiny of "grammar police"?

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