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Latricia Evans I am determined to read this book because it is a subject I can relate to. While growing up, I was separated from my mother and briefly lived in foster homes, an orphanage and with an uncle. This is not a subject that gets a lot of attention because it's not glamorous. America's foster care program is broken and this is the author's attempt at shedding light on a worthy cause. I applaud her.

Laurel-Rain I, too, find anything related to the foster care system intriguing.

For more than thirty years, I was a social worker, specializing in child welfare cases. Indeed, the foster care system has many flaws...Ms. Rowell's experiences are the exception. She relates mostly positive experiences. Or, perhaps, she chooses to see the positive. Like seeing the glass as half full.

In any case, she is an example of triumph over adversity.

My own books relate much about the foster care system, even though they are novels.

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Eva-Marie I only lived in a few foster homws for a short period of time and even that was because of my own rebelling actions but I too am always interested in a well written book like this. This is on my wishlist and I can't wait to get to it.

Rachel Y&R just isn't the same without Dru! Will Dru return to the Young and the Restless? Dru and Neil together again♥
I stopped watching once Dru was gone................:)

Diane I read this book on a motherless daughter standpoint as I lost my mother at 2 years to suicide. Although the writer of this book wasn't technically motherless, her mother wasn't able to take care of her and didn't seem to have much of a role in her life. I like that the book takes a positive note from learning what she can from her foster parents. This book has been on my reading list for some time. I saw it at Goodwill and couldn't pass it up. I just can't imagine the feeling of aging out of the foster care system! It seems like these children deserve a better start--like possibly paying for their college education at least. How can we stand to send them out in the world without skills to take care of themselves.

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