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Group Reading > June read- Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour bookstore!

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message 1: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
Well the votes were tallied and here's the group read for June! I've just purchased this on Audible .com, but it's also available on nook and Kindle, and it seems pretty popular, so hopefully your local library will have many copies!

A book about books! How perfect, since we are all really bibliophiles at heart. And bookstores....a lost art. I, personally, live in soulless Northern Virginia - not close enough to D.C to pop into Politics &Prose, and even my local Bprders closed, so my only option is a Barnes and Noble. Don't get me wrong, they are good in a pinch, but I am hoping for your sakes that you live near a privately owned bookstore with lots of character!

Sheri | 10 comments I am going to order this book on-line right now!

If anyone is ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia I have recently discovered an independent book store called BookMark located on Spring Garden Road. It is fantastic! It will be a regular stop for me every time I go to 'the city'.

Pooch | 11 comments Isn't that the dream? To live near a wonderfully atmospheric independent book store? It is a treat to visit such a place after driving for an hour and half!


message 4: by Bonny (new)

Bonny | 5 comments Hi Sheri,

I love Bookmarks! I go whenever I'm in Halifax, which isn't as often as I like. We live on the other coast - way over on Vancouver Island. There is a branch of our company in Dartmouth so we go every once in a while. We used to be on Water Street above the brewery but we expanded so we moved our offices.

I'm going to look for this book today :)

Julie Waldman (floribunda) Funny -- I just read this book last month! I loved that much of it takes place in the San Francisco area -- my part of the world. Enjoy!

Shannon (onesweetshannon) | 3 comments This was one of my favorite books last year! If anyone hasn't picked it up but is planning to (or borrow it from the library), I do highly recommend the audio version. Some books just shine in the audio format, and I think this is one of those.

I'm looking forward to the discussion!

message 7: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
Ohh, I am going to Halifax this summer! Will only be there on Canada Day though, not sure it will be open. Plus, this family of four is driving to Canada...in a Prius!

Well, I've started listening to this book today and LOVE it. Tree chapters in and I have recommended it to 50% of my Goodreads friends. Lovely, funny, keeping me hooked, and the reader is great. It's in first reason and the protagonist does most of the talking, but when another character speaks, the reader sounds like a completely different person. This is going to be one of those rare times when I search for other books this actor has narrated!

Rachel Murphy (facelikefizz) | 90 comments Mod
The Audible version isn't available in the UK yet so I'm reading it on Kindle. I'm only on page 20 but love it so far. I think this is going to be a quick read.

Jennifer Meyers | 4 comments I listened to this book a while ago too and I loved it. I'm looking forward to the discussion.

message 10: by Book Buzz (new) - added it

Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 1 comments Hello, all
I wanted to invite you to a live chat with Robin Sloan, author of Mr.Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore.

He'll be visiting Toronto Public Library's online book club on Wednesday June 12 at 7:30 EDT.

Everyone is welcome to attend!


Margaret Elwood
Book Buzz Moderator

Rachel Murphy (facelikefizz) | 90 comments Mod
Finished! I loved it. A secret society, a bookshop, old books, computers...and a knitting museum - perfect!

Shannon (onesweetshannon) | 3 comments Rachel wrote: "Finished! I loved it. A secret society, a bookshop, old books, computers...and a knitting museum - perfect!"

Seriously, what is not to love!?! I geeked out so hard over just about every bit of it.

Heather Diesing (mzkynd) | 8 comments So excited, transfering book to kindle as I type, after a bit of an offline snafu ( not good to run over satellite cord with the lawn mower, not good at all, oops) finally back, hubz at work, time to read. oh sweet joy! Have been wanting to read this for a while, was thrilled to see it was the monthly pick :)

Heather Diesing (mzkynd) | 8 comments Rachel wrote: "Finished! I loved it. A secret society, a bookshop, old books, computers...and a knitting museum - perfect!"

knitting museum? how lovely!! I am with Rachel, the whole darn post is geek worthy :P

Isabel | 81 comments just picked up my copy at the library and sat in the parking lot to read the first chapter...I had a hard time being disciplined and driving back home. Good thing I have 3 overnight shifts this weekend....it will be good company.....

message 16: by Molly (new)

Molly MacRae I've had this book on a long list of "wishing I had more time to read" books. Thanks for bringing it back up to the top. I'm looking forward to it!

message 17: by Cindy (last edited Jun 25, 2013 05:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cindy Michael | 5 comments Thanks to whoever recommended the audio book. I got it from the library and am about 2 hours in. I don't think I could have read it better myself and the story is intriguing. I always keep a audio book in the car to listen to on my way to and from work and with this one I'm having a hard time leaving the car when I arrive!

Finished on my way to work this morning. A great book and Ari Fliakos was the perfect choice for the narrator. I loved the characters and the plot, although not very deep, kept my interest. Overall a very enjoyable book!

message 18: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
Okay, I haven't finished it (kids are home from school - gack!) but I still love it - and I haven't even gotten to the knitting museum part!

I love this protagonist. The fact that he kind of understands who he is, with all his flaws. Assuming he cannot possibly attract Kat and being slightly humble about his computer design was great - and the humility about the computer stuff didn't bother me, as his is SURROUNDED by Google geniuses. And his slightly puerile fascination with the DragonSong books was charming, if slightly annoying in some ways (I kept wanting to tell him - 'pick up a book NOW. All literature has evolved - even fantasy!')

Just a terrific, fascinating little book. If I could have more time alone with the ipad, I could finish listening, because it's actually not that long!

Heather Diesing (mzkynd) | 8 comments Isabel wrote: "just picked up my copy at the library and sat in the parking lot to read the first chapter...I had a hard time being disciplined and driving back home. Good thing I have 3 overnight shifts this we..."

Thanks for the morning chuckle, I had such a vivid image of someone sitting in the library devouring a new book!

That said, I enjoyed the book, did I think it was as great as I was hoping? Noooo. I am with Zoe on the whole dragonsongs kind of being annoying, though I think it was because well, you know the whole revalutation at the end. either way glad I finished something off my to read lists and one that happened to correspond with a monthly read.

Isabel | 81 comments well, it delights me that you chuckled over my lack of discipline :-)

I loved the book, found it perfect company, yet at the same time was disappointed........

ahhhh, the conundrums of reading.

Stephanie (quiltsrme) Better late than never. I'm getting to this book this weekend.

Stephanie (quiltsrme) My post just would not go through earlier. I loved this book! It is now in my keeper library.

message 23: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
Oh, this book was definitely light - and in some ways, if it had JUST been about the 'the beauty of something is in the doing' it would have been TOO light. That said, I loved the evolution of the main character AND Mr. Penumbra and his business. Even the roommates were at a different place at the end of the book than they were in the beginning, and I found that oddly pleasing.

And as I recall, this was this author's FIRST book. Kind of interesting to see what plots he comes up with next.

Isabel | 81 comments Yes, an author I'll keep my eye on!

Melissa (melistocrat) I finished this book a few days ago. I loved the beginning and then started to get a little bored when all the tech stuff got introduced in the middle. I wasn't sure where things were going. However, it picked back up for me in the last few chapters and I enjoyed how it wrapped up. I liked the narrator and thought he was funny...could relate to his/my generation's nuances!

Laura Malley (veelau) | 6 comments I never read at work, but I have this book sitting in my lap at my desk and I'm reading the last few chapters every second I can. I love this book. I couldn't put it down. Fast read. Fun characters. Well written. So much, and a knitting museum; what's not to love!

message 27: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara | 13 comments I'm really late to this book party, but I really enjoyed the audible version! I smiled almost the entire time and really related to the tech industry and I think I've known many of these characters in real life! Thanks for recommending it!

message 28: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe | 355 comments Mod
Sara- I did the audible version too- fantastic!

And Melissa, you are spot on about this being a book that captures our generation really well...I'm probably a little too much of a Luddite to be exactly this plugged in, but the 'technology doesn't solve every mystery or problem' was an interesting theme. Particularly Cat, the google techies, and the tech savvy boutique hotel were perhaps a little extreme for a purpose, but it was very entertaining.

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