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Love on Assignment (Ladies of Summerhill, #2)
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message 1: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (last edited Jun 10, 2013 09:07PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
Abbi and Megan will be buddy reading Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James.

The chance to break the big story is all Charlotte needs to secure her future. But when the truth comes out--it may cost her the love of her life.

Newport, Rhode Island, in 1900--a glamorous resort town where the rich and famous go to see and be seen.

Charlotte Hale isn't part of that world. She's a working girl, a secretary for a local newspaper, who dreams of becoming a real reporter. When her boss offers her an assignment, she jumps at the opportunity. She'll go undercover as a governess to investigate a scandal about her new employer, Daniel Wilmont, a young widowed professor of religion who writes a controversial column in a rival newspaper.

Charlotte's qualms about misrepresenting herself to Daniel soon morph into a deeper quandary. How can she get the goods on a man who turns out to be so honorable? How can she plot the downfall of a family that has inspired her to rediscover her faith? And how can she protect the man she now loves from a scheme she's been part of since the beginning?

A fascinating tale of love and faith in the Gilded Age . . . from the author of Love on a Dime.

Abbi Well I am enjoying this book and I think I'm liking it more than Love on a Dime.

I love how Charlotte is helping Daniel to spend more time with his children, and I'm glad he's realizing that they are important too.

I cannot believe how ridiculous Missy is acting but I'm glad the professor at least partially sees through her act (even though he's not taking it as seriously as he should) and is careful not to be alone with her. I kinda have a feeling something bad is gonna happen with that though.

The scene where Charlotte tries to cook dinner for the family cracked me up!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I'm enjoying it too! Not sure if I like it more than Love on a Dime yet, but it's close!

I love that too!

I agree! I know, I have the same feeling!

Me too! It's funny how she could then bake a perfect batch of cookies after only one failed attempt.

I wonder if Charlotte's third reference, the one from Mr. Stapleton, died - since he sounded like an older gentleman and he doesn't live at the same address. If he did, I wonder if it will be over two years ago, since Charlotte's boss changed the date of his reference from five years ago to two.

When Charlotte and Daniel allow the children to go play near the shore, I had a feeling something would happen. So glad that Charlotte was able to bring Tim to safety and that Daniel came to rescue Charlotte when she fell in - whew!

Abbi I didn't think about that but it would be an interesting twist!

I had the same feeling and was very happy when everyone was saved.

I liked the glimpses of the characters from Love on a Dime! And I thought it was cute how Jack and Lilly have a baby!

I feel bad for the situation that Charlotte is in. Because on one hand she isn't overly comfortable with her undercover work but on the other if she doesn't do the job then she won't be able to provide for her family. I would hate to be in that position.

Daniel's mother is enough to drive anyone crazy! She is so strict and rude and I don't think I'd be able to keep my cool around her!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I liked having an update on Jack and Lilly too! Loved that they have a baby!

She is in a horrible situation, I too would hate to be in it!

She is dreadful, I too would have a very hard time around her. The whole atmosphere of the house changed when she returned. I was glad that Charlotte was able to mostly keep her cool around her, but I have a feeling that will change if his mother continues to be the way she is.

It's nice how Wilmonts provide each employee with a Bible and how Daniel insists upon paying a fair wage.

I wonder if Daniel's father always intended for Edgar to solely inherit the factory or if because of Daniel's radical views he decided not to let him be a part of it. If it is the latter, even though it was his to do with as he pleased, I think that was very rotten of him.

Abbi Yeah that was cool! I also liked how when Charlotte offered to sort his papers for him he insisted on paying her for it.

I didn't think about that but I agree that if he did change his mind because of Daniel's beliefs that would be very rotten!

I think it's ridiculous how the school is making Daniel choose between his column or his job! That would be such a hard choice!

I'm really not looking forward to when Daniel finds out what Charlotte is really doing. With the great importance he places on the truth it's definitely not going to go over well!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I do too! Though I do understand it, if the school has certain values and one of its teachers is publicly opposing it, it makes sense to make them either quit or stop doing it. I agree it would be a hard choice!

I'm not either! I agree!

I can't think of anything else to discuss. How about you?

Abbi Nope I can't either! On to the second half?

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod

message 10: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Just wanted to let you know that I'm done with the book so feel free to start the discussion whenever you finish!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I'm almost finished, so go ahead and start the discussion if you'd like - I'll post a response as soon as I get done. :)

message 12: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Sorry I took so long to reply! I was sleeping over at a friends and have been a bit busy today!

Well I really enjoyed this book! I'm not sure which of the two I liked more but I guess I don't really need to pick!

I wanted to scream when Charlotte was trying to tell Daniel the truth and he wouldn't let her! I hate when characters do that!

I thought it was cute how Daniel's mother and Mr. McClintock finally got married!

I was quite impressed by how forgiving Daniel was when he found out the truth about Charlotte. He was hurt and angry but he didn't let it control his actions and still treated Charlotte well.

message 13: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
No problem!

I'm not sure which one I liked better either, they were both great in their own way. Sure am glad we don't have to pick one! :)

I hated that too! The first time he stopped her, it wasn't so bad, but then when he kept doing it I got annoyed too! I hated it especially because I just knew he wasn't going to be immediately fine with it once he found out and so wished he just let her tell him herself!

Me too! I like how it seemed to soften her and make her remember what being in love was like. I did find it odd that there was no mention of Edgar at the wedding though, since I thought he would be there with his mother getting remarried and all. I was really hoping for a scene with the two brothers together, but oh well!

He did take it much better than I thought he would, but it still took awhile for him to completely forgive her - which was understandable. I too was impressed that he wasn't more vocal about his hurt when he first found out. I hated it when he accused her of deceiving him, even though she did technically lie to get the job she was mostly honest with him after that. Plus she took the assignment with the understanding that the man she would be investigating was doing something wrong. The moment she realized that he was an upstanding citizen and wasn't doing anything to warrant someone spying on him she wanted to stop and tried to tell him the truth many times - but either they would get interrupted or he just wouldn't listen.

It was sad when Mrs. Wilmont said how her first husband treated her, after reading that is when I started to feel a little sympathy for her and began to understand why she behaved the way she did.

It was so annoying how Mr. Phifer refused to accept the news Charlotte brought him and insisted she find something or he'd send in Edith!

I liked how Mrs. Finnegan took Charlotte aside to tell her about the house gossip and the concerns she had for her.

message 14: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi I didn't even think of the fact that Edgar wasn't there but something Daniel said gave the impression that he wasn't overly fond of his mother and was a lot like his father.

That was sad!

Ugh yes! He made me so mad with his refusal to accept that Daniel wasn't doing anything immoral!

That was nice.

I could not believe Daniel did not see through Missy's scheme of inviting him to teach at the "retreat"! Or that once he saw that no one else was there, he didn't either wait in his buggy or leave. And then the walk?! Was he really that stupid?! You'd think after Charlotte's warning's he'd have been a little more cautious!

I was so happy when Charlotte was able to stop Mr. Phifer's plan by throwing the camera in the water! I couldn't believe Edith tricked Missy into helping by promising that Daniel would have to marry her after "the story" got out!

It was funny how after Daniel kissed Charlotte Ruthie insisted that they now HAD to get married!

So this book is reminding me of a bunch of different stories and they keep getting muddled in my brain! The stories they remind me of don't actually make total sense but they keep coming to mind every time I think of this book. The first is the TV show Perception simply because the main character is a professor named Daniel. The second is Jane Eyre with the whole governess aspect. And then I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the first time last night, which has a father with a son and daughter!

message 15: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
I couldn't either! I know! I can't believe he agreed to go on that walk with her!

I was happy about that too! I loved how she chased Jesse down and grabbed the camera from him! I couldn't believe Missy would fall for that. Even if it had worked, didn't she realize that more than likely she would have forever been know that way?

That had me chuckling! It was also cute how she "reminded" her dad that they were supposed to do want God wants, according to his timing. And then went on to say that He told her His perfect timing was now. LOL! I loved that both children wanted Charlotte to be in their family!

I had the same type of thing happen, but it's because I was reading a few different books around the same time. One of them had a main character named Charlotte. Another one had an older woman named Amelia and took place near a seminary.

It wasn't very clear, but it sounded as though Daniel sold Summerhill, that it was a done deal. I was surprised then when they were able to keep it, must not have been as final as I had first thought - for which I'm glad!

message 16: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi I liked that both kids wanted Charlotte in their family too and I was happy when they wanted Charlotte's aunt and sister to come live with them!

I had the same confusion over the sale but I too was happy they were able to keep it!

I loved the birthday party they had for Charlotte! It was so sweet especially after she had resigned herself to not celebrating!

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
The party was such a sweet thing for them to do! I loved how Charlotte was completely surprised!

I can't think of anything else. What about you?

message 18: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Nope, I can't think of anything either!

So what do you want to read next?

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Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
Well, it looks like the only two we have left are Forget Me Not and The Preacher's Bride. Do you have a preference?

message 20: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Doesn't matter to me! Have you read the two books before The Preacher's Bride?

message 21: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
No yet :$ I plan on reading The Sheriff's Sweetheart this weekend and hopefully I can also get The Rancher's Courtship done too. Sorry for taking so long to read these! I guess we should start with Forget Me Not?

message 22: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Sounds good! And no worries! We haven't run out of books yet! Halves would be 1-13, 14-28.

message 23: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
:) Thanks for figuring that out! :D

Hey, just you have the third book in the Ladies of Summerhill series?

message 24: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Yeah! My sis just got it for me for my birthday! Do you have it?

message 25: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
No, but I can get it from a library near me! I really want to read it sometime soon! :D Would you like to buddy on that one after Forget Me Not?

message 26: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi Sure!

message 27: by Megan, ☘I Lost My Shoe ☘ (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (celtic_girl) | 6293 comments Mod
Great! I'll go sign us up! :D

message 28: by Abbi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Abbi :D

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