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Laura June (laura_june) | 73 comments Mod
Discussion thread for the first 19 (very short!) chapters of 'Cat's Cradle' can be found here.

Tyler This is my first book club and first Vonnegut book. Not if there is an protocol to discussions so here I go.

Not realizing how short and easy these chapters were to read I completed the first week's reading Sunday. So far I am not impressed and am hoping for some more meat to things that are being hinted at. For those that have read it can I assume all that we have read so far is groundwork for something much deeper? If so I am very much looking forward to the rest of this book and its discussions.

Susan | 4 comments Tyler,
I just noticed your post here. In my experience, Laura just posts on GR to give us notice, but the real discussion takes place at the link you get if you click on "here" in her post. You may want to post your comment there, if you haven't already.

Laura June (laura_june) | 73 comments Mod
We can certainly discuss in both places, I'm all for that! Historically though, Susan is right, we've done most of the talking on the forums.

The beginning of the book is definitely groundwork for what comes later; though I love Cat's Cradle, I would not necessarily put it at the very top of the list of my favorite of Vonnegut's works. Still, a great, great read. I find that binging on a lot of his books in a short period of time is a great way to go!

message 5: by Aj (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aj | 1 comments Vonnegut isn't your typical author, in so much that the 'meat' of his books are between the lines. The story or action is never meant to be heavy, hence the short chapters.

The 'meat' is your own pausing and pondering each line that he so carefully chooses. His writing is meant to make you question the world, life, the afterlife, religion, and all things normally brushed under the rug.

The upshot is, the story isn't entertainment like every other crap book by 'popular' authors. He is classic, his words will be read hundred and thousands of years from now, and not because of the plot, but the words implied between the lines.

Annotating and taking notes really improves reading and reading a Vonnegut book.

He is my favorite author, check out all his books!

message 6: by Nicholas (new) - added it

Nicholas | 1 comments Aj, I can see what you're saying. I rushed through the first quarter of the book and didn't quite see anything special. I decided to start reading the second quarter high school style (i.e. think about what I'm reading, highlight quotes, annotate, etc) and I've definitely noticed quite a few hidden details that I wouldn't have picked up on if I continued to read passively. Thanks for pointing that out. It's definitely not a good idea to treat it like a normal "popular" book.

Tyler Very interesting AJ. definitely holding judgement till the end and plan to read more of his work. Already have Slaughterhouse-Five on my Kindle.

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