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Victimization in Frankenstein

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Pete Planisek Since my sequel Frankenstein A Life Beyonddeals with this subject, I was wondering if readers of Shelley's classic feel that the cycle of victimization (which began with the creature's "birth" and abandonment) could have actually ended if Victor had kept his promise to create a mate for the creature?

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Gerd Wouldn't that just have created a further damning instant of victimization?
A woman build to the specific purpose of becoming a bride?

I'm afraid subtext would all to quick become unpleasant text there. :)

Pete Planisek Agreed. I'm wondering once they started down this mutual victimization path if either could ever truly escape it while they lived. It also raises the question of whether Victor or the creature can be viewed as reliable narrators. Both claimed to want peace and a life free of the other but their choices to pursue revenge above all else ultimately made peace/life impossible.

Jennifer I also agree with Gerd. Creating a wife for the creature would not end the cycle of victimization, but would only potentially expand it. How would the female creature feel about her creation as merely a companion for another being? Would her feelings be important to Frankenstein or the creature? Would she have a choice? If not, she would be yet another victim of Frankenstein's blindness.

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