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message 1: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 45 comments Because several authors were kind enough to answer my previous questions, I wanted to thank them with more questions. You only have yourselves to blame! ;) Thanks for being so helpful.

Please give me your definitions, descriptions, and expectations of the following positions:






And is there such a thing as post-production tech, like someone who formats a book for e-publishing in different formats? If so, please describe.

Thanks again for your help!

message 2: by Henry (new)

Henry Martin (henrymartin) Editor: There are different edit levels and in traditional publishing these would be handled by different people. But, to keep things simple, editor should focus on grammar/spelling, general storyline, word usage (and overuse), repetitive, et cetera.

Proofreader: Someone who would focus strictly on the language/grammar/spelling. I found people working in technical writing the best at this. They don't see story, they see language.

Beta-reader: Someone not related to you who will tell you if the story sucks or not; someone not familiar with the story that is honest enough to tell you if it is full of holes, and if it only makes sense to you because you wrote it and you know what it means even if no one else gets it.

Reviewer: Someone who, without any stake in the story or any compensation, takes the time to share their personal opinion with the general public.

Copywriter? Copywriter would be a person who writes copies in order to promote something. I guess you mean a copyeditor. If so, a copyeditor focuses on improving the overall flow of the story; the style, consistency, and accuracy of the text.

Formatting? That would be someone who will format, that is make a press-ready file from your Word file. InDesign would be a great software, but Word works well-enough if you take your time and know what to do.
I format all of my files in Word, then convert to a pdf. Then again, I have a print edition for each of my books.

message 3: by Suzie (new)

Suzie O'Connell (suzieoconnell) | 18 comments Henry defined them quite nicely already, so I'll merely say, "What he said."

message 4: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 45 comments Henry: AMAZING response, thanks!
Does everyone agree with Henry's assessment?

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