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Lola Lola Jun 03, 2013 01:17PM
i have a crush on Anden fine i admit it i have a crush on him i have a crush on him and Day is starting to annoying me don't get me wrong i love him but his pissing me off but i know his gonna end up with june poor Anden

I think Anden will make a great leader. I feel he can change his country and improve it for the people. I think he will support all the people and June should stick with Anden. I hate it when the girl tries to go after the bad boy when there is a wonderful, kind, loyal, strong, and dedicated alternative. Anden and June fit, in a way that Day and June do not. They understand each other, and they had similar childhoods and similar experiences. June also can help Anden understand what the people need from her own experience. SHe understands and has experienced both points of views so she can help Anden make his country a better place. I think they are a good match. Day is not reliable and moody. He is out to save himself since his family is dead. He will not be the husband June deserves or needs.

Anden= trouble for day and June

i think that he's the kind of character that you want to root for and you want to like, but has these qualities that you don't - because if you like him, it means taking apart another bit of the story that you've been rooting for.

I like what Anden stands for in this story - in the sense that he's trying to bring change to the country and he wants to use June for that - but that he also has these feelings for him. Partially i'm sure because he's been sheltered and told to only be with certain people, in addition to the fact that we keep getting reminded that June's quite attractive.

I think that as you read this story and the finale of the series - you get what you're expecting from Anden...and those that want him to win are happy and those that want him to suffer and maybe not get what he's after are happy too

He reminds me of Jem Carstairs!! I just had an 'ahha' moment! I've been trying to figure out who Anden reminded me of. It's The Infernal Devices Jem Carstairs! They are both so nice and kind and sweet. Aww I love Anden and Jem! (Sorry for excess !!)

I completely fell in love with Anden. He was like a breath of fresh air opposed to Day's constant mood changes. Day was just not a very likable character for me in Prodigy, yet Anden immediately caught my attention and support. I know I am probably going to suffer so much, but I now ship Anden and June. How come I always end up with the non-canon pairings?.. sigh.

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Anden is sweet and all but Marie Lu, to me, didn't really make his character a true adversary for Day. I mean, yeah, he's supposedly good looking and is a very strong authority figure for which June should prefer him over Day, but what else. June chose Day not only because their similarities but their differences. She on occasion couldn't figure him out which made her more interested in him. I say Day and June all the way.

He's all right. Sweet and generous. He's really trying to change things you know and I like that.
But let's all get one thing straight... He is no DAY.

He's perfect. He's my husband. He's so wonderful. Period. Amen. Honestly even though I love Day and I do I kinda shipped Anden and June for a while :/ don't judge me bout Anden is perfect. Days is still my love too I'M TORN

Anden is so sweet!!...but I love Day! Anden's wonderful, just not for June lol.


Rose Miller Right? I totally agree with that statement.
Jul 30, 2014 09:07PM

Anden might be a great leader but would he truly be the one that will make June happy? I mean everyone can be attract to another because of there looks, and generousity but at the end what will tell you the truth... It your heart. No matter how handsome or kind another person, and how they attract you at the it end it to what your heart tell you.

Day is strong person he know what route to take so he can protect those that he loves and that made him special then other people. He want the best for June and think he is not worthy but at some people say Day heart tells him that he still love her but he know but he have to protect her so he might have think she have a better life if he left her after all Anden is

I kind of feel bad for Anden... I mean considering.

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I thought I shipped Day and June but then I started to ship Anden and June and back again. But when reading Prodigy, Day just started to annoy me with him being so ignorant and blinded by simply wanting the Republic to collapse and the Colonies to win, without looking at the big picture. And when Anden came into the picture I quickly warmed up to him and thought he was so sweet. Not only, he was also genuine about wanting to change the Republic for the better. Even though the ending scene for Prodigy was very touching and made me cry AND made me rethink about shipping Day and June. But when I got to Champion, it reminded me of why I loved Anden so much but then there was that romantic scene between Day and June at her apartment. So now I'm torn between the both of them, but then I'll also be fine when June picks one of them and not have a major let down as both of them are great together with June

I don't really trust Anden, I feel like one of these days he's gonna stab June&Day right in the back. Buutttt... what do I know. I don't trust Anden though, and nothing and no one will change my mind(except for maybe Marie Lu).

Anden is a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but Day and June are just perfect together! I also feel that Anden doesn't have that much of a personality, compared to Day, but you know, we haven't had a peek at Anden's POV have we?

I really like Anden. He is just so sweet and strong to me. He and June would be great together, but I have to admit it. Day and June BELONG together!

Anden is amazing. June is amazing. Day is quite boring. Sorry, but I couldn't help getting disappointing opinions about Day, after he kind of considered cheating on June.

Anyway, I didn't really focus on their starcrossed love story, I was more interested in the plot:)

I really like Anden but I also like Day. For different reasons. Just as some may like Peeta and others Gale or 10 and 11. Or Four or Uriah or Mr. Darcy or Bingley. They are different heroes in their own right. They have things that are imperfect about them but they are usually viewed in a mixed point of view of good and bad. I am not sure about Anden but I enjoy him. I like Day but we cannot control the imagination and character development for each story. Champion will settle it all.

He so sweet and I think he would be great with june but day and june are great together JAY ALL THE WAY BABY.... is that there ship name idk!

Anden is awesome. He seems a more sensible fit for june. But does that make him the right one? After what we found out about Day, i have no idea
What's going to happen in champion and who's gong to end up with whom. But anden is definitely a likeable character and a fresh and acceptable change who i think is going to make the Republic what it should be. Hail our new elector Primo!

Anden is such a cutie! He is so sweet and I just love him so much!

Day and June all the way! Anden's nice, but I don't think he matches with June.

I love Anden!!! But I just know that he and June will never happen..... I am hoping that we can still get a little romance with him though maybe Tess could fall for him?!

I liked Anden. He seemed generally concerned for the people and did the right thing. Day annoyed me too; he was just so angsty and miserable all the time. I personally couldn't pick between Day and Anden because I'd liked Day in Legend and Anden was so sweet. Prodigy did decrease my liking for Day though, I just didn't want her to pick Anden and break Day's heart.

I (personally) don't like Anden...he seems like a snob to me.

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My feelings about Anden all revolve around the love thing going on. The things that happen, make me view Anden differently than I should, I suppose. All I can think about is, Day. Day. Day. Day is better than him. Better for June. Anden is a great character, but honestly people. Anden and June would never truly work. Anden is a sweet, nice, and cute guy, but I feel Day fits with June more than Anden. Despite their differences, Day and June are a perfect team and are a great pair, as demonstrated many times before. Day has moon swings and is sad a lot, but he seriously should be for a while. It's only logical. His mother and brother were killed, his Dad left him, and Eden, his only family member left, was captured by the republic. If that happened to me, I'd probably be more depressed and emotional than him! June fits Day, despite her heritage. Day does anger me when he considered him and Tess being better together. For me, I feel this isn't true. Day and Tess are better together with a brother/sister relationship, even though I knew Tess was in love with Day before it was stated. Day and June are great together, they were MENT together! Anden is a great character, but he wasn't ment for June. Due to this, Anden doesn't really make my heart skip a beat. Perhaps it's because I tend to fall for the devilish, but then again, Day doesn't strike me as one. On the outside at least, he is, I mean he IS a bad boy, but that's his actions. His emotions, on the inside, he's super sweet and cute, and totally hot. Surpassing Anden is amazingly easy for him. Day has faults though. Day hadn't felt guilty after Tess kissed him on the cheek, he felt surprised instead of thinking about how June would feel. June, on the other hand, felt horribly guilty when Anden kissed her, and it wasn't even her fault! Could she pull away? No she's trying to earn more love and trust from him! I've seen before people say that Day and June's POVs show how they think alike a lot, and that makes them 'boring', but it really enhances how they are supposed to be together, and their actions differ in a way that make them also individual, round characters. Anden isn't ment for June. Anden may be cute and supportive. June may have a better job and more money, but would she really be happy? No, Anden isn't ment for her. He cant make her happy the way Day can. Anden is an overall great guy and character, but he can make someone else happier. That's what I think about Anden, and the Anden/June/Day/Tess situation. Tess and Anden may seem like good pairs for them, but when it comes down to it, Anden ISN'T the best pair for June, and Tess isn't for June. So... Go Day x June <3! Anden is adorable, though! He's a great character and lover for somebody else, regardless!

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