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This arena is going to be challenging, heartbreaking, and altogether wonderful. Here's the first twist. The boy and the girl from each district are brother and sister. There's only one winner so the question is are you willing to sacrifice your brother/sister for your own greedy self gain?

1) It only makes sense for siblings to share their last name so if your district partner beats you to enrolling you have to take the last name of their Charrie.
2) Make sure to read your district partner's Bio. You're brother and sister. Remember?

district token:
Sibling in arena:

District One
Boy: Hanover Newman {Sean}
Girl: Ellory May Newman {Kailee}

District Two
Boy: Tristan Morello {Storm}
Girl: Dyna Morello {Star Shyne Brite}

District Three
Boy: Dinn Drager {Melanie}
Girl: Lilliana Drager {Dreams Nightmare Crisis}

District Four
Girl: Aaliyah Nyssa Cyane {Emi}

District Five
Boy: Adam Hawkins {Josh}
Girl: Abigail Hawkins {Hannah}

District Six
Boy:Caleb {Star Shyne Bright}
Girl: Ivy Brewer {Jaywest}

District Seven
Boy: Jacob Rubraneous Polixeni {Kailee}
Girl: Cynara Timotheos Polixeni {Angel}

District Eight
Boy:Caleb Herringbone {Dreams Nightmare Crisis}
Girl:Patricia "Tish" Herringbone {Ellen}

District Nine
Girl: Rachel Heart {Fallen April}

District Ten
Boy: Mason Noel {Jaywest}

District Eleven
Boy: Quinton "Quinn" Stone {Ambz}
Girl: Dragonlily "Dragon" Stone {Rose}

District Twelve
Boy: Ian Obelix Tyndareus {Angel}
Girl: Wren Phoenix Tyndareus {Ambz}

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Name: Ellory May Newman

Age: 18

Gender: Female

District: 1


Having to stand on her tip-toes in order to reach an overwhelming height of 5'4 Ellory has the clearly defined body of an athlete. Her muscles are bulging out, toned and solid as a rock. Her tan skin may or may not be fake, but the colors in her hair sure are. Her hair is a stick straight natural, light brown, but blonde and dark red highlights cut through it. Her cheek bones are high and eyebrows are and perfect as can get. And her eyes... Her eyes are the most beautiful, almost clear hazel that draws you in as soon as you see them. She seems like any other sexy girl you may run into... Except for the fact that she is missing part of her left arm. 

Yes, her name is Ellory. And no, she is not scared of you. She isn't scared of anything for that matter. Her personality isn't a common one, especially because not all of them come from district one of all districts. She has lived in the best conditions available, getting the clothing, exquisite food, and exceptional training. She carries the attitude of 'I am better then you and you can never beat me.' She keeps her chin high and snooty attitude on at all times. She has an insane amount of courage, and even more  spunk and spark of determination in her eyes. She also loves to have a great time. Partying and doing anything that could potentially be dangerous and fun is what she is ready for. A major flirt, indeed she is, andeveryone can see this from when they first meet her. She can be read like an wide open book.

Ellory has had the most spoiled life a child can possibly have. Growing up in district one and both of her parents being famous clothing designers, she had every luxury she could have wanted. She lived in a mansion with an avox for almost every room. She was pretty a spoiled little brat, and still acts like that. Her parents were hoping for a boy for a first child, so they could enter him into training for the Hunger Games. So when they got a little girl, it was obvious they were disappointed.
What her parents didn't realize was that she would be better at fighting then any boy they could have conjured up. On her first day of 2nd grade, she bit off a little boys finger because he had teased her for having piggy-tails. She had been suspended for 2 weeks, but during that time at home, her parents talked with her and said they were going to enlist her into training for the Hunger Games. She had happily agreed, a look of insane huger in her eyes. 
So from that day on, instead of school she had gone and trained at the elaborate training center in district 1. Every day was intent on training her heart out just for the moment she turned 18, the moment she could rise up on that platform and stare at the gleaming cornucopia. 
So while waiting for that day, she trained her butt off, dedicating all her time and effort into becoming the most lethal and dangerous weapon as possible. She mastered everything one by one, checking everything off from shelter building to hitting the center of a target from 40 meters away. Her lethal level slowly began to increase as time went on; it started out with killing squirrels and birds, but before long she was requesting more avoxes to behead. She became a monster...
But it was that one tragic day when Ellory came in contact with a familiar person... The same boy that she had bitten his finger off  in second grade, Ryan. They were paired up together in training for one friendly, non lethal battle with the swords when a mad-man look came onto Ryan's face, hungry for revenge. Against the rules, he slashed his sword down  onto her arm, and she was too stunned to move in time. 
Her arm came falling off just above the elbow, coming clean off. It fell onto the ground, blood spilling out as a shriek came from her mouth and her hand was stained red from trying to stop the blood. The guards took a crazed Ryan away, never to be seen again. (Most likely taken away to become an avox.) 
Since then, she has been known as the girl with only one arm.  But that hasn't stopped her from following her dream, to kill.

 Ellory lives in a family of 5, a happy lifestyle with little to no troubles. Her parents both are clothing designers, often designing looks for some of the Capitols finest members. She has a brother, and her younger sister, Collien, is 8. It was hard for her siblings to live their lives in the shadow of the great Ellory, always having to act like they were perfectly fine to listen to their parents constantly talk about how amazing Ellory is, or how she will win the Hunger Games for sure. They both try and excel at school, but their parents don't give it more then a quick glance before turning back to the perfect Daughter.

District Token: A bandana that she wears around her severed arm. It not only is there so that you cant see the end of her chopped arm, but it also serves to be her way of covering up to past and focusing on the future.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Ellory is crazy skilled with a knife. Her old weapon of choice was a bow, but obviously that wasn't going to work very well after the incident with her arm. She has been practicing with the knives because they are the only weapon that doesn't require two arms to use. She is very sly, and has great reflexes. She isn't the very fastest runner, but she makes up for that with her unbelievable fighting skills. Also, she has a certain trait about her that makes her quite seducive, and somebody that looks like would be fun to be around, in any other situation despite her arrogance.

But despite her many talents, she also has a big weakness. And no, it is not her arm.
She may appear To have a solid shell, but she really isn't the strongest person out there. Her mental state is rock solid, all up until the point when you break through thw surface and realize just how easily she can be broken down.

Ellory's parents were kind enough to to spend thousands of dollars on buying her a scarily realistic, fake arm that she wears around. For the past 2 years (since her arm was chopped) she has been training without it, because she knew she wouldn't be able to wear it in the games. It could prove as an advantage to her and unfair to all the other tributes. But, she wears the very mobile and interactive arm while doing everything except for training and  sleeping. Otherwise, she ties a bandana around the end (usually matching her outfit). 
She has never had a set person that she truly loves, because she has learned to never grow too attached to things that you think you can have forever.

She really doesn't care that her brother is in the games with her. She rarely noticed him, and didn't pay any attention to him. She could care less about him, and barely thinks that he is is much more then another tribute. She has no idea that Hanover cares about her any more then what she cares about him. Though, she does acknowledge the fact that he is a career and that he is an excellent swordsman. She realizes that her chances could possibly double by allying with one of the best sword fighters in the world.

Sibling in Arena: Hanover Newman

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Josh | 86 comments Name: Adam Hawkins
Age: 17
District: 5
Adam is not the average pale-skinned person from District 5. He is tanned to a perfect hazel color and his hair is bronze. It seemingly glows gold in the direct sunlight. His eyes are the purest blue that reminds some of the southern oceans told about in tales. His face is kind of typical, not too high cheekbones or overly-prominent features. This is all complimented by gleaming white teeth. Adam is not overly muscular like some other Tributes, but he is fairly strong. He can lift and easily wrestle well, but his fingers are clever and quick making him perfect for working with small things.

Down-playing almost all of his skills until the crucial moments is Adam's usual style. He does not like to be standoffish, but it is hard to hold it all in. His mind is calculating all possibilities and routes of action whenever placed with a choice, no matter how big or small. He is very smart (as most are from District 5) and can usually beat anyone in a battle of wits--except his sister. He tries to keep out of things emotionally as to not make a bias decision and therefore has never really loved or hated. Some think him cold, others superior and self-controlling. Adam just thinks himself as prepared, and awaiting anything to come.

Adam, from birth, always showed signs of difference. Being born with bronze hair and tan skin was one thing, then his instincts of survival and competitiveness led others to sort of respect him and fear him. His parents, Harrison Hawkins and July Hawkins, taught him all they knew of their trade (over-all technology) and eventually created a sort of super-genius. He remembers all he has been taught and uses it everyday.
His competitiveness increased during his fifth grade school year when he was beat up on the playground. He took to training his mind and body for anything, including the looming Hunger Games. Within a year no one picked on him or challenged him for he was stronger than everyone else and smarter in many subjects. During this time he trained for the Hunger Games in case he was chosen, which he was. Adam trained his agile fingers to tie many knots and throw knives. He lifted and fashioned a wooden sword and practiced on a dummy. He built structures with many materials and study everything about the Hunger Games. Adam knows how to build fires, what things to eat, and even how to make poisons from crushed plants that he can place on his knives.
He comes from a family of six, one older sister and a younger one.
Because his sister was born around a year after him they are very close. They are like a pair in their family, sticking together always. Adam secretly used to watch his sister dance around so gracefully. Sometimes he wished that he was like her, so carefree and able to feel more, but emotions weren't a part of him as much as to others. When he started training Abigail would watch him and eventually he consented for her to join in. As they grew up the two became a perfect pair, complementing one another with strengths and an amazing team. She is the only person he has ever opened up to emotionally, the only one he can truly say he loves.

District token:
Adam's district token is a bracelet made of intertwining wires that have different uses. It can be taken apart and constructed again into many things. He plays with it when he is nervous.

Adam is an all-around kind of guy. He is fair with most kinds of blades and knows much about knots, structures, fire-building, plants and animals, fishing, traps, and even swimming (a pretty crazy thing for anyone in District 5). However he is weak with bow and arrows, socially awkward when it comes to allying, scared of climbing, and fails with/at camouflage and spears/tridents.

Sibling in arena: Abigail Hawkins

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Name: Dyna (aka: Dynamite because they use it to blow up stuff and she is 'da bomb'. :P) Morello
Age: 17
District: 2

Appearance: Being from District 2, she is well built and very strong looking. She is known for her toughness and most everyone knows to keep away from her because she always looks very intimidating. Her eyes are a striking grey color, like rocks (her mother says). Her hair is different from the rest of her family though. It is bright red. But that's how everyone knows her. It's as if she were meant to have red hair: always on fire, as if one spark could cause her to explode (another reason she is known as Dynamite). Although she may have some muscle, she is also very skinny and of average height. Those who have never seen or heard of her may think she is weak, but she uses that to her advantage.

[image error]

Personality: She is very deceptive and uses her looks to deceive people, especially boys. (hehe :D) She is very intimidating and acts as if she were the President himself. Since she is a Career, she is also a very good fighter and finds herself getting involved in many activities she hsouldn't be getting into. She comes home often with bloody noses or black eyes, but that just adds to the intimidation. She cares for no one but herself, not even her two brothers or her mother (who is very sick right now). Secretly, she admires her brothers for being so strong and brave and wishes that she got the same kind of respect even though she is a girl. Sure, she got respect, but only because most people were scared to get on her bad side. She is very intelligent and likes logical explanations rather than calculations and stuff. She usually acts before she thinks which could pose a problem....

History(optional): Her father had a heart attack a couple years ago. He had been working and carrying heavy loads of stones, etc. and had suddenly fallen over dead. Ever since then, her mother's severe depression has increased so much that their mother can't even talk anymore.

district token: Before her father had died, he made her this charm for her chain. The black rock inside it was put in there by Dyna when her father died. The black rock was the rock he had been carrying when he died. She keeps it as a memory of why she needs to stay strong unlike her mother who caved in.

skills: Although she isn't TOO strong, she can still carry things. She relies on her logical thinking to be able to do things as accurately as possible. Her stature helps her be able to go through small places and hide (although her red hair is pretty visible). She relies on her fighting skills and reflexes and is not as fast as many people. Like stated earlier, she is very deceptive.

Sibling in arena: Her older (but not by much!) brother. The one she sort of secretly admires.

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments An edited template brought to you by ⤹
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❝ Those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the almighty. ❞

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Name: Cynara Timotheos Polixeni
Age: Sixteen ( 16 )
Gender: Feminine
♀ ┏━━━━━━━━━┓
Derived from the feminine chromosome
┗━━━━━━━━━┛『 xx 』
District: District Seven『 D 』Lumber 『 7 』
District Token: A black wristwatch from her brother
Blood Type: AB -
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Unoccupied

Siblings in the Arena: Jacob Rubraneous Polixeni

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ The books that I keep by my bed are full of your stories, they are from a dream that I dreamt up of our days, don't forget them. Be the better man, just be the better man. ❞

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ Normally I'd be the meanest of the mean, but if you dig far enough you might just be able to find my joy. ❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Hair Colour: Her hair changes colors constantly, dark brown to pitch black. Sometimes it may even seem a blue color, it just depends on the lighting and her surroundings.
Eye Colour: Her eyes change color as well, from green to beautiful ocean blue.
Distinguished Marking(s): None, well she does have some markings on her side and back.

Height: 5'7.73" in feet and inches.
Weight: 134.62 pounds.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ These stains will never change, these dirty paws track in the dirt of their enemies and they aren't going anywhere. ❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Personality: Cynara is a sweetheart, but she's mad as well. She's trained herself to fight mercilessly ever since the men and women of her town betrayed her. She's actually very fun to hang out with and makes the best of jokes. When she was little she used to be the girl to make the jokes for everyone, she'd make everybodies day by her enthusiasm but she's changed. Now she's one of the most depressed people in District Seven. Being chosen for female shouldn't be too hard for her, for she has been left alone with her mind for ages. She has stood up for herself and she read in her free time.

History: When she turned five her mother had died out in the field, a chainsaw went out of hand and cut her mother into two. She's lived with her father since she can remember and has given her trust into him wholeheartedly. Though he wasn't the kindest of them all he took care of her, and for that she has to respect him. She's let too many people down in the process, she won't ever forget that.

Skills: She is very skilled at running and climbing trees, she's slim but that helps too. She may not be good at fistfighting but she is good at getting through places. Her elbows are also an advantage against others, she knows how to channel her pain and talk to others.

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Name: Lilliana (Lil) Drager

Age: 12

District: 3


Lil is a very outgoing young girl. She loves to design and create. Her family often teased her of being born into the wrong district, since even though she's a wiz at technology, she mainly uses her tech to create patterns that she hides in programs that are sent to District 8 so that she can hope someone will wear her design one day. She's very optimistic and loves a mental challenge. The one thing that broke her spirit was her name being called in the reaping, and her older brother's name following hers.

History: Being born in district 3 sometimes counts as a career and sometimes doesn't. Lil isn't considered strong enough to be a career. She has a fragile body and a kindness about her that just wouldn't pass as worthy. Instead, she was raised like any normal Technology District girl. She worked with her brain, from writing computer programs to help with agricultural machines in 11 to coming up with scientific chemical combinations to help dye eyelashes neon colors in the capitol. She's the youngest, and the only girl in a family of boys. Everyone told her that the Quarter Quell was a special version of the games that she watched every year with the rest of the country, and when the twist was announced for this year, she was glad, because that meant that her brothers would only be in trouble if she was called, and her name was only in once, and for the first time. However, luck was not with her that day, because as she saw for herself the name be pulled, her heart froze when it was her name. She would be fighting for her life in the Hunger Games. And not only that, but once she was on stage, everyone had turned their attention to her brothers that were eligible. She scanned each of their faces, an apologetic plea in her eyes. Not only had she been forced, but another person in her family would be fighting with - and against her. When her brother's name was called, she flinched and looked away, unable to bear the fact that if her name hadn't been chosen, they all would have been safe. He would have been safe.

District token:

A shoelace charm to put on her shoes. Her mother gave it to her, knowing that she wouldn't want to fight.

Skills: While she's not the best with physical skills, her hacking and memorization are top of her class. She can print faces with names and strengths easily. Once she learns something, she almost never forgets it.

Sibling in arena:

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♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Name: Aaliyah (Ah-Lee-ah) Nyssa Cyane (Some people call her Liyah, for short.)
Age: 15
District: 4


She has red, naturally wavy hair with bangs, and bright green eyes with blue surrounding them. She is also less than average height at 5'5" and is underweight, but still healthy at 118 lbs.

Personality:She is really fun and bubbly. When she wasn't working with her father and siblings, she would always be playing with her friends in the water secretly, and always helped around the house. Some said she was the "favorite" of the family, but most people could tell that the parents loved all of the children. She helped out in the younger aged schools when she could, and she usually was the one to weave the nets her father used, but also went out on the boat with him to catch fish and seafood. Sometimes, her belief in the good of people clouds her judgement of others, but she has a kind and caring heart.

History(optional): She lives in one of the wealthier Districts, so she never had a hard life. When she was old enough to help her father and mother, she did. In grade school, she was picked on due to her red hair. One day, the teasing got so bad, they pushed her off the little playground and she broke her wrist. Afterwards, her father trained her a bit how to punch and sort of how to defend herself, so she punched the bully in the face, and no one ever messed with her again. She comes from a family of 7 siblings, including herself. She is the third child and all of her siblings are boys except for the youngest, who is 4.

District token: Her and her siblings were walking along the beach and the younger ones picked up little pieces of sea glass and gave them to her. On the day of the reaping, she saw her mother fastening something secretly, but she assumed she was fiddling with something to calm her nerves. When she was picked, her mother presented it to her, telling her to keep it safe and think of them.
(Its just a circle clip clasp, instead of the heart and stick clasp.))

Skills: She can weave nets and a few traps due to lobster and crab traps and nets. She's only used a trident around 10 times, but she was alright at it and is at least familiar with it. She is familiar with knives to cut open food and ruined nets. She also has only minimal defense and fighting skills. ((Like, she can punch and jab, but that's it. She can also only duck when someone attacks, and get out of the way))

Sibling in arena:

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❝ Go ahead and buy yourself a drink because you're deserving of it, go ahead and cry yourself to sleep and think of you hate me so bad. ❞

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Name: Iason Ian Obelix Tyndareus
Age: Seventeen ( 17 )
Gender: Masculine
♂ ┏━━━━━━━━━┓
Derived from the masculine chromosome
┗━━━━━━━━━┛『 xy 』
District: District Twelve『 D 』Mining 『 12 』
District Token: I wonder, does a lighter count?
Blood Type: B +
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Enclosed

Siblings in the Arena: Wren Phoenix Tyndareus

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ And then I realize how hard it really is to change, even hell can get comfy after you've settled in. I just wanted the numb inside me to leave. ❞

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ Wake up, take my hand and give me a reason to start again.❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Hair Colour: Dark brown, it tends to look black. Depending on his mood, his hair will be long or short.
Eye Colour: Charamel brown
Distinguished Marking(s):

███▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░ Tattoos
(view spoiler)

Height: 6'2.36" in feet and inches.
Weight: 163.79 pounds.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝ It was written in blood, like roses we blossom then die. We've fallen apart so we cry, goodbye my friend, goodbye my love, you're in my heart. It was written in blood on a suicide note the day before he died. ❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Personality: Ever since he was a little kid he's been messed up, I would've said a different word but that seems a little inappropriate. Ian keeps to himself and doesn't get himself into trouble but when someone starts something he'll be the one to start the fight. He isn't cocky, he's funny but he's also very depressed. He gives off a vibe that he's depressed, obviously. But don't let that fool you, he's a very gentle, sweet guy. He will take a bullet for anyone who needs it.

History: He got his tattoos from a good friend, the capitol wasn't pleased with this and killed the man. They threatened to take the tattoos off if he continued, he agreed to the terms to stop. There isn't much to talk about his history except that his parents died in a mining accident - a lot like his friends did - and he lives with his sister and uncle. He's very protective of his sister.

After the mining accident, when he was around seven he turned to death to heal his open wounds. His tattoos were a gift, they were something to keep him thinking forward and not backwards. He also began to sing at the square, the peacekeepers were disgusted and ordered him down. He spent his nights out on the town, scavenging for money and food. He may have to beat a couple of people up for money, but that was no big deal. He had to keep his sister alive.

Skills: His mind, his fists, and his courage. He's scared of nothing, and he thinks things through. He's very skilled at fighting, for he had to get food on the table.

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) "The Phoenix is a mythical bird, living for many centuries until killing itself with it's own flame, rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live once again."


{ Name } Wren Phoenix Tyndareus

{ Nickname } Usually she prefers being called Wren, but she also likes Pheonix on occasion.

{ Age } Fifteen ( 15 )

{ Gender } Feminine

{ Blood Type } A-

{ Sexual Orientation } Heterosexual

{ Relationship Status } Really? Please, she'll slap you twice if you try flirting.

{ District } District Twelve ~ Coal Mining ( 12 )

{ Appearance }

For Another Picture, Also See:

Hair Style & Color: Wren has long, wavy red hair. In certain lighting, it might look more orange-ginger, or it might look blood red.
Eye Color: She has beautiful eyes, and deep shade of stunning jade green.
Distinguishing Marks: She has a few tattoos, but nothing that covers the majority of her biggest organ. She has a snake tattoo on her right thigh, a rose tattoo on the left side of her stomach, a lamb and a lion tattoos right beside each other on her left arm. And of course her favorite, the Phoenix on her right shoulder.

The Lion will represent the struggle, and the lamb will represent the recovery. It may not make sense, but I understand what I mean.

{ Personality } Wren is fierce and can be very deadly. She's not the sweet, kind girl she used to be known for; Oh no, the death of her parents changed that girl. She killed herself to become another, just like a Phoenix. The only person who keeps her sane, and the only person who sees the remaining remnants of her previous self, is her brother, Ian. And that she only person she loves. Really, truly loves. Her silent anger masks the fact that she is teetering on the line of the real world and insanity. Soon, she'll break. And she will be lethal. That is, if she doesn't die, first.

"I killed someone, you see... I killed the little girl that used to be me."

{ History } She was once a sweet girl. But Wren's parents died in a mining accident when she was around 5 or 6, and she changed. She saw the world differently, and she became a monster. But she keeps all this built up anger and depression on the inside, her brother the only thing keeping her from falling off the edge of sanity. Though she loves her uncle in a way, but it was her brother that kept her innocent 5-year-old self from disappearing for good.

Like her brother, Wren got her tattoos from a good friend of Ian's. When the Capitol found out, the killed that man and demanded they stop getting tattoos. They agreed. That's basically all there is to say for Wren's history, so yeah. She's just a vicious girl that is close to losing her mind.

"We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us."

{ District Token }
A little necklace she found in her parents' room, shortly after they died.

{ Strengths } Wren is quick-thinking and fast on her feet, and there is no hesitation in her strikes. She knows to let the blade move freely, instead hacking it around like an axe. She is skilled with a katana, after carving one out of wood herself. It may take some time adjusting to the weight and sleek steel of a Capitol weapon, but she is also a fast learner.

"Maybe one day, we'll all wake up, and this will all just be a dream."

{ Sibling in arena } Ian Obelix Tyndareus

{ Other }

"One small crack does not mean you are broken. It means you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart."

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 2977 comments Name: Jacob Rubraneous Polixeni

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 7


With deep grey eyes and a dashing smile, Jacob has always been somewhat of a charmer. Of course though, that is never his intension. His muscles... a girls dream. They bulge through his shirt like a zit on a face, always noticeable. They come from the long hard hours of chopping and hauling wood, which ended up turning out to be useful for these games. He stands at a towering 6'7, looking down on most of the other unfortunate tributes. Too bad his sister didn't get his towering genes as well. His hair is a thick and luscious dark brown that always seems to fall in the right direction, perfect. His expressions are most often soft, but they are also clearly hiding something. Something big.

Personality: Jacob isn't always the easiest person to talk to, but he sure makes a good listener. His seemingly cold attitude and careless nature makes him more intimidating then kind, but that isn't quite the case. In all truth, he is really the kind of guy that would love to read a good love story book or help plant flowers with a special girl. He can be fun and loose around the right people, that is, as long as you don't mess with his family. You even think about touching a hair on his siblings back, or decide to make a wrong glance at one of them... you. are. dead. But as long as you don't try anything like that, then you have no worries of having to see his ugly side.

History: His mother, brutally murdered by a chainsaw when Jacob was 7, used to be the young boys favorite person in the world. But then on that one frightful day when he stood above his mother body, (or more like bodies), he knew that life was never going to be the same again. He tried his best to cope with her loss, tried his very best to do so. But he just couldn't take it, couldn't take living in a house that had his dead mother's fingerprints and smell all over it. Oh, the smell with the worst part. It still smelt like her too.
So, at the age of 16, he planted a little idea in one of his sister's friend's head, giving him a match and telling him to tell no one about it. Ever. So that next day, the kids thought the joke on Cynara of burning up the house was going to be funny, but it all went wrong and the boy almost died playing the trick. It wasn't until he saw the boy passed out on the grass and Cynara trying to save him that he knew his little secret would be lost in the mind of the poor little boy who couldn't remember a thing after waking.
In all honesty, he was glad to see the house full of painful memories go up in flames.
So after that day, he worked hard in the forests to keep his family going, because after all, it was his fault (technically) that the house went up in flames. His dad had never been the same after their mother died; he did little in his jobs and often got fired, having to find other places to scrounge for cash. And his sister... his sister was absolutely no help what so ever to them trying to keep the family going. She had gone off into her own little world for the past two years... and it was all his fault.

His mother died when he was seven from a chainsaw accident.
His father, Paul, who lives at home with him and his sister.
His sister, Cynara Who also lives in the so-called 'house'.

District Token:
(view spoiler)

Jacob is an exceptional axeman and swordsman from his long years of working with wood in the forest. He has great amounts of strength and a fair amount of agileness to him. As mentioned before, one can tell all of these things from his body-build. He isn't the best when it comes to things like cooking and medical care though, since he has never worked with it in his life.

Siblings in Arena: Cynara Polixeni

Other: Cynara doesn't know it, but Jacob is really the reason that she has slipped into such a depressed state. He was the one that bribed the kid to burn in the house, his idea to do that. And every day he sees that saddened and depressed look in her eyes, and think even more about how all of this is his fault. HIS fault. And now, he is going to do anything and everything to protect her and get her through these games safely, because he owes at least that much to the poor girl. He would and will do anything to protect her.
Jacob still hasn't told Cynara about his secret about the house... but is hoping to tell her and get it off his chest before he dies. Even though it will probably mean she will hate him forever, he has to get at least that one secret out before he goes...

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Sean | 67 comments Name: Hanover Newman.

Age: 17. 9 months and 13 days younger than his sister, Ellory.

Gender: Male

District: One

He looks very similar to his sister, and one could argue that they are a matched pair -- in fact many people believe them to be twins. However, he's much taller than her, standing at 6'1". This is unsurprising, as there is a similar height difference between their mother and father. His looks take more after his mother than his father. She's more tanned, with darker hair. His father is blonde haired and blue eyed. He's muscularly lean, from many years spent packing on muscle for the games, and weighs more than he appears to. His nose is sharp and straight. His jawline is chiseled, and he has appeared in clothing advertisements for the capital, as his parents are both well known designers. His ears stick out a little, but he declined to have them surgically altered upon his parents request. Unlike his sister, he still has all of his body parts, but in a training accident, he was slashed with a sword across his chest. He has a large scar here. It was medically treated to be as unnoticeable as possible, but it's still there, and quite large. But here's the kicker: the scar was given to him by his sister...

Personality: He's much more agreeable than his sister. Having received the privileged life of few, even in district one, he's been known to act entitled and rude to those less fortunate. However, he's also known to be kind and generous to the less fortunate, and especially to his family. He loves his family and friends deeply, even though his sister likely would prefer he doesn't exist, or doesn't even have an opinion of him. While his parents were loving Ellory for her athletic prowess, he and his younger sister have bonded intensely in the shadows, though he resents Ellory somewhat. He acts as her protector, against really anything like when she's scared at night, she comes to him. She means more than anything to him. This is largely unnoticed by their parents. His love for Ellory, his parents, and most importantly Collien, could be major disadvantage (if exploited) to him in the games.

History(optional): He was conceived several days after his sister's birth. His parents were unhappy with having a daughter, and their chances in the games. Thus, when he was born, they were overjoyed. This lasted for several years, and he begun training as soon as he was old enough, as per their wishes. However, after several years of this, his sister was discovered "to be a natural talent" as everyone said. His parents chose to keep him in training, as it was too late for him to begin regular schooling. The buzz surrounding his sister lasted long, and he preferred to remain out of the spotlight. However, no one really noticed his training, especially in the later years, except his personal trainer, Marvelous, who agreed to keep his developed abilities secret to his parents. While he might not equal his sister, he's very qualified for the games.

The bond with his younger sister didn't begin until he was about 12. He had a dark period from the age of about 8 until 12 when he was largely ignored. She was born as an accident when he was 8, and he didn't really talk to her. His sister, however, started to follow him around when she was 4. Over months, they began to hold each other tightly, and she began to prefer his company to his parents.

The training accident with his sister happened when he was 13. All of the fighters of similar ages were fighting each other for the first time with real weapons. After a few matches, he was paired with Ellory, who really couldn't care less, and didn't recognize it was him. After he stabbed at her, she slashed him across the chest while he was still over extended and vulnerable. He lost a massive amount of blood, and had two transfusions. Yet he returned from the hospital to his parent's home later that same day, bandaged up. Ellory never acknowledged the accident. He never brought it up. In fact, they haven't really talked to each other in a while.

District Token: He wears a leather bracelet that he's had since he was 12. When he left, his sister removed her favorite charm from a charm bracelet given to her by their parents. It's a very expensive charm with precious stones. It's not very feminine, and she promised it would bring him luck, and remind him of her in the arena.

Skills: He's most talented with a sword. He's dedicated many hours to learning this weapon, mainly because of the accident with his sister. His trainer believes him to be the most talented swordsman ever to come from district one, and possibly at the games (ever).

As per his trainers request, he learned a long range weapon as well. She suggested he start with the spear, as is expected of most tributes. He continued this for several years, before trying out the bow and arrow just to see what it was like. He turned out to be very talented at the bow and arrow, so he began training in that as well. So, he is well trained in both spears and bows.

Sibling in arena: Ellory May Newman

Other: He has a girlfriend back at home. However, he's already said goodbye forever to her, and figures whatever happens in the games, happens. If he survives, he expects he'll go back to her, if she'll accept him. But until then, he's anyone's game.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) Name: Tish (Patricia) Herringbone

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 8


Personality: Tish grew up in the industry district of Panem, despite her girlish appearance and delicate fragility she is as tough as nails with a bitter resentment towards the career districts after the death of her youngest sister Harle in a previous hunger games. She's got a sharp tongue and working in the district has turned her into a hardy and strong person. She's intelligent and a fast mover from the years she's spent working on the machinery in their district and though she doesn't have a great deal of muscle she makes up with her wit and quick thinking. In all her personality is like that of a spitfire, she can turn in an instant and has a fire that doesn't quite match her quiet appearance.

History: The middle child of a simple district 8 family, Tish grew up in poverty. Her younger sister was reaped at the tender age of thirteen and was killed early on after a long torturous attack by the career tributes. Tish saw everything and since then it has been her aim to take part in the games in a hope of avenging her sister in the only way she can. While she bided her time Tish trained herself in the factories around the district, lifting machinery to build muscle strength, running errands to develop her stamina and practicing her combat skills with her brother in the stock yards. When the quarter quartell arrived Tish's name had been in the reaping more times than she could count, they'd needed the money and when both hers and her older brothers name was called Tish knew that she would finally have her chance to fight back.

District token:

- She's good with a small simple knife and has been practicing with a heavy metal chain
- She could possibly manufacture weapons herself, her brain is good with mechanics and she can take things apart visually.

Sibling in arena: to be decided....

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) This one's not going to be as detailed as my last one, sorry about that >.<

Name: Quinton Stone

Nickname: Quinn

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Masculine

District: Eleven, Agriculture

((I don't think you guys understand my love for Jordan. That man is amazing))
Quinn has thick, black hair, with chocolate brown eyes and dark, bushy eyebrows. He has slightly tan skin, and is taller than average by a couple inches.

Personalty: Quinn is fiercely loyal and caring, but he's also laid-back. He is easy-going, and usually he's very forgiving. Usually. He will also fight as hard as he can for what he loves, and he might even fight until his death, whatever it takes. And trust me, you don't want to mess with him. Anyway, though plenty of girls fall for him in District 11, he hardly notices, and he is still looking for the right girl. Quinn is passionate and loving, but he's not a fool. He knows reality, and he knows where he stands. He despises the Games, but he knows it'll help no one to rant about it and accuse the Capitol on live television, or is the Square in front of the entire District. He doesn't let his anger out about that; instead, he is kind and selfless, despite the harsh life in the District and cruel reign of the Capitol.

History: Quinton lives with his three little cousins; Jack, who's 11, and the twins, Drew and Destiny, who are 7. He also has his sister who came to the Games with him. They live with their aunt and uncle, since 11 years ago, their father got mad at their mother, like every night, but this time killed her. He was always abusive, to both his children and his wife. The Peacekeepers executed him for murder, and Quinn and his sister were sent to their aunt and uncle.

District Token: His mother's pin. It is the shape of a stalk of grain.

Strengths: Quinn is very strong and he has very powerful arms. He is tolerant of pain, due to growing up with his father abusing him. He knows how to be hungry, since he's been hungry his whole life pretty much. From working in the fields, he's best weapon is a scythe.

Sibling In Arena: Dragonlily Stone.


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Storm [Heaven Above You, There's Hell Over Me]] (StormBloodBlade) | 821 comments ((My Phone deleted everything I wrote cause my cat attacked me out of nowhere and I spared :P so here it is again -.-))

Name: Tristan Morello
Age: 17 (turning 18 in 2 weeks)
Gender: Male
District: 2
Personality: Tristan is the guy that everyone seems to know and love. He just seems perfect in every way: He's good looking, fun, smart, and strong. But he really isnt as perfect as he seems. It's all just to make others happy, even when he isnt happy himself. The boy is always smiling, even when the world knows he shouldn't be. This is one of the ways he stays strong during rough times. But in serious situations, he will become suddenly serious, ready to take on an enemy. Being the 2nd in his grade, to say The boy is smart is a little bit of an understatement. He thinks everything out cautiously, able to use his surround and situation to his advantage. Tristan loves his younger sister, and knows that she's never admit it, but she most at least tolerate him. He becomes that overprotect brother at times, but doesn't show it to her, he knows shed get irritated. Sometimes, he'd deal with kids saying things behind her back, or follow her home from school to make sure she wouldn't get too hurt during the trouble she caused. A favorite thing for him to do is use his forefinger and thumb to flick her forehead, then say, "don't worry about it." It drives her crazy and he knows it.
History(optional): Since a few years ago, his father has been dead from a heart attack. Their mother has become very sick, and needs to be taken care of. Tristan's older brother was called to work in another district, leaving him the man of the house. The boy hopes one of he or his sister will win so that they can get their mother the medical help she needs.
district token: His father's dog tags:

- Sword Mastery
- Hand To Hand combat
Sibling in arena: younger sister

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ok.

Name: Caleb
Age: 17
District: 10
None of the rest really matters since he's gonna die in the bloodbath :P (DYNA IS GOING TO KILL HIM!)

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Rose | 255 comments ~*~Name~*~ Dragonlily Stone
~*~Nickname~*~ Dragon
~*~Age~*~ 12
~*~Gender~*~ Female
~*~District~*~ 11

~*~Appearance~*~ [image error]
Dragon is a girl who always has a smile on her face. An everlasting sparkle in her warm, chocolate eyes, framed by long, dark lashes. Long caramel hair falls in soft waves around her face, her bangs always falling in her hair. She keeps her head up. She stands at 5'3, and she weighs 74lbs.

~*~Personality~*~ Dragon is a girl of many faces, many sides. When one meets her, she comes across as a joyful, carefree child. She smiles, giggles, laughs and seems to trust easily. Which is mostly true. But she has proven to be more than meets the eye. She can be fierce, brave, loud and reckless or shy, soft-spoken, serious and focused or goofy, happy, mischievous and random or quiet, mysterious, depressed and unreadable. She's smart and resourceful, and shines under pressure. No one can bother her. She just doesn't really care about the opinion of others, other then the one of her brother. She's determined and compassionate, and can laugh off many things. Life is lightning, she says. To her, in so many ways, it's true.


Dragon has never met her mother or father. And she was fine with that. She didn't need the memories. Plus, she had all the family she needed at her aunt and uncle's place, with her brother, her cousins and of course, her aunt and uncle. She had never been popular in school, but honestly didn't mind. She always had her small circle of friends. She didn't always make the best choices, but the teachers never got mad at her. She always thinks it's because of her past, her parents. Oh, well. She knows not to question anything. She's scared of spiders, which is odd for a girl in District 11, but she does. She loved climbing trees that were around the school, well actually, she loved climbing trees anywhere. Who didn't? She loved free falling, she jump off tall trees and pull up at the last second. That's about it... :)

district token~*~: Apparently, it was her mothers. Her aunt had given it to her. It was to remind Dragon of where she came from, a silent prayer that she doesn't forget herself. That she will always be Dragon, the 12 year old girl from District 11. It ((hopefully)) matches the pin Quinn has.

~*~Skills~*~ Dragon is clever, witty and spirited. She is resourceful and a quick learner. She can learn almost any weapon, one would think. She has pretty good aim. Stealth and Agility are on her side. She's small, but capable.

~*~Sibling in arena~*~ Quinton Stone

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) (view spoiler)

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments (view spoiler)

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) (view spoiler)

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) I'm really, really sorry, but I don't have a whole lot of time for the next week or two because of exams and crap. I am still going to roleplay in this Arena, just I can't have 2 characters >.< So sorry for the confusion Ruby Dx so I hope it's okay for me to give Quinton Stone (D11 male) to my sister? Fallen April. She only has the D9 girl. Aagain, really sorry for the mix up, I just didn't think of how the exams would affect my time of Goodreads! >.>

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Fallen April -{The Lost Girl}- (FallenApril) | 10 comments Name: Rachel Heart

Age: 12

Gender: Female

District: 9, Grain

Rachel has long, dark hair that like to get tangled pretty badly. She has tan skin and pretty brown eyes.

Personality: Rachel is quiet and shy, and prefers to be alone. But she knows allies are important now. She's actually quite independent and confident, however all that really shows is a scared little girl, one of the youngest and most likely the first to die in the Bloodbath. More people are convinced she is a coward, to scared to talk to anybody. But really, she's strong and fast. She doesn't try to decieve people, it's just the way she is. But she knows she'll have to use this accidental skill if she intends on surviving. With a little effort into it, she might get away with being left alone for most of the Games and underestimated in the end.

History: Rachel's mother has always abused her. Beat her until she passed out. Cut her on the arms. Pulled her hair and nearly drowned her in the toilet several times, too. It was sick. She grew up with the harsh voice of her mother. "You're worthless!", "You deserve to die!", "I hope you're Reaped, you disgustingly lame excuse of a child," and more. Her siblings lived with it too. Her older brother and sister. Her sister was the oldest, and was tortured more than the others. One night, when Rachel was 8, it poured rain outside. Thunder struck and the wind howled against the weak windows. Rachel and her brother were up in there room, hiding from a rather drunk woman in their living room down the stairs. Their sister, Cassidy or Casy, was being beating by the woman who gave birth to them. There were screams from the mother, words Rachel never wanted to hear.
"You horrific child can't do anything right!" She screamed, slapping the sobbing Cassie. "Go to Hell!"
"Please, I'm sorry!" Cassie choked.
"Sorry? Sorry?! You think apologies will feed you? I hope you die of hunger when I don't throw maggot filled bread at your disgusting head! Get out. Now! I'll see you out there."
The mother stomped off into the kitchen. Cassie fell to her knees, holding her bleeding arm. Fresh bruises spotted her face, and blood trickled a river from her nose.
Rachel's brother quietly closed the door, telling her everything was alright. But Rachel didn't listen. She silently cried, scared her mother would take her anger out on them, too. But that niight was peaceful. Rachel stayed up all night, though, waiting for her sister.

Cassie never came that night.

They found her in the river. Dead. There was no cut on her throat or wrists, no bruises on her neck to indeicate being choked. No stab through the heart or stomach. Rachel mourned her death for years.

To this day, Rachel wonders if she jumped.

A few months after her sister's death, Rachel ran away. She couldn't stand living in the house that had so many memories. She lived on the outskirts of District 9, hiding from her family and the rest of the District. She never thought she'd ever have to meet them again.

District Token: Rachel keeps her sister's necklace, one with a locket. Inside, there is a picture of Cassie, her sister. Her Cassie gave it to Rachel a little over a year before she died. She had said to Rachel, "No matter what happens, know that I love you. You are always loved, and when I'm standing beside you or near you, remember that I am always in your heart."

Skills: Rachel is fast. She always loved to run. Faster than most girls in her District. She is very resourceful and smart. She is shy and quiet, and being one of the youngest girls there, she will be easily underestimated and thought of as weak and scared. But she's also surprisingly strong. I guess all those years of her mother beating her toughened her up.

Sibling In Arena: To Be Decided.


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Melanie (melanienmo) Name: Dinn Dager
Age: 16
Gender: Male
District: 3

Dinn has brown eyes and brown hair, similar to both his sister and his parents. He spends much of his free time going for long runs around the district, so his body is long and lean. He has terrible shin splints, bu he sees this pain as good for him. His hair is kept reasonably short and clean. His gaze is quite piercing and serious. Dinn rarely smiles, as he usually doesn't relate to other people's feelings.

Personality: Dinn is a quiet young man. He enjoys his privacy and space to think. His family and his neighbors have learned to leave him alone. He's somewhat of a genius and he knows it. Because he is desperately antisocial and hates to leave his work, he's become very resourceful and clever. He once turned a lamp in his room into a functioning calculator. The officials quickly took away his device after they found out that he had made something powerful, and he was quite upset. But, he has learned not to show his disappointment. Dinn rarely shows signs of extreme emotion. The only thing that really softens his heart is his little sister, who he finds quite amusing. Before she was born, he was a cranky little boy. After Lil arrived, he became the model big brother. As long as she kept out of his things, he would never say or do a thing against her. He is unfailingly loyal to her and always acts in her best interest.


Dinn generally doesn't relate to the people around him, and never has. After he turned three years old and still didn't speak a word, his parents brought him to the doctor, who determined that he had Asperger's. At the time, they weren't positive how bad the condition would affect young Dinn. His antisocial behavior and his hard time making emotional connections with even his family. However, when he was four and baby Lil arrived, the Asperger's didn't have as much of an effect on Dinn. He still keeps his distance from people, but now he can at least carry a conversation and will himself to give someone a handshake.

District token: [image error]

A bracelet bought for him days before he was Reaped. It has no real sentimental value to it, but he likes how the sliver dully glints when it catches the light.

skills: Building, running, quite resourceful, clever, loyal

Sibling in arena: Lil Dager (He'll probably call her Lilliana.)

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Name: Caleb Herringbone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 8


Personality: Caleb is hard and cruel, like one of those guys that would use a slingshot to hit cats, then walk away because it wasn't enjoyment enough. He doesn't care about emotions or sympathy because he's supposed to be strong, and when he watched the Hunger Games, most of the time, the people who won didn't care, and those who did were nervous wrecks and horrible victors. He doesn't care for finding relationships. His main strategy is to seek out the weakest person and kill them, then work up, however, if someone challenges him out of order along the way, he won't mind mixing it up a little. As long as they all die.

History: When Tish was born, everything changed for Caleb. He was no longer an only child. He had a little sister to look after. And that meant standing up to her bullies. She didn't know that she had them because Caleb began training so that they were so intimidated by him that no one dared to get on Tish's bad side. When her own attitude kicked in, he knew that he didn't need to protect her anymore, so he kept training, but only out of habit. However, he kicked back into dangerous big brother mode again when his youngest sister was born. She wasn't as tough as Tish, so he stuck around her more than the middle child in order to keep her safe. However, he couldn't enter the arena with her when she was called, and he couldn't be there to protect her when she was ripped apart by careers. After that, he knew not to baby Tish over the emotional impact it had on their family, and instead took her training with him. Soon, she was as dangerous as a career, and she used her emotion as a strength, making her fiercer when she fought. When they were put into the games together he made a vow. He would let her go out on her own, but he would protect her if he could like he failed to do with their younger sister. And if she dies, he intends to slaughter anyone who gets in his way of victory, intentionally killing the careers last because of the pain they put his family through.

District token:

Yes, it's cheesy, but it reminds him what he's fighting for, since it belonged to his youngest sister.

Skills: He's mainly great at things that require strength. Hand to hand combat (learned from watching how careers fight when the games were on), climbing (both ropes/chains and walls as long as he can find foot holds), athletisism (just comes with being all around physically fit. This includes running, jumping, hurtling obstacles, and lifting heavy things), and he's okay with a sword (having used metal rods in place of the weapon when he trained). However, his aim is horrible, so he stays away from throwing knives or archery or anything else that requires him to try and hit a yard away from what he can reach.

Sibling in arena: Patricia Herringbone

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Name:Mason Noel
Appearance: description

Already being a giant of standing at 6ft8 and weighing at 244lbs, Mason is one of the most fearsome tributes. He has a black curly faded hair with a light skin olive tone. His eyes are dark like the night of the oceans and never smiles. He muscle tone can easily show even during the reaping of his bisceps, and his shoulder temps as well as his chest packs. Mason almost looks a mix between an black and a Filipino because of his African facial looks and his light skin tone.

Mason has and strong but yet dark side to himself. He is fearless, precise and confident but yet he can be angry, insane and impulsive which can possibly lead to his death. Mason loves the fresh air of battle even as growing up in district 10. Although Mason is one of the strongest tributes, he never underestimates anyone.(By learning the hard way back when he was in district 10)Although Mason may seems as if he fears nothing, the one thing that he does fear is the possible death his beloved sister Athene and anyone that attached a personal connection with Mason. When in comes to the fighting, Mason isn't the type of person who likes to the stay in the bloodbath for long, he takes what he needs and leaves as fast as he can.

Mason grew up the dark parts of district 10 when he and his sister were abandoned at the age of 8 when their parents were executed by the guards for trying to escape the outer space of district 10. Because of events like this that made Mason who he truly is now. A strong fearless cold-blooded tribute. Everyday was a survival game for Mason and his sister(although the fate of his sister was more providential). His sister was taken home to a house of bakery workers. Everyday Mason fought others boys for food or goods as a bet so he could of helped his sister in anyway possible. Since his parents's death, Mason became quiet and silent and spoke when nesscary. By the time Mason reached the age 15, he was working for farmers to protect sheeps and chickens from wolfs or coyotes. Mason would always fight the predetors without fear which gives him slight advantage when it came to experience but all that experience gave him many wounds.

District Token:
Mason always carries an neckless that has an wolf teeth. It represents that he is not only a fighter but also a hunter and that he is proud to represent himself from district 10

Mason Noel's skills are mainly his strength and his skills of blunt weapons; weather its a axe or even a thick branch from a tree, he will still use as an weapon. Over he years, Mason has started to absorve any pain that was given to him besides emotional.(which can be biggest weakness when the hunger game comes) Mason is a strong fighter and can possiblily even be the best when it comes to hand to hand combat.

Sibling in Arena: Athene Noel

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Name:Ivy Brewer
Apperence: description

Ivy has long curly blond hair. Her eyes are blue like the shine from the moon. Her height is 5ft6 and only weights at 124lbs(One of the lightweight in the hunger game) Her legs are thin but it makes her quick on her feet.

Ivy is from district 6(transport) and never really had a hard time growing up. She usally would act up as a drama queen and always try to be the top of her friends. During the reaping, when her named was called foward, she became frighten like a baby and all of her friends were surprised to see her act like that. Ivy has a very stuck up personalilty and which makes her a target for other tributes.

District token:

Her token is a hair pin which was given out from the people of district 6.

Her skills are majour in running ability and stamina since she always grew up in district 6(transport).

Sibling in Areana:Caleb

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