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Arlene Mcintosh What to say about this book. We all know about polygamy and arranged marriages in different cultures but I think we put our head in the clouds a little bit because we don't want to know how bad it can be or what to understand whay anyone can live this lifestyle but this is what they are born into and if they don't know any other way you tend to believe that everyone else around you is evil and you are better. I think the difference with Carolyn is that she believed in the cause but she grew up with a family and had seen how other people live and was educated more than most in the community so in order to survive in that type of enviroment you have to be strong. She lived with 6 sister wives and to me it's not normal - they can sit there and say that they love their sister wives but it is human nature to be jealous, and envy the attention the other wives and children get from the husband and father and the children were competing all the time for attention. How could any woman endure a life of misery with such a cheap promise of appreciation after her death? Everyone is so scared of death and what will happen and I am a believer that live for the now enjoy your children and the life you have.

Warren Jeffs should have been taken down a long time ago and all privileges should have been taken away the moment he was arrested because he still has power over these people and I think for some of those people that was excommunicated was a blessing to be free - I just think the money that he has made of this community should honestly be giving back to the people who were thrown out and give back to the poor women and children that were abused by this man.

It was a heartwrenching story of one woman's survival from hell and she had so much patience and fight in her that you can't help think that she would be okay because she was a mother fighting for her children even though she had every obstacle up against her.

Lisa I read this book a long time ago but I really liked it. It a true story of how one woman bravely escaped a terrible situation.

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