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Movie was better than the book?? I don't believe that theory! But what do you think? does this book/movie change the idea?
Athira Athira Jun 03, 2013 02:18AM
This is a first! I read the book first. Then I watched the movie. Actually, I think the movie was better than the book! Maybe I'm wrong. what do you all think?

both are good in different ways.

Christina North I agree!Before I saw the movie, I read the book, I love both. I think that a great job was done adapting it. I wouldn't say one was better than the ot ...more
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I liked the book much just went into so much more detail...rarely do I think it's possible for a movie to even touch the richness of a book...

I think that the movie and book were both good in their own way.
The book had a lot of detail and was more about Pat, whereas the movie seemed to concentrate on Pat and Tiffany's relationship. Also the whole dance competition thing was blown out of proportion in the movie.

Jenn (last edited Jun 04, 2013 08:54AM ) Jun 04, 2013 08:54AM   1 vote
I'd probably have to say I liked the book more, mostly because there is a lot more detail. Also I liked the mystery that surrounded Nikki and what caused "apart time". Yet, I do think that they did an excellent job with the movie and the actors were the characters from the books for me.

I'm in the middle of reading this. I heard about the book when it first came out & then forgot about it. So ended up seeing the movie first.

I find it interesting that the location was changed to Philadelphia because Hollywood thought it would be more appealing to audiences rather than a small town. Personally, the small town appeals to me, especially since I grew up in the town of the story. :)

I liked them both, but I thought the movie was better. This may be due to the fact that I saw the movie first, though. When I finally read the book, I was a little disappointed to find that Nicki (view spoiler) in the book version.

I loved the book so much but I was very disappointed in the movie. I didn't think the movie quite had the character's right. In the book Pat barely had it together but in the movie he seemed a little off, but more stable than his book counterpart. Too many changes in the movie. Movie was a totally different story imho.

I've just finished the novel and I think it is better than the movie. In the movie there is a lack of attention about Pat's illness and an effort to make Pat's father friendly and normal, while in the book he is quite unpleasant and disagreeable( either the Eagles win, or they lose) . Besides I don't know the reason why in the movie it is talked about economic depression's aftereffects( I remember the father lost his job) while in the book none have already lost his job.

I loved the movie. The book was just okay. The movie didn't cover everything from the book, but what it did cover I felt it covered better. The way that the book was written was annoying to me, I felt like I was reading a children's book but with an adult theme. It was just strange. The movie was done so well, I have to say that it was better.

Hannah Interesting! I haven't read the book yet but did see the movie. I wonder what I'll think. ...more
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I must agree with the folks who preferred the book. The movie portrayed the relationship between Pat and Tiffany well, but made too many "Hollywood" changes that diminished the essence of the story, in favor of a quicker, more feel-good vibe. The movie was very good, but much more one-dimensional than the book.

R Jun 04, 2013 05:03AM   0 votes
I am a BIG Bradley Cooper fan and WANTED to like the movie more, but I must say I liked the book better.

I wanted to like the book more, truly, but I found the movie a much more fascinating summary than the book's longer story. The book felt a bit disjointed at times and awkward where the movie didn't. I think they captured the tone of the book pretty well too.

I like the book more indeed.

The book was better, and showed a more accurate picture of someone suffering a closed head injury than the movie, which portrayed Pat as mentally ill, not to mention it implied the father was off mentally too, which did not appear in the book.

I did like the dance scene in the movie, and they way that was set up. Would have liked the movie better if I hadn't read the book. It wasn't bad, just not as good.

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