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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

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Sofi Just yesterday I finished watching this, and I totally loveD it! I really like the way they portrayed the characters, and make me like a little bit more characters like Lydia and Collins,I found myself fangirling over this a lot! And, that Darcy! asdfgjkkl.... so if you've seen it, What do you think about it? and if not, I think you should ;)

Dana I loved them too! It was such a clever adaptation of the novel- I definitely had a lot more sympathy/understood Lydia much more than I ever did while reading the book/watching the films. I think it was also clever how they introduced "Kitty" Bennet and Mary! I thought it was weird that they would only do 3 sisters, but liked that they still found a way to include all/most of the characters.

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