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Meghan | 423 comments Mod
1. When he talked about the pilgrimage to Mecca, the crystal merchant argued that having a dream is more important than fulfilling it, which is what Santiago was trying to do. Do you agree with Santiago's rationale or the crystal merchant's?

Meghan | 423 comments Mod
2. The Englishman, whom Santiago meets when he joins the caravan to the Egyptian pyramids, is searching for "a universal language, understood by everybody." What is that language? According to the Englishman, what are the parallels between reading and alchemy? How does the Englishman's search for teh alchemist compare to Santiago's search for a treasure? How did the Englishman and Snatiago feel about each other?

Sarah (songgirl7) | 284 comments Mod
I don't know that I necessarily agree with the crystal merchant's opinion being the correct opinion. But it's similar to my own life. I never pursued my Personal Legend because I was too scared, then I felt too old, too settled, etc.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

It so easy to see where the crystal merchant is coming from still underneath it all I think it would be agony to know you Legend and never pursue it. What a life full of regret one leads and its also a horrible legacy to pass down.

Meghan | 423 comments Mod
I think it's a matter of priorities. We all make those plans for the future "if we have time" or money or good health. And life passes on and we never get to it because life has a way of taking over your daily life. But the things that are important to you, somehow, you make happen.

As much as the crystal merchant thought it was good and right to go, it was never important enough for him to go. He used his fears as excuses, but the truth is I don't think he really wanted to go.

Sometimes we think we want something because we're told we should want it. But if we truly take the time to look inside ourselves, we will find that desire is not our own.

Melanie | 13 comments I think having a dream is like a bucket list. I've heard many say that if you have a bucket list then why are you doing it. Well, there are times you have wait for the opportunity. Things will fall into place when it is time.

I think living a life without anything to look foward to is boring. We can't always life for the big events in life, but need to have those smaller things to look forward to doing.

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