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Why Katniss did not forgive Gale or question Prim death?
Helen Helen Jun 02, 2013 07:27AM
If Katniss really love Gale, why she didn't forgive him and make peace with him?? It wasn't specify in the book that Gale's bomb killed Prim. My question is why she did not question it? She assumes and he also walked away. Did Katniss then truly loved Gale. Like they say, Love forgives and heals.

Good point Lindsey, I thought she did. I think she had romantic feeling for Gale, but not enough. On the other hand, I think Gale was the only male she confided and had contact with prior the games. He was all she knew, but that does not translate to love. Romantic love is only one aspect of a relationship. That's the initial stage of love for the Greek. The second stage goes beyond romanticism. It takes both person to care for the well-being of the other, care, nurturing, etc.

Like other people said, I don't think she directly blamed him for it, she just couldn't separate the two events in her head. Every time she thought of Prim she thought of Gale's involvement in her death and that's something she cant really help and something she shouldn't have to relive if she were around Gale on a daily basis.

She needed to move on as much as she could from all the death and war and devastation, being with/around Gale would just be a constant reminder of what she lost and how he played a role in that.

Gabriela Araujo I really liked your explanation, Hannah.
I can see that and relate to that.
I really loved The Hunger Games Trilogy, but book 3 just wasn't for me.
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Samantha The Escapist (last edited Jul 19, 2013 12:16PM ) Jul 19, 2013 12:16PM   0 votes
I don't think Katniss is a particularly forgiving character. But I think she makes whatever peace she's able with it, like Hannah said, she'll probably never forget the correlation between the two events.

Also Helen, even though there is another huge thread with a death spoiler in it, it's still not polite to put spoilers in topic titles, I think you should edit it out in case the other topic stops getting bumped.

If he had really loved her, he would have stayed and tried himself to make peace with her. He wouldn't have left.


Actually, Katniss did forgive Gale.

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She forgave Gale. She didn't question Prim's death because it would have been pointless to do so. She had taken her revenge, and on the other side she had a deep (and complex) long lasting relationship with Gale. But she couldn't be with him, at least not romantically. She said it herself at the end of the book that Gale had lots of fire, just like her, but that's not what she needed. What she really wanted was Peeta's warmth and softness.

I think from the very start of the series Katniss & Gale's paths went off in different directions & they never completely reconnected.
Katniss & Gale would never have made a good couple, they are way to alike. I think she knew Peeta balanced her out, otherwise what a mess she would have been.

I think she may of been very overwhelmed, and Gale was feeling sort of guilty, and slowly detached and went to district 2. I think that there was a misunderstanding between both them, though they still cared for each other in a guilty sort of way. I think it was hard to chose between Gale and Peeta, so the bomb gave her a chance to chose Peeta without feeling bad. I think that Katniss loves them both, but accepts Gale as more of a friend. I personally like gale more, but you could tell they would only be friends.

I'll edit the title Samantha immediately. But, isn't good reads for people who already read the book?

Lindsey (last edited Jun 02, 2013 12:34PM ) Jun 02, 2013 11:50AM   0 votes
Because there was nothing to forgive. She didn't blame Gale, she just couldn't help but associate Gale's design/actions with Prim's death.

I don't think that Katniss ever loved Gale in the way that Gale loved her. I think that she saw hem more like a sort of soulmate, but without the romantic aspect.

Yoja, that reminds me of Catching fire, when Katniss said, it was a luxury to sleep with Peeta and that she wasn't feeling guilty anymore with Gale...the reasons, she did not know about the future. It gives us a glimpse that Katniss felt guilty. However, she did felt guilty with Peeta too. Very complex character.

Lindsey I like how you described love and Greeks! And yes I think that Katniss felt guilty about a lot of things, and also felt like she owed people (mostly P ...more
Jun 02, 2013 12:43PM

I think she did forgive him. But, having to live with that everyday, as a reminder between them...that might be too much to deal with every day. I think at the end, she was just disillusioned in him and his role in that. It is not something easily forgotten and I think she just wanted to forget all the horror.

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