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Can someone tell me a bit about faeries?
Michael Emerald Michael Jun 02, 2013 05:21AM
Hi. Early in the book I learn faeries aren't always your buddy. I know nothing about faeries (though I do about Celtic Gods/esses). Can someone tell me a bit about them?

Thanks in advance, Michael Emerald

When I started this series I liked the general info Wikipedia gives:

Just reading about faeries isn't going to help you a lot because his are very Irish specific, and so I would go with the article above. At the end of that article is a link to another wiki article on the Irish mythology cycle which also goes over a lot of the characters in Hearne's series.

They are both 5-10 minute reads.

I have a great book for you to read Enchantment of the Faerie Realm by Ted Andrews. It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about faeries. However, there are different types: Elfs consist of: Dark Elves, Trolls, Dwarfs, Dusky Elves and Light Elves. Powers/Behaviors: levitation, shape shifting, great craftsmanship, loves music, keepers of secrets & treasures, ability to instill sleep or other altered states, size ranges from very tall to a tiny speck of light.

Faeries also consist of: Brownies and Devas. Ancient trees, especially Oak, can mark the entrance to the Realm of Fae. Also, bodies of water can lead to their realm. Once you go in you may never come out. Some Faeries steal children and raise them as their own. There has also been talk of humans and Faeries marrying and some people feel they have faerie blood in them.

Don't take anything they offer, give them a wide berth, and originally they were known to be quite big. Or so I've heard.

A lot depends on what mythology you read, but in general (from what I've read) different types of faeries are going to view humans differently. Some are hostile, some friendly, some just mischievous. Power-wise, too, they vary greatly from tiny and relatively weak, all the way to godlike. Generally speaking, though, you don't want to get on their bad side.

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