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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) *If your character creation is not in this format, it will not be approved by MODs! Please bold it correctly and include everything! Also the entire thing does not need to be in bold! Use the correct html format*

NOTE: If you don't know how to Bold heres how: <.b>....<./b> (Don't put the period in it though!)
So it should look like this:
Name: Jane
Last Name"Doe


{First Name}
{Middle Name}
{Last Name}
{Nick Name (Optional)}


{Real Age}
{Appearance Age}

{Appearance} *NO ANIME!!* Real people please!
{Hair Color}
{Eye Color}

{General Style}

{Distinguished Markings (If any)}

{Personality} 5+ Sentences

{History} 8+ Sentences


{Crush} Ask person first

{Relationship status} Single, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Mated

{Vehicle or Transportation}


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)
{First Name} Emory
{Middle Name} Anastasia
{Last Name} Valentine
{Nick Name (Optional)} Em or Emme

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Real Age} 742
{Appearance Age} 20
{Birthday} December 25, 1271

(view spoiler)
{Hair Color} Honey Blonde
{Eye Color} Green
{Height} Five foot six
{Weight} 110 Lbs

{General Style} (view spoiler)
{Distinguished Markings (If any)} Perfect blemish free skin.

{Personality} Having been alive for so long, Emory has learned to live in the now. She doesn't worry about things that had happened in the past, but about what are happening in the now. Emory has a calmness about her that radiates off onto other people. She can calm the angriest vampire and has even learned how to get through to the younger blood thirty ones. She is supportive and protective and will do anything to help the ones she cares for. But don't think that Emory is all softness and caring. Emory is a skilled and powerful vampire. She knows how to fight and defend herself and also has quite the attitude.

{History} 8+ Sentences

{Family} Long dead by now.

{Crush} ...

{Relationship status} Antonia?

{Vehicle or Transportation}(view spoiler)

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{First Name} Se (Pronounced as 'say'.)
{Middle Name} Ricardo
{Last Name} Richards
{Nick Name (Optional)} Richard (For people who call others by their last names.)

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Straight

{Real Age} 304
{Appearance Age} 16
{Birthday} 4 February


{Hair Color} Pitch black
{Eye Color} Amber
{Height} 6'0
{Weight} Average (I don't know what's the average for someone that's woah, up there.)

{General Style}

{Distinguished Markings (If any)} None

What rules? I don't listen to rules.
Se is the rival of rules and obedience. He hates it when people tell him what to do and would just shut his ears and forget about it. He also thinks that the Spell Caster's rules are just trash and disobeys them sometimes. Too bad for the law-enforcers, he never gets caught. But if he does, he weaves very realistic and believable lies to trick that someone into thinking he didn't break any of the rules.
Temper=Not Really Short but still Unwanted
Se is the kind of vampire and opponent that kicks you off your feet before you know it. He doesn't like to plan much and if you get him angry, he won't hesitate to punch you in the face. No matter who you are. But no worry, he's always calm in the first place and you need a lot to get him mad. That's part of his changes after turning into a vampire, he's now calm, cool and collected.
Friends? Nah.
Se is hard to become friends with. He thinks that if he needs to eat and drink human blood, might as well make it easy for himself. He thinks that making friends with humans would just make him hesitant to kill them and he would be on the starve. But if he does kill them and they're his friends...he would never live himself. So in the end, making friends with humans is a no-no.
Weakness? Um, uh...I don't have one.
Se has a handful of weaknesses which he doesn't tell. Let's state the first, he's arrogant is a way. He practices hand-to-hand skills and speed so much that he never thought of far-range attacks, which is also very handy. So if you're Se's opponent, expect a face-to-face meeting and stay far away from him at all times. This is a good technique if you're in a group, just ring around him and trap him in the middle, he moves, you move. Then the temper, get him mad and he absolutely won't think, only using his instincts-though those are still pretty reliable. So how to defeat his really good instincts? Ah, too easy. Just run and take cover while waiting for him to tire himself out. After he does, attack.

Born Fast
Se was born into a house of speedy (but pretty poor)people. There had to be something fast in every single one of them. Example: his father could write really fast, his mother could talk really fast, his brother could type really fast and his sister could read really fast. But Se couldn't write, talk, type or read fast. Nothing about him was fast, actually, he was very casual and never in a rush. That caused his family to loath him, they always thought speed was in their family blood and Se was a disgrace to them. But those thoughts ended in the school conducted race, when every class had to send representatives to race among the other classes. Se's teacher picked him. So on that day, everyone was laughing at Se, saying that he didn't train at all. That was a fact, Se was just lazing about those few days of 'training'. But at the end of that race, Se came in first, one minute faster than all the rest.
Born Strong
In all the years of loathing Se, his family never knew that their youngest son was champion in martial arts, fencing and most hand-to-hand combat styles. Not until he came home with a broad smile on his thirteenth birthday, holding a large golden trophy that had the words 'First Place in Inter-school Fencing and Martial Arts' embedded on it. His family couldn't believe it, saying the how could Se, being so scrawny and weak?
Born to Kill
Se's speed and strength caught the Vampires' eyes, so they sent their best to get him into their ranks by biting him. So one night in the forest where Se was tiring himself out from kicking and punching the dead logs, the vampire crept up to him and they did some conversation, a very slurry one on Se's part. Then, the vampire started to anger Se and Se lost it, he started to hit the laughing Vampire and put up a great fight. But the vampire was too strong-and Se was too tired-and just defeated Se really easily. As Se dropped down unconscious, the vampire left, knowing that he didn't want to be part of Se's first blood lust explosion. And also, once you're a vampire, you'll know where to find the rest. So when Se woke up groggily, he stumbled back home, back to his family that was soon found dead and drained of blood a few hours later. (I guess you know what happened and yeah, Se went to join in the vampire...clan, is it?)

~Father: Dan Richards
~Mother: Sarah Richards
~Elder brother: Draco Richards
~Elder sister: Rhodia Richards

{Crush} None

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation} "I walk or run. I'm not what you call rich."


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) approved when finished.

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{First Name} William
{Middle Name} Carter
{Last Name} Petrescu
{Nick Name (Optional)} Everyone calls him Carter- his real name is unknown to most.

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Real Age} 687
{Appearance Age} 20
{Birthday} 31st March


(view spoiler)

{Hair Color} Dark brown
{Eye Color} Chocolate brown
{Height} 6"2
{Weight} 186 lbs

{General Style}
(view spoiler)

Carter is very reserved, the typical mystery man aura surrounding him. He refrains from letting others see his emotions as he believes that makes you weak. Due to his smart dress choice, he always comes off as an intelligent gentleman. That he is. Morals are Carter's life story and he has a strong respect for manners, believing them to shape you as the general niceness of you. Though he isn't exactly nice, he is definitely polite and proper.

Carter was born in Romania in the late 16th century. As quite an old vampire, he has vast knowledge of history and whatnot. His family lived in a small village next to what was believed to be Dracula's castle and at night, the peasants would lock all of their doors and windows and tremble with fear. Every year as he grew up, Carter was taught that night was bad and was when the vampires preyed on the humans. Of course he, being a silly young man, gathered a bunch of his friends and brought them to the castle walls at night and set it on fire. It didn't really go anywhere, except for the fact that it drew the vampire's attention. Dracula had come from his hiding place and slaughtered all of the boys except Carter. "I see courage in you," he had hissed then started the transcendance process, Carters blood boiling inside. Once he had turned, he knew immediately who and what he was, so he fled Romania and travelled Europe, eons of information being stored in his head. He lived a quiet, solitary life but once he came upon the little town of FallenVale, he finally felt like he had found a home.

Sire - Vladimir Dracula I

{Crush} Open

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation}
(view spoiler)

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Antonia (adf7793) Under construction...

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) ♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
"Darkness can be beautiful, and beautiful can be darkness...."

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥

{Full Name}Rebekah Isabella Wadsworth
(view spoiler)

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
{Real Age}923,093 years old.
{Appearance Age}16

{Birthday}January 18, year unknown

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
{Hair Color}Blonde
{Eye Color}Black
{Weight}129 LBS

{General Style}Anything really....

{Distinguished Markings}Like in picture, heart tattoo.♥
♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥


"Hey, what's up?"
Bekah is a very calm and easy going girl who knows who she is and why she is who she is. She really hates it when people who are younger than her think she acts old when she doesn't. She doesn't really have seemed to age. She can swing slang like its in her DNA and she likes talking to people. She can be pushed over the edge some times though...
She can be paranoid at times, but for all the right reasons. She's learned that if someone's fallowing you, they want something, so get it over with. She hates being fallowed and will give anyone who does hell,-and she will not stop until the tell her what their shit they're doing is. She hates being told she can't do things and can get pretty pissed off at times. Bekah is really just a easy going, smart person.

[image error]

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
{History}Bekah grew up in Rome, always loving the beauty of her city. She enjoyed the busyness of the streets and how everyone always seemed so cheerful, making her energetic. She made friends quickly, but it was hard for her to keep them because her family moved around so much. Eventually, they settled down in Sicily.
At age 16, she was walking home from school when a young vampire attacked her. She was hungry for blood, so she launched herself at the first person she saw and bit her, draining her carefully. She was a vampire, although she didn't know it. She went home and later that night, she killed her family, but did not make them vampires. She simply killed them and left. She lived alone, moving around and always making friends to bite them or dump them.She recently ended up here and plans to stay, for now.

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
Father, Alexander
Sister, Mika
Brother, Lucas
Brother, Thomas
Mother, Annabella

♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥
{Relationship status}Single
♥♥♥--------|||||| ♥♥♥||||||--------♥♥♥

{Vehicle or Transportation}Public transportation

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) approved

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) thank u

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction)

"When you know yourself, you are empowered.
When you accept yourself, you are invincible."

{First Name} Jin (金 means, gold, metal or money)
{Middle Name} N/A
{Last Name} Yang (阳 means, Sun)
{Nick Name (Optional)} Jin

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual
{Ethnicity} Chinese

{Real Age} 750
{Appearance Age} Late 20's - Early 30's
{Birthday} July 25th


In the past, Jin had been trained to be a warrior since he was a child, that is why he has a very toned physique. He also had dark skin from being out and training under the sun daily and had very long, straight hair.

He is also considered quite tall for an Asian man.

Present day, his skin is very pale, cut his hair short and he still had his toned physique from regular exercise. He still tries to be as physically active as he can.

{Hair Color} Black
{Eye Color} Dark Brown
{Height} 181cm
{Weight} 73kg

{General Style}

(view spoiler)

{Distinguished Markings (If any)} N/A

"The dragon has nine sons, each different from the others."


Brave but stubborn - He comes from a family that were praised for their bravery for many generations. The time before he turned had not been an easy one. They were taught from a young age about bringing honor to the family. He will always put family honor above all else.

Loyal - At the time before his turning, he had been loyal to the government and the Emperor.

Articulate - Jin spent a lot of his time traveling and studying since he couldn't join the battlefield anymore. He couldn't risk someone noticing that he wasn't dying.

So far, he is now able to express himself in at least five languages.

The Importance of "Face" - The concept of 'face' roughly translates as 'honour', 'good reputation' or 'respect'.

Traditionalist - He still practiced some of the old Chinese customs and etiquette. He greets elders respectfully, arrives on time and even notes what he can and cannot give as gifts in certain occasions. Red is also his favorite color because it is a sign of good luck.

Workaholic - He drowns himself in his work sometimes. Not sleeping and not eating.

Humor - He might look serious most of the time, but he actually has a sense of humor. He likes to make jokes and make faces.


Jin hails from China and had been alive since the Song Dynasty. He is a member of the Yang Family whome were praised for their bravery and loyalty in the field of battle. He is the son of Yang Yanding (2nd son of the Yang Family) and Geng Jinhua but his records had been wiped from history.

Since he was a child, Jin has heard stories of their family's bravery and knew that he had a duty to bring their family honor. That is why his family trained him to be a warrior as soon as he was old enough to carry a sword.

Not surprising from the period, he married early to a pretty Chinese girl from a good family. It was a marriage for convenience. Unfortunately, a child was never made from the union.

He grew up strong and brave, but at that time he was still human. His squadron had been ambushed by rebel Mongols. They never stood a chance, but he kept fighting. He was the first to launch into battle and was the last to fall.

By chance, this battle was witnessed by a wandering vampire. He was so impressed by his bravery and potential, he decided to turn him. However, Jin had not appreciative of the gesture to extend his life at first. He was furious at the man for turning him into a 'monster.'

He was not able to return home now. There might be no love between his wife and him but he remained loyal to her until her last breath, even after she had taken another man after his death. When she died, he began to travel and never looked back. Only reading about his family from stories passed on.

By the 19th Century, he learned English and other languages before traveling to the West. Being immortal, he had plenty of time to learn a lot of languages. Jin changed his appearance in every continent ... afraid that someone would notice that he had never aged. He kept traveling until he finally found himself in Fallenvale where he had hoped to find others like himself.

Mostly, he works as a non-fiction author and uses his knowledge of past events to his advantage, especially events in Chinese history. He writes under the penname, Jin Hua. After his mother.


The Generals of the Yang Family

{Crush} Just ask.

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation}

(view spoiler)


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Can you put anything that isn't his appearance picture in spoilers?

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Clare♪ wrote: "thank u"

Sorry just saw this, but you are going to have to lower her actual age....a lot. lol

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay {First Name} Arthur
{Middle Name} Everett
{Last Name} Hastings

{Gender} Masculine
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Real Age} 751
{Appearance Age} 22
{Birthday} March 4th


(view spoiler)
{Hair Color} Dark chocolate brown. Some strands have may be a bit lighter but that's just because of the fact that as time goes on the sun dyes a few strands.
{Eye Color} They're a very unique sort of color. From distance they appear blue, and yet the closer you are to him you might be able to pick out the ring of yellow.
(view spoiler)
{Height} 6'1"
{Weight} 170

{General Style} Jeans. T-shirts. The usual. Whatever he has to wear he'll wear it. That doesn't mean he's going to dress up in a suit and tie every day though. He wears what he wants and usually whatever he happens to pull out of his closet. He's not too picky about his appearance. His hair matters more than his clothes in his opinion.

{Distinguished Markings} There are some battle scars on his back and chest. Just from fighting in mortal wars over the years and what not.

{Personality} Arthur is quite the devilish Joe. He's got a knack for somehow finding the most mischievous ways of doing things and he's always been the kind of person who pushes the envelope a bit when it comes to the rules. He just doesn't really care about following the rules. He's more of a loose constructionist kind of guy. The rules are meant to be guidelines. Not set in stone. He will follow them when he has to though.

Arthur is a rather down to earth person. But he's the first to admit that he can come across as unfriendly to people. It's not really his fault though. It's more like a trait that is inherited through the passing of time. He's rather playful and supportive once you get to know him and he's always the first to stand up for those he believes in. He's a bit like a pit bull in that way, he may seem mean to those who don't know him but once you gain his loyalty and look past the exterior he's definitely going to stick by you till the end.

He'll delude himself into thinking anything though if it's negative about himself...he doesn't ever see himself as the person anyone would actually like. The way he sees it, there are a million other people better than him, so why should he see himself as some sort of exception? Roman's kind of ignorant of how intimidating he is. He's actually surprised to find he's liked, and pleasing to the general population. 

He also has the reputation of a ladies man, unknowingly of course. His charismatic personality can easily come off as flirting, and he doesn't realize the impressions he gives off to other people before it's to late. Oh well, it's not like anything will actually turn into a relationship--he's never really been lucky like that.

{History} Born into the early 13th century there really isn't a whole lot to tell about Arthur's childhood. He was born to a relatively small family, mostly because he was somewhat of a miracle to his parents. His mother had been diagnosed as barren by the physician and then remarkably...Arthur came along. In the process though his mother died. That left Arthur and his father Isiah. There isn't really anything interesting to tell after that. Arthur was always a spoiled sort of boy, rich by those standards and had a good life. Eventually though he just got a little too curious about the world and he ended up getting sucked into a bad crowd. Rebelling against his father's overbearing attitude well he went out drinking one night. That was when he ran into a rather careless vampire. The guy ended up turning him after attacking him. When Arthur came to he tried to deny what he was.....he learned the hard way that shouldn't be done.

His father has long since been dead and his sire? He as no idea as to what happened to the guy.

{Crush} He'll never tell ;)

{Relationship Status} Single.....for now

{Vehicle/Mode of Transportation}
(view spoiler)


* Made when really tired so if there are any mistakes I shall fix them in the morning xP

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Approved

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Kay wrote: "Can you put anything that isn't his appearance picture in spoilers?"

Is my character approved, btw?

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) yes approved

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Sorry her appearance picture has already been used))

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The first one.

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