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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) *If your character creation is not in this format, it will not be approved by MODs! Please bold it correctly and include everything! Also the entire thing does not need to be in bold! Use the correct html format*

NOTE: If you don't know how to Bold heres how: <.b>....<./b> (Don't put the period in it though!)
So it should look like this:
Name: Jane
Last Name"Doe


{First Name}
{Middle Name}
{Last Name}
{Nick Name (Optional)}



{Rank in Pack} (Ask first)

{Appearance} *NO ANIME!!* Real people please!
{Hair Color}
{Eye Color}

{General Style}

{Distinguished Markings (If any)}

{Personality} 5+ Sentences

{History} 8+ Sentences


{Crush} Ask person first

{Relationship status} Single, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Mated

{Vehicle or Transportation}


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wanderer (chloemai)

"Dancing is a feeling expressed from the inside, out.
-Mia Michaels

{First Name}Juliana
{Articulation of the name}|joo-lee-AH-nah|It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Juliana is "youthful; Jove's child". Feminine form of Julius or Julian. First used in the early Christian era. Saint Juliana of Florence (14th century). Also a royal name in the Netherlands.
(view spoiler)
{Middle Name(s)}Nicoletta
{Family Name(s)}Greyson
{Nickname(s)}:Jules, Julia, Ana, J.

{Date of birth}24th July

{Sexual Orientation}Heterosexual

{Place of birth}London, Britain.

{Rank within the pack}

(view spoiler)

Eye colour~(view spoiler)

Height~5'0.(view spoiler)

Weight~Only 105lbs.

{Distinctive markings}
Jules has acquired a variety of tattoos over her short lifetime.
(view spoiler)

To put it bluntly, at first meet Jules more often than not will probably come across as a self centered bitch who doesn't have any regard for what other people feel. In fact shes mostly oblivious to their feelings all together. Call her an ice princess if you will, she appears to have no emotions whatsoever, whether it comes to sadness or happiness. The only one clearly defined emotion, if you see her on one of her bad days, is angry. And even then those instances are few and far between. But yea, its safe to say that if you were quick to judge a person, you'd certainly judge her as simply being a bitch. A cold hearted, selfish bitch.

But she is a whole lot more complex than just first glance. If you manage to stick around for long enough.(Those people within her life have been few and far between.)You'll manage to work out that actually, Jules isn't the mean person that many a person make her out to be. Although at first she appears to be a horrible person, of who doesn't care what others think or say about her, you'd find that actually, Jules is extremely insecure, about a lot of things. She's scared of what others will say about her, so instead has taken to a life of scaring others away from her. If people don't know her true personality, they can't say anything bad about her that's true, right? A messed up logic, but its what Lei has stuck to for a few years now.

Trust is a big thing that Jules lacks in considerably. She doesn't trust anybody. It's never been her nature to do so, even more now due to her past. She doesn't confide in anybody, doesn't keep anybody close. In truth shes quite alone in life, and its right in saying that she gets lonely at times. But she'd never do anything about it. Jules isn't exactly a social butterfly by nature, not even in her younger years. One thing Jules doesn't believe in?; Love. She doesn't believe in love, and hasn't for again, quite a few years now. She sees it as a myth, nothing more. A fairytale, if you will. Love doesn't exist. It's just for bedtime stories, right? Sure, she loves her son. But she doesn't believe in that, as said before, fairytale stuff. She doesn't believe in her knight in shining amour. Nor does she think she'll ride off into the sunset with her happy ever after. That can't be possible, right?

"Sometimes you need to let things go."

Having been born prematurely, Julia's life began somewhat shakily. Being the first born child of John and Elizabeth Greyson, Juliana entered the world three months early whilst her mother and father were on a trip to visit her fathers side of the family in America. Her father being from London, England, and her mother, Elizabeth, being a born and bred country gal from Houston Texas, the family would have to travel back and fourth to see each other. So when Baby Jules decided that she wanted to see the world a little earlier than planned, it tied the couple down for quite a while she rested and grew strong enough to leave the hospital, and then to fly again it was advised they waited until she was a year old. Just to be on the safe side.

And so, instead, for the mean time both John and Elizabeth agreed it would be best for them to settle down for the next year. Shame they never managed to leave and move back to England. Sure, they still visited. But by the time they go around to being able to afford to move back again, Jules was already in school and it would have distressed her, pulling her out and taking her to a whole other country. Best to leave her for the time being, was what they decided. And it was a good decision. Juliana grew roots, created friendships(although there were few) She fitted in. Despite her hidden werewolf abilities. They were easily masked. Nobody had a clue what she was. And she kept it that way. Always has and always will.

Things took a turn for the worst when she went to a concert with one of her friends, aged 17. Her brother had been taking a lot of her parents time up and they had been ignoring her. Sure she was a typical teenager but the family had always been close, and she didn't like the fact that she was being neglected and ignored, who would? So to make a point she left the house to go to the concert without asking permission to do so first. Little did she know it would be the worst mistake she would ever make. Everything was fine, the band were crap, it had to be said, but the whole atmosphere of it all had been perfect. Now she just wanted to see if her parents has even noticed she had gone. Yet on the way home, after her friends had departed she had begun the long trek along the road. Unbeknownst to her that she was actually being followed. Again, this was the night everything went downhill for Lei. You could probably guess what happened after that. She was grabbed, attacked, sexually abused and left with the threat that if she told then they would come after her again. She hasn't told a soul since that day. Instead she had to play off that she had gotten off with a boy from her school, and from then on her parents treated her differently. They rarely spoke or talked to her, her friends drew away, thinking that she would now be classed as a 'slut'. Nobody knew the truth. And nobody loved her enough to stick by her regardless. That was when she stopped believing in love.

Another bombshell hit.

Turns out that little incident had resulted in her getting pregnant. ANd if her parents didn't want to talk to her now, having a pregnant daughter surely pushed them into it. Jule's had never been one to support abortion, she saw it as wrong and immoral. So of course she was going through with the pregnancy. It was about 6 months in when finally her mother came around to talking to her. And she desperatley wanted to tell her mum what had happened when she asked. But she didn't. She simply mumbled a few words. And then her mother informed her they were shipping her off to Houston with her side of the family. That they couldn't 'deal' with her. And actually, Jules was thankful for it. It was the fresh start she needed for herself and her baby.

So she was shipped off on an airplane and moved in with her Aunt and Uncle. And they were a lot more accepting of her pregnancy than her parents were. Maybe they were just...Maybe they knew what had happened. Had summed it up. I mean, what werewolf went off with a human that wasn't even her mate, that she didn't even talk to? Maybe they just believed in her more. Everything went as planned. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy of whom she named Milo John, John after her father. Everything was well and good.

At the age of 18(about a month after Milo's birth) her new family which she had grown to love, gave her something she would never have thought she would ever own. They gave her the converted barn house in the Montana mountains which was home to a whole werewolf community. Who was she to object such a gift.
Of course she did, at first. Said it was to much. But they all insisted that the place was coming to no use whatsoever, and so she packed up her bags, and her cousin drove her up there so she could move in. It was such a...Such a big place. But it was perfect, and she still, to this day, treasures it.



Her son, Milo, 4 months old;
(view spoiler)
Jules makes a living by fixing up cars, owning her own mechanics garage that is built off of the barnhouse conversion. Although not described as a 'car junkie' she has her one pride and joy, a cherry red convertible that she fixed up from the dump.
Also, when she was a child, Jules was forced into taking various types of dance classes and so is skilled in the practice. She wouldn't tell anybody though. How ridiculous is that idea? That's not to say that she didn't enjoy it. But its besides the point.


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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay

{First Name} Katherine (view spoiler)
{Middle Name} Meadow
{Last Name} Brooks
{Nick Name} Katy, Kat, Rin, mostly just Kat though.

{Gender} Feminine
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Age} 19
{Birthday} May 1st (view spoiler)

{Rank in Pack} Protector
{Wolf Appearance} She's actually a rather small wolf, sort of the runt of the pack in her size. Her small stature does however come in handy at times as it makes her faster and she's able to sneak around more. People tend to overlook her. (view spoiler)

cute, fashion, girl, pretty, selena
(view spoiler)
{Hair Color} Kat has dark colored hair, it's of the darkest richest shades of brown and as a result it often appears to be ebony in color. Of course, black hair is nothing more than a myth so naturally it's very dark brown. In certain lighting it might appear light enough to be confirmed as brown.
{Eye Color} Incredibly dark in their rich chocolatey hue, many people have been known to confuse her eyes as being black. That is most definitely not the case. Her eyes are very clearly brown and if you get close enough to her you could even see the light brown flecks in them.
{Height} 5'3", She's not very tall but it works with her. The type of bubbly personality she has? Well her height seems to just blend with her personality easily.
{Weight} 110. Average for her height, she's certainly a bit a lightweight when it comes to any sort of fighting though.

{General Style} Shorts, Florals, t-shirts, converse. She has a rather casual style. Not really a fan of heels in the slightest. Kat tends to wear a lot of pastels and she tends to dress rather girly like. Although her style actually varies a lot. When she has to dress up though? Well it's usually nothing too fancy.
(view spoiler)

{Distinguished Markings} She has a small anchor tattoo on her hip. The meaning behind it being that she helps to anchor the pack. Being that she tries to act as a sort of glue in the pack, keeping everyone close like a family. Chances are though you'll never see her tattoo.
(view spoiler)

Confident. Kat doesn't have a lot of inhibitions that hold her back, but rather she's filled with her own self confidence. It would take a lot to tear this girl down, and while she's confident she's not arrogant about it. Katherine is happy to be who she is, but she's not the type of person who thinks she's better than other people and would flaunt the type of person she is. Her confidence only goes so far though and while it is hard to hurt her, it is possible. And when she's hurt she's likely to try to laugh it off as though she's not really hurt at all. Katherine's confidence also only extends so far. She is easily able to talk in front of strangers and not feel intimidated even if they are more powerful than her, but she's not comfortable with wearing heels or going to fancy restaurant or flirting with guys. Confidence only goes so far.

Thoughtful. She's a very supportive and thoughtful sort of person and while she seems careless because she always wants to have fun and do things that are entertaining and active, she's not mean. She'll be there if you need her and she always tries to cheer people up. She'd make a fool of herself to make those she cares about smile any day. Katherine also tries her best to make other people feel special. She likes to have a lot of friends, but she likes to know all of her friends personally as well. She likes to know how to make other people feel special and does her best to make everyone feel comfortable and like they belong.

Childish. Yes. She's been told she's childish. Hey if liking to have fun, not wanting to be some serious grump, and being curious is considered childish? Then yes, she's childish and she'll be damn proud of it as well. In fact Katherine is very good at getting along with children. Her confidence comes into play here along with her silly nature as she's able to show kids that she's not serious like most adults and instead likes to just be one of them. She believes that kids are fun to be around.

Sensitive. No, this does not mean that she's going to burst into tears at the slightest offense or anything like that. It simply means that if you break her trust or crush her emotions or anything like that, she will forgive you. However, things will never be the same between you. She remembers it when people hurt her and while she is quick to forgive, she doesn't forget.

No Filter. Yeah this might not always be a good thing, but Katherine doesn't really have much of a filter. She tends to say whatever is on her mind. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, in her mind. A lot of people see this trait as a bad one, and sometimes that is true, as she might blurt out something that she doesn't mean to say. But it can be a good thing because when it comes to Katherine you'll never have to guess what she is feeling or what she thinks about a subject. She'll tell you the truth and the whole truth sparing no details or feelings of whatever. If you're asking for her opinion, you'll get it. The full honest opinion.

Protective. No she's not intimidating. In fact she probably really couldn't do a whole lot to protect the people she cares about. But she is protective of them, when she loves someone she jumps in with both feet and she's not one to give up on them. She is also the type of person that no matter how many times you hurt her, she'll forgive you. If you hurt someone she cares about though? You have no chance at redemption. She might not be able to hurt you physically but she can certainly make your life hell in other ways.

Temper. Her temper is a bit hard to rile up, but once you light the match it's a bit like a firework. It flares up all big for a few seconds and then it's over. Katherine actually finds it more painful to hold a grudge and be angry at someone than most people do and she's almost always the first to apologize, unless of course she is trying to prove a point and then she might wait until the other person apologizes. She's not good at being mad at people though and she finds it rather exhausting.


{History} The story of how Katherine came about is the type of story that one might expect to read about in a novel. Her parents were childhood friends the type of people who grew up with eachother and knew everything about the other by the time they were 10. Naturally the two grew apart though, even going so far as turning from best friends to enemies during their teen years. However, just as though they were meant to be, on the day that Katherine's mother was going to get married to another man, her father Issac stood up in the crowd objecting to the marriage and pleading with her in front of all the guests to marry him. That he loved her. Well after a lot of drama the two ended up together.

As a baby Katherine was always very happy and bubbly, her joyful personality starting all the way from the beginning of her life. The older she got her curiosity and thirst for adventure began to make it's appearance and from the time she could walk she only ever did one thing. Trail Lucas around. Being older than her by 2 years she was always curious about him and what he was doing and as a result always followed him around. Now one might think she grew out of this phase the older she got. Nope. The older she got she continued following around Lucas and although she suspects she annoyed him quite a bit at the beginning, they eventually became rather close. Not close in a romantic way, mind you. Close as in they were like brother and sister.

Once she entered school Katherine was naturally good at making friends. She very easily was able to connect with people and she loved being surrounded by people. As a result though? She often got in trouble. Sent to the office for talking during naptime.....for passing notes.....for making faces behind the teachers head and distracting the other children. Yeah she wasn't very good at following the rules of anyone other than the Alpha. Too much of a free spirit to listen to others. Overall though, Katherine had a happy cheerful, carefree childhood.

When she was 15 though....tragedy struck. Katherine's family lived near a large lake and unfortunately there was a gas leak in the house. Her parents didn't even take notice of the odd scent, figuring it was due to the construction work on the road outside. It wasn't. Her mom went to make dinner, lighting up the stove and the house burst like a popped balloon. Having only been about to walk into the house through the back door, Katherine was blown backwards, sinking into the water. Her family died, Katherine almost drowned, and since then she's never been able to swim in water again.

After that Katherine went through a time where she wasn't quite the same. Instead of being her normal cheerful outgoing self, she was introverted and silent. She shunned others and basically severed all ties with other people. Even with her pack members. She pushed everyone away and she wasn't doing very well health wise. Lucas wouldn't allow her to fade away though and luckily through him she was able to snap back to her old self and be more or less the person she used to be. She still has her days though. Where she becomes melancholy and gloomy.

Isaac Chaleston Brooks He was always a very active pack member. The type of guy that worried for everyone's safety. In fact Isaac was quite loud and as a matter of fact he always seemed to joke around. While he was loud and didn't seem to ever be serious, he was always there for anyone who needed him. Kinda like a fun uncle figure.
Evanescent Marie Brooks Eva was a very soft spoken sort of spirit. She was a healer for the pack and she always had a way of making people smile. As a very kind and gentle sort of soul she wasn't very outspoken, more shy and quiet, but she was still very motherly and caring towards all members of the pack.

{Crush} None yet, :)

{Relationship status} Single

Mint cookies. Thin mints from the girl scouts? She loves them. Their her ultimate comfort food and she always has a pack stored in the freezer. In Kat's mind these cookies are the ultimate go to food. If it's a celebration? Mint Cookies. Break up with a boyfriend? Mint Cookies. Nice day outside? Mint cookies.
People. Unless she's in one of her 'moods', Katherine hates being alone. She would much rather spend her time with people and she's always willing to tag along on any sort of perimeter run or mission or whatever. She just likes being around people. Being alone for too long tends to bring about one of her 'moods'.
Fun. She loves fun. Anything really. She's more than willing to try new ways of having fun. From bungee jumping, to dirt biking, to playing paintball. She loves to have fun and do things that require a lot of moving around. With all the energy has well she's rather good at these sorts of sports and being small makes it easier for her to do stunts and other sorts of things involving these activities. So long as it doesn't involve water? She's there.
Food. Kat isn't one of those girls who doesn't eat to retain their figure. She loves food. In fact whenever someone has something that smells good and brings it around? Well she'll be the first to look at it and then keep making comments or just outright ask about it and see if she can eat some of it. Good food is a total weakpoint for her. You want her to do something for you? Bribe her with food.

Water. She can swim. She knows how to swim. If she had to swim she could. But she's terrified of the water. She almost drowned when the explosion happened and she couldn't even do anything to save herself. She just remembers seeing the water above her and all the shadows of the explosion above the surface, debris raining down and all she did was close her eyes and let herself sink. So yeah. No pools or swimming for her.
Thunder. This does not stem back to the explosion, but rather since she was a kid. She just doesn't like the loud sound and the way it sounds like no matter where you are it could all come crashing down around you. It's intimidating to her and to get through scary storms she tends to hide under the bed or in her closet.
Boys. She's really ignorant in this department. Yeah she knows about it all but she's never actually kissed a boy or anything. Her whole life she's been more like one of the boys, a kid sister, not really a romantic possibility so she's really ignorant about this area of expertise.
Authority. She's not much for listening to other people, even if they are older than her or bigger than her. The only people she'd ever take orders or demands from are those who rank higher than her in her pack. Otherwise she isn't going to give you the time of day.
Fighting. Sure she can fight if she has to, but Kat isn't a big fan of fighting. This whole war thing? It bothers her. She'd much rather have everyone live in states of peace. War just bugs her and in a fight she's not very experienced. She's small even in her wolf form so she's more suited for dodging attacks and sneak attacks than she is for toe to toe fighting.

{Vehicle or Transportation} (view spoiler)


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Jayla~♪ wrote: "CONTINUATION FROM ABOVE

{History} The story of how Katherine came about is the type of story that one might expect to read about in a novel. Her parents were childhood friends the type of people ..."


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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Chloe♪ {It's time to take a risk, sweetheart✯} wrote: "
"Dancing is a feeling expressed from the inside, out.
-Mia Michaels

{First Name}Juliana
{Articulation of the name}|joo-lee-AH-nah|It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Juliana is "youthful; ..."

When you are done editing it, she's approved.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Ok Approved.

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{First Name} Evangeline
{Middle Name} Paige
{Last Name} Geoffrey
{Nick Name (Optional)} Eva, Lina

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Age} 19
{Birthday} 7th October

{Rank in Pack} Lead Healer

{Powers} Limited healing abilities


{Hair Color} Golden blonde
{Eye Color} Brown
{Height} 5"6
{Weight} 114 lbs

{General Style}
(view spoiler)
Evangeline has a classy, girly sense of style that matches her delicate personality. She loves skirts and dresses, and they accentuate her figure quite well. Eva avoids wearing high heels, as she is already tall enough as it is.

Evangeline is quite a rare beauty, as she possesses an innocence that many people of her age don't. She is sweet and generally kind, to everyone and everything. Though she is not naive, she may come across like that at her acceptance of everything. She hates the feud going on between all the species, but her loyalty is constantly questioned because of her history. She constantly tries to prove that she can be trusted by using her gift to help out as much as she can.

Evangeline is quite the enigma, as she was born a were-caster hybrid. Her mother died after the birth, her body not used to that of a pup. Her father had brought her to the Alpha, begging that his child would be allowed in as the pack even though she was not fully were. They said yes, and later on were glad they did as her powers developed. She was truly a gift to the pack, but many of the members didn't trust her because of her heritage. Evangeline grew up learning to hate the casters, but she would take none of it. She knew her mother was one of them, and accepted them because of it, knowing that she too had caster blood running through her veins.

Emilia Riley - Mother
Matthew Davids - Father

{Crush} Open

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation}
(view spoiler)

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) {First Name} Adam

{Middle Name} Reba

{Last Name} Hoshington
{Nick Name (Optional)} Am

{Gender} male
{Sexuality} Straight

{Age} 22
{Birthday} January 7th

{Rank in Pack} Sentinel

Has killer instinct.
Stronger than most.
Very persuasive




(view spoiler)
{Hair Color} Black
{Eye Color} green
{Height} 6'6
{Weight} healthy 195 lbs

{General Style}



Adam is very serious, and turns to the rules first. He likes to be told what to do, strangely enough, he likes that direction and focus. He won't take any crap from anyone, and can be very ruthless and cannot control his temper, so you better not get on his bad side. Deep... Deep down, Adam is a fun-loving guy, who cares a lot about his pack and helpless kids and people. He's cocky, and can be arrogant, but he knows his place, and wouldn't dream of mouthing to a higher rank than him. He likes structure, and balance, and everything has to be the way its supposed to be. He's secretive, and has never told ANYONE about his past, he's cursed with a photographic memory.

Adam was of course born a werewolf. His parents were abusive druggies who didn't give a damn about any of their five children, out of the five children Adam was the youngest, and one night when Adam was three, a group of vampires and casters attacked his home, the children all hid, and his parents were passed out, drunk on the floor. The vampires sucked the blood out of his parents while the children watched, terrified. The group had soon found the children, and laughed singing a frightening song in a ghostly voice...

White bones on the floor,
Blood splattered on the walls,
Tick, tock,
times running out,
No more oxygen,
Frozen like a gin.
Tick tock,
Times running out
Drink your blood,
Till your gone.
Tick tock,
Tick tock....

It had scarred him, and his other siblings, and one by one the eldest to the youngest would get picked off... He watched his brothers get all of the air sucked out of him or a landslide would gush his blood everywhere... His sisters frozen or burned... The group left when a pack of wolves came howling in, but they were to late, Adam was the only one left, they found him, but he ran away, scared, he had watched his whole family, all he had ever known, be killed right in front of him. He went from foster home to foster home, being brutally abused mentally and physically, until he started fighting back... And thats when he ran away at age seventeen to FallenVale, and joined their wolf pack.

Father- David

Mother- Terry

Sister- Rebeccahttp://03.img.v4.skyrock.net/039/ptit...

Brother- Danielhttp://www.frostedproductions.com/blo...

Brother- Freddy

Sister- Samantha


{Relationship status}

{Vehicle or Transportation}


None.. At the moment..

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 17 comments A template brought to you by ⤹
( ♠ ) Paroxysmal Asphyxiation

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝How would it feel when I rip your beating heart from your chest and make you watch every second before it stops?❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Melsaruss Gravendie Beltish Laopard
『 〓 』• Pronounced | Mel-sah-rush | | Grah-vend-eye | | Bell-tish | | Lay-oh-pard
• Melsaruss is taken from the past country name, Belaruss. It has no clear inclination to be of an origin other than that, but she will say otherwise. The name, as she will tell you, is derived from a royal family that has fallen off the map, and cannot be traced.
• Gravendie and Beltish have no derivation. They were simply the ramblings of a mad woman on the verge of losing consciousness. Of course, people took them into account to be names, and have thought them to be so for the longest time.
• Laopard is a fictional name created by her father. He had wanted the name to be different and special, to stand out in the crowd of bland names form some foreign country. This surname was only made a generation ago, and had it not been created, the surname for Melsaruss would be Glidden.
{Nicknames} Who would even dare try a thing? Surely, you value your life. Those who don't call her Mels, Melly, or Bell. She, of course, only allows her sister to call her Melly.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝I survive my insanity through careful planning of life and death. How long will you survive it?❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

██████████████████████████ ██████████
|| ♛ || Melsaruss is tall, but not exactly well shaped. She stands at a height just above six feet, and weighs around a hundred thirty pounds. She prefers not to check on her weight, as it displeases her. She has a more coke bottled figure, with not much going on up top. Her shoulders aren't exactly narrow, but they aren't broad either. Her hips taper out to a wide berth, and she usually exaggerates all her hip movements. She isn't exactly flat as a board, but she isn't bursting with cleavage.

Her face is fox like in shape and orientation. Her lips pucker outward a bit, and are a deep shell pink. Not overly bright, but with more depth. Her skin is a light tan, but close to pale. Her irises look to be a pale golden color, but is actually a milky white tinted with the light spurs of hazel. They appear this way because of her lack of pupils, which in turn makes her blind.

Her voice is harsh to the ears when it wants to be, but sultry and seductive at the same time.

██████████████████████████ ██████████
|| ♛ || Melsaruss is a large wolf, to say the least. She doesn't flaunt this size of hers unless need be, but she isn't large enough to take on the Alpha-yet. Her fur takes on the hue of her hair when in human form, and is a muddy red color, like clay. She does stand out at certain times of the day, but it doesn't do much to affect her hunting skills.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝The heart beats for the purpose of love. It stops beating when that love has been lost.❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Species: Lycanthrope
Rank in Pack: Lead Hunter
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B Positive {B+}
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Currently Alone
Age: Twenty-Five {25}
⊱ Zodiacal symbol: Leo
⊱ Born in Germany
⊱ Ethnical background includes German

Distinguished Marking(s):
• Some light scarring from doing what she does best

• Height: She hasn't totally been up to date with her checkups, but she knows that she's somewhere above six feet.
• Weight: Disclosing such information could cost a life

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


Trait 1: Grandiose View of Self
Trait 2: Apathy
Trait 3: Deceitful, but Veracious
Trait 4: Lack of Remorse
Trait 5: Manipulative

Crazy looks good on me
Melsaruss has always exhibited psychopathic behavior, even in her early years of life. The expectancy for her to truthfully go through with them were often disregarded. Wonder who got the last laugh in the end. Melsaruss made sure everyone knew who won, when she took out most of the village. Her behavior contributes greatly to everything around her, even if she doesn't see it. Which is often, as she cares for no one, but herself and her sister, who believes Melsaruss to be her mother.

Me? I'm Fabulous
Melsaruss is a vain little creature. She holds herself to high esteem, and doesn't take lightly to criticism of her excellence. She believes herself to be the smartest, most beautiful, and most powerful woman out there. This is considered to be a psychopathic trait, and she thinks otherwise. She believes that her sanity is intact, and that she isn't crazy. This trait is indeed commonly found in most psychopaths, but is rarely truly exhibited in the manner by which Melsaruss does. Although she is blind and has never seen her own face, she believes herself to be extremely gorgeous. This is only reinforced by compliments when she receives them.

I'm sorry, but I don't care
Melsaruss is apathetic. She cannot put herself in someone else's shoes before she kills them or does something equally as horrifying to them. It's a psychical inability, but she regards it as proper behavior. She believes that if she is to survive this world, she needs to look out only for herself and her younger sister. No one else truly matters to her. She can't begin to feel any emotion towards people in tough situations. This apathy that she shows is usually a tipping point to those around her.

Lies? No, no. Partial Truth
Melsaruss is both veracious and deceitful, so both a liar and teller of the truth. She tells partial ends of truths that leaves you reeling, as well as telling truths in a sea of lies. It leaves people in a whirl of confusion, just where she wants them. There's usually no easy distinction between her bouts of truth and lying, but the one person she won't lie to is her sister. She doesn't feel that she should lie to child of six years, still full of innocence: she wants to break it herself.

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. See the pattern yet?
Melsaruss, like most psychopaths, feels no remorse for anything she's done. What could keep someone else up at night doesn't worry her in the slightest. This aspect allows her to be the most cruel person to walk the face of the earth, caring for no one and thinking of the consequences never crosses her mind.

One, please. Maybe two?
Melsaruss is very manipulative. It doesn't matter how she does it, but she usually gets what she wants. Seduction is a route she often uses, seeing as she thinks she's the most attractive person in the world. Her span of manipulation also depends on the person she's manipulating. Be they male or female, most of her tactics are specific to that individual. She doesn't have a baseline set strategy for any obstacles, but you can count on her to layer on the charm and manipulate her way through the situation.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝Maybe the crazy one is sitting in front of you.❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▪▪ ◞sᴋɪʟʟs & ᴀᴛᴛʀɪʙᴜᴛᴇs

• Torture
• Deception
• Further enhanced hearing, sight, and smell
• Speed
• Murdering creatively

• Temptation
• Regaining self-control once she has lost it
• Loss of power
• Lack of vision
• Her younger sister, Melatire

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"Oh god, please no! Not my baby! Don't do it, Melsaruss! You won't be able to walk away from this!

Those were the final parting words from Melsaruss' mother. The simple sentences of warning of future sorrows didn't bother the then nineteen year old Melsaruss. The message never sank in the way her fingers clasped around her mother's throat and restricted all oxygen from entering her system. She in fact relished in the feel of a life being stamped out beneath her fingers, and more so the feel of her blood when she went back to be certain the mess was clean and done. The police had marked the primary cause of death to be strangulation, but made note of post-mortum torture.

The message didn't sink in when she took the axe to her father's neck. It took her several tries to get it just right, but eventually, she managed to severe his head from his body. She lingered on him the longest, chopping through bone. She took her time making him into as many small pieces as possible, but was careful with the lungs, as she was with the rest of her family. The police left no official report of where the remainder of the body was found, but left it simply as No body recovered.

Her brother was another story. She was gentle with him, which was unexpected for those who had read the full reports. She drowned him in their bathtub, knocking him out before placing him there. When awoke to being submerged in water, she held him under until his lungs gave way. When she removed his lungs, she made sure to beat the water out. The gentleness she exhibited was unlike her, and the officers were baffled.

What baffled them most was taking her newborn sister. The act alone was great enough for her to be seen as not entirely psychopathic.

Taking her sister was the best thing she could have ever done for herself.

Mama, how much longer?
Melsaruss was born with the defect of lost sight. She didn't have pupils, which went unnoticed for the first few months of life. Her parents had assumed that the girl was simply taking her time to develop. This contributed to a number of influences in her life.

This would include her current need for power in the pack, which she has plans for.

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Antonia (adf7793) SeaTheFiend wrote: "A template brought to you by ⤹
( ♠ ) Paroxysmal Asphyxiation

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝How would it feel when I rip your beating heart from your chest and make you wat..."


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"We are one and the same, my wolf and I..."

{First Name} Rebecca
{Middle Name} N/A
{Last Name} Van Ravensway
{Nicknames} Becca, Breeze; She hates being called Rebecca and always goes by Becca. Her friends often call her Breeze as well, especially her pack mates when she is in wolf form, due to her speed and her talent for moving around unseen and unheard.

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual [Straight]

{Age} Eighteen [18]
{Birthday} February 28

{Place of Birth} Manhattan, New York
{Nationality} French, American

{Rank In Pack} Beta Female

{Powers} exceptional speed and agility

{Human Appearance}
Becca is small and slight, standing at a height of 5'1" and weighing barely ninety pounds. She is quick and light on her feet, very nimble and agile. She has a straight, angular figure, with narrow shoulders, a slim waist, and slender limbs. She has rather elfin features, with her planed face, high cheekbones, and slightly upturned eyebrows. Her eyes are a bright blue flecked with gold, and she has flyaway brown hair that reaches to a little past her shoulders. She has very fair skin. She is the type of girl who is always perfectly at home in her body, whether as a wolf or as a human. If someone jumps to the conclusion that she is weak or in any way incapable due to her size, she quickly sets them right. She is very swift and athletic, and always moves fluidly, as graceful as any dancer.
{Hair Color} brown
{Eye Color} blue with flecks of gold (view spoiler)
{Height} 5'1"
{Weight} 90
{Wolf Appearance}
As a wolf, Becca is still on the smaller side, though not unusually so. She has thick black fur, and her eyes remain a bright blue, flecked with the barest hints of gold.

{General Style} (view spoiler)
Becca wears casual, comfortable clothing. She usually wears a jeans, a loose shirt or blouse, and a denim jacket. She almost always wears riding boots, but always without heels. She only wears practical clothing, nothing that may end up slowing her down, nothing fancy or flashy.

{Distinguishing Markings} Becca has roses tattooed on her right upper arm, from her shoulder to her elbow. Wolf paw prints circle her left leg, right above the ankle.
{Right Arm} (view spoiler)
{Left Leg} (view spoiler)

{Personality} People often underestimate Becca at first glance. She is slender and small and appears more suited to dancer than fighter. But those who look closer, who are even slightly more observant, see the carefully restrained power that lies within her, and know she is not one to cross. Becca is fire, beautiful, mesmerizing -- and very, very dangerous. She has a long memory, and if she or those she cares about are wronged, she won't rest until she's hunted down and taught the aggressor a lesson. While her fixed determination -- or stubborn nature, as some see it -- makes her a deadly enemy to make, it also serves to make her a fiercely loyal friend and always good to have on your side in a fight. She cares about her pack more than she can ever say, and she would give her life for the pack without a moment's hesitation. She stands next to those she loves and protects her pack with all she's got, loyal to the end.

Becca is a fiercely free spirit, independent and proud. She is a leader, quick and level-headed, and she hates disobedience and disrespect from those who rank lower. However, she is not in the least obnoxious, nor is she an idiot, and so she bows her proud head to those who rank higher than her. She's practical, logical, and realistic. She's not the most talkative person in the world either. Why waste time and energy on pointless chatter?

Healthy self-confidence is a fine line between insecurity and overconfidence, and Becca walks that line like a tightrope walker. She is not overconfident, nor is she unsure of herself. She knows what she can and cannot do, she knows her capabilities and her shortcomings, her strengths and her weaknesses. She may be proud, but she isn't arrogant. She doesn't go around showing off or being unnecessarily aggressive and hostile, but if she's challenged, she will rise to it.

Becca is exceptionally intelligent, quick-witted and clever. She can assess situations accurately in an instant with her clear gaze. People are a bit harder. She is observant, very observant. Those piercing blue-gold eyes of hers miss nothing. She is not impulsive or reckless, and she has extraordinary self-restraint. She is excellent at disguising her true emotions, at hiding her thoughts and feelings, and if necessary she can be quite a devious liar. She is a good strategist, and she doesn't let anger or personal vendettas cloud her mind or guide her actions. She does have a fierce temper, but she keeps it under careful control. It takes a lot for her to lose that control, but when ignited, her temper is destructive. She seems fearless, but Becca has her fears and her weaknesses, like everyone else. But she doesn't shy away from them -- she faces them and tries to overcome them, to move past them. She is brave, and she's also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. She likes the thrill of challenges, of a little danger, the rush of a good fight. In the heat of the battle she is in her element.

Becca has trained herself to be a fighter, both as a wolf and as a human, even to kill, with swift, deadly efficiency. She won't harm without good reason, and she won't kill innocents, but to protect her pack she would do it in an instant. She's killed before, and she won't hesitate to do it again if necessary.

Around her friends -- her pack mates -- Becca is relaxed and fun to be around. She has a great sense of humor. She does have a wicked sharp tongue, and is often sarcastic and snarky, sometimes slightly mocking, but only if someone irritates her. Otherwise, she's a great friend, someone who doesn't let life's challenges kick her down, who laughs despite everything. However, getting to be her true friend is a difficult task -- she doesn't let people in easily. Once you do gain her love and trust, she will remain always and forever unwaveringly loyal to you.

{History} Becca's mother, Marie Van Ravensway, was from France. She was a werewolf, a healer, a gentle woman, so unlike Becca herself. Becca's father, Gregory, was a shifter -- his animal was the bear. Marie was a kind and loving mother to Becca, but Gregory never cared much for Becca. He did love Marie, however, and Becca led a happy life until the age of seven, when Marie was killed by vampires. Becca's father, maddened with his grief, went into drinking and gambling. He began to abuse Becca, verbally and physically. For three years, Becca endured, but she was waiting for her chance. And one night when she was ten, and her father was asleep, she ghosted into his room and killed him. And then she sought out the werewolf pack, to which her mother had belonged, and asked to join. Though the pack was at first skeptical of her abilities, she proved herself quickly and rose to be one of their most powerful members.

{Family} Marie Van Ravensway [mother, deceased]; Gregory Van Ravensway [father, deceased]

{Crush} Open

{Relationship Status} Single (view spoiler)

{Vehicle or Transportation} Becca owns a black motorcycle that she is very fond of. She's had it for about a year and a half. (view spoiler)

{Other} Becca hates vampires with a burning passion, and by extension, the spellcasters too. Vampires killed her mother, and because they're under the control of spellcasters, she feels that the spellcasters are partially responsible.

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit)

{First Name}Lilyan
{Middle Name}Jane
{Last Name}Johnson
{Nick Name (Optional)}Lily,Lily-Pad, Lj, Lil.

{Birthday}September 24th
Zodiacal symbol: Libra
{Rank in Pack}Delta Female

{Hair Color}A dark brown chocolate color that is extremely thick. Her runs down to the mid back and it extremely soft. In the sun or extreme light appears to have a reddish tint to it and the ends appear to be almost blonde in appearance.
{Eye Color}Sapphire blue in appearance that seem to sparkle whenever she is in a joyous mood. A light ring of gold around the pupil can also be seen in her eyes if you look close enough. They darken to a slightly darker blue whenever she's in a foul mood.
{Height}5'2 short I know but what can you do about it?
{Weight}110lbs. but who really cares?

{Wolf Appearance}

{General Style}(view spoiler)

{Distinguished Markings (If any)} (view spoiler)

{Personality} Stubborn people get themselves in a lot of trouble, but they also get things done.
Lily has always been an extremely stubborn person. She won't just sit back and be told something she doesn't believe in and quietly except it. She'll stubbornly tell you why your wrong and proceed to prove it to you. She's also stubborn when it comes to being told what to do. She won't do something if she doesn't believe its right. No that doesn't mean she's a goody two shoes but she tries to do what's right she may not succeed but she tries. She'll fight for what she wants when she wants of course she's smart enough not to be too stubborn where it gets her killed.
A person who deserves my loyalty receives it.
Lily is if anything loyal. No not loyal as an she'll let you boss her around but loyal as in she'll fight to the death for those she cares about. She won't just abandon someone because its more convenient for her. Of course if she's loyal to you and cares about you she expects the same out of you. You have to earn her loyalty she won't just give it to you because you ask for. They say blood is thicker than water but blood doesn't always ensure loyalty. Yeah blood is important but loyalty is more important than blood. Of course the vampires have a different opinion on that.
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
Lily doesn't really trust. She only trusts a few people and that trust is earned. Its not easy to earn her trust and you have to work hard to gain her trust. She's not stupid enough to just hand of her trust to anyone who asks for her. She's trusted in the past and regretted it greatly so now gaining her trust in nearly impossible. And being surrounded by vampires doesn't help her trust issues. Actually they make them worse. Oh well not trusting many people can be a good thing. Trusting the wrong person can get you killed. She learned that the hard way.
I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
This quote is so true for Lily. She may not trust easily but she does love easily. Maybe a little too easily. You'd think because you loved someone you'd trust them but that doesn't hold true for Lily. She often loves those who she doesn't trust. Those she shouldn't trust. She want to trust them but doesn't. She falls easily and once she had it takes a lot for that love to go away. Along with giving away love too easily she has always had a need to be loved in return. She longs to be cared for and loved as she does others.
Wit is a dangerous weapon, even to the possessor, if he knows not how to use it discreetly.
Wit is a dangerous weapon if you don't know how to use it. Its a good thing Lily knows exactly how to wield it or she'd be in a heap of trouble. She knows when to use it and when not to. She knows how be obvious with it and discreet with it. Lily doesn't use her wit that often because of how dangerous of a weapon it can be. She uses it when necessary.
Its better to be brutally honest than to live a lie.
Lily is a generally honest person. She is brutally truthful weather you want to hear it or not. Not to say that she doesn't lie every once in a while. If it keeps her alive she'll lie to save her life. Sure she keeps things from them but she doesn't outright lie. Sometimes what she says has a double meaning. She'll say what you want to hear and still be truthful about it.

{History} It starts with a Mother and Father;because it has to begin somewhere doesn't it? So lets begin with the Mother shall we?
Julie Johnson (maiden name Parks) was born and raised in the Silverclaw pack in Colorado. Her father had been the Silverclaw alpha male her mother the alpha female. Her older brother had been next in line to be alpha with her as the beta female. But that never happened. See late one night when Julie was 18 her pack was attacked by rogues. Her brother hadn't became alpha yet because their father had one piece of business to take care of before handing over the alpha position to his son. When the rogues attacked their pack right along with a rival pack of theirs almost the entire pack was killed except Julie and Her younger sister Melinda who was 12 at the time. Now rogues the two had fled Colorado in search of another pack to join. Two week later after having traveled on foot with her little sister they came across another pack the Shadowpaws. The problem though was the pack had a no rogue policy no matter what. And in this pack Julie had found her mate. The one man she was suppose to spend her life with and yet it seemed his pack wouldn't let them be together despite the fact that they where mates. Not only that but her mate happen to be the alpha's son and next in line to become alpha.
We have a mother now how about the father?
Tod Johnson grew up in the Shadowpaw pack with his family as the next alpha in line. His father being the alpha and his mother having died in child birth to his younger brother Stephen. Stephen was a couple years younger than him and the next beta male of the pack. Being next in line for alpha was something he'd always been proud of and had always planned for. Of course things don't always go as plan. You see when he was about 19 and on a hunt with his brother and some friends they had come across two rogues. One looked about his age the other younger like around 12 or 13. Normally their pack had a kill rogues on sight law that had to be obeyed but Tod disobeyed it because he knew that she the rogue around his age was his mate. Now he knew his father's no rogue rule but he figured that he'd allow her in the pack being his mate. The boys had taken the two girls back to the pack house where he explained the situation to his father. He was crushed when his father still refused to let her into the pack despite the fact that she was his mate. Because of that he decided he didn't want to be alpha to this pack anymore and left with his mate Julie and her younger sister becoming a rogue himself.
The Beginning For Lilyan Johnson
After having ran off from their respected packs Lily's parents had then completed the mate bond and gotten married like any human would do despite the fact that they weren't human. They moved to Chicago and 5 years later Jesse was born. Lily was born 2 years later. When they got old enough their parents told them about being a werewolf and their pasts. Lily and Jesse at the time had chosen to stay with their parents instead of trying to find a pack to join because they didn't believe the werewolf life was them. Of course their parents still taught it to them with the help of their aunt Melinda. They did normal human things of course. She went to school, to parties with friends. Got bad grades every once in awhile. Hung out with her friends. Lily even told her two closest friends Kaitlyn and Tyler about her being a werewolf. At first they hadn't believed her but they certainly did when she showed them. They had been amazed and a little envious too.
The Attack
Then the attack happened. Lily had been 14 and Jesse 16 when it happened. They'd been with her friends when it happened. Rogues had attack their parents and aunt and killed them. When they'd gotten home they'd found them dead on the living room floor. They'd completely freaked out and ran. They hadn't known where they were running to at the time they'd just been trying to get away from it. Pretend it hadn't happened. They knew it was rogues that killed their parents and Melinda because they could smell the rogues in the house. What they didn't understand was why. What was the point. Their parents and them for that matter had been considered rouges too so why kill them?
Her New Pack Life
After having ran for miles Lily and Jesse had finally ran into some other wolves. They knew they weren't rogues but had to belong to a pack because of their smell. They didn't smell like rogues. They'd tensed up expecting them to kill them right away knowing that some packs had a kill rouges on sight policy but they hadn't attacked them. Maybe it was because in their eyes she was still a child. She probably had looked like a helpless child at the time too. Either way they had brought them back to the pack instead where they later ended up joining the pack. At first being surrounded by the pack made them leery but it didn't take long before they got use to pack life and felt more at home a feeling they'd never thought they'd have again after their parents and Melinda's murder. They'd tried hard to be the best they could be and not worrying about what others thought of them (Well except their alpha).

Mom Julie(deceased)
Dad Tod(deceased)
Older Brother Jesse-20

{Crush}None Yet

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation}

{Other} Always wears a diamond bracelet her mother gave her on her right wrist.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Doesn't matter who requested it first, it's who the Alpha (view spoiler) wants to be Beta female.

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{First Name} Rebecca
{Middle Name} N/A
{Last Name} Van Ravensway
{Nicknames} Becca, Breeze; She hates being called Rebecca and always goes by Becca. Her..."


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Oh, could you guys let me know if Becca's approved? Thanks!

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Antonia (adf7793) She's Approved
Oh! Please check the pack ranking thread, I would like to see an example of your roleplaying, if you don't mind :)

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Oh, yeah, I'll do that now! Thanks :)

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~*ЇÐℰℱẎṧℴ¢ḯεтƴ *~ Under Construction!
(view spoiler)

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 6 comments {First Name} Lebani
{Middle Name} Gracie
{Last Name} Elliot
{Nick Name (Optional)} Bonnie/Grace

{Gender} Feminine
{Sexuality} Straight

{Age} 21
{Birthday} October 12

{Rank in Pack}

{Powers} Lebani has the ability to enchant others with her voice; the voice of a siren.

{Appearance} description
(view spoiler)
{Hair Color} Albany brown
{Eye Color} Hazel green
{Height} 5'9"
{Weight} 139

{General Style} (view spoiler)

{Distinguished Markings (If any)} (view spoiler)On both sides of her hips.

{Personality} Lebani is a sweet and well rounded young woman, always keeping a leveled head in tough situation. She worries often for other people's sake, having somewhat of a motherly nature to her. Lebani is not one to speak often, being more of a thinker than a doer. Lebani is a great friend to have and knows how to keep one's secret deep inside. She is honesty and tells the truth wholeheartedly if necessary. She is also very reliable and will complete any task given to her. She is also loyal and trustworthy.

{History} Lebani was born in London, but was raised in New York. She has not always been the sweet and loving person she is today. In her teenage years, she was the definition of a rebellion. She did everything her parents told her not to do; fornication, parties, drinking, smoking, tattoos, and piercings that remain hidden (private areas). Eventually, her parents could not take the level of disobedience Lebani was performing and sent her away to live with her aunt. A year or so later, Lebani found out that the family she knew was not really her family. Her real mom died moments after her birth, and her father was nowhere to be found. At the age of 18, she moved out and began to live on her own, starting a new after worrying her foster aunt to sickness from her old habits.

{Family} Jollie Feaster-foster aunt

{Crush} Open

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation} (view spoiler)

{Other} Lebani absolutely loves dancing.

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{First Name}Serafina
{Middle Name}De
{Last Name} Ancariis

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Birthday}October 4th, 1993

{Rank in Pack} Healer

{Appearance} http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y...
{Hair Color} White
{Eye Color} Black
{Height} 5"4

{General Style} http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y...

{Distinguished Markings}

Trouble- Serafina loves causing trouble but usually she's the one that is in trouble. With having quiet an attitude on her she’s not the one to back out of a fight
Temper- She can control how she acts but sometimes people bring the worst out of her. Her temper are often call childish but she can hold her ground with her wick mouth.
Adventurous Spirit- Serafina love learning new things ever since she was a child she would try new things out ranging from Art to Skydiving. She loves discovering new things to do.
Confident- Even if Serafina can be quiet and respectful of boundaries she has enough confidence to hold her own and be the one who isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Serafina grew up with a house full of boys her mother had died while hunting for the pack. She has three older protective brothers and that meant no social life. At the age of 11 her dad had given up on is life with his mate gone he was heartbroken. Then her oldest brother Kale had died from a freak accident on the road that was when her father gave up and ended his life. She was lucky that she had the pack who took in her and her broken brothers. After a few years Serafina started acting up getting kick out of school than getting an arrest for an underage drinking her brother finally laid down the rules either leave pack or clean up her life. With her life under control she started showing signs of being a healer. With still in her training Serafina hope one day she can make her family proud.

Carolina Ancariis, Decease
Kendal Ancariis, Decease
Kale Ancariis, Decease
Tommy Ancariis
Max Ancariis

{Crush} None so far...

{Relationship status} Single

{Vehicle or Transportation} Rather walk places


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