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The Half-Assed Early Works of Curtis Toomb by Michael Weir Michael Weir

Genre: literary fiction

The Half-Assed Early Works of Curtis Toomb

Book Description:

Warning: This book contains 69 f-bombs. The word s**t is used 51 times. The word co****cker, sadly, isn't used at all. The author apologizes for this oversight.

Curtis Toomb never finished his first shot at glory; it had a beginning and an ending, all it lacked was a middle. He gave up and moved on with his life. This book is a dream unfulfilled, a shot at glory that missed its mark. These Half-Assed Early Works, incomplete and flawed as they are, are one of the few things to survive the drunken mess that was Curtis Toomb's twenties.

At the heart of these early works is the unfinished novel Blinking Halfway, the unabashedly autobiographical story of a man named Curtis who fears loving far more than he fears dying. While languishing in the hospital he alternates between dreading and anticipating the arrival of Marie, a woman whom he once loved at the wrong time in her life and who now loves him at the wrong time in his. He dreams, he reminisces, he waits, he ponders life and death and other unimportant things and, at last, makes the reluctant decision to go on living and maybe loving.

"I'm writing this because I hope that when I'm finished it will be gone from inside my head once and for all. I want it gone. I wish it was dead but I can't kill it--I must give it life. I am strictly anti-abortion when it comes to prose. Life begins at chapter one." - Curtis Toomb

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Hi D.Z.C. can you leave your email address

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sent in your request D.Z.C.

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