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The Wizard of 4th Street (Wizard, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy book series alternate modern-day earth; protagonists have been given special powers to help them hunt down demons. The demons feed by killing people [s]

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Chris | 2 comments Don't have too much useful here (the googles, they do nothing)

I only ever read one of the books but it was very obviously not the first book in the series. It's set in an alternate modern-day earth, where magic is commonplace (not evertyone can do magic, but everyone's aware it exists) and there's a certain amount of magic-based technology. It's possibly Young Adult since I'm fairly sure the protagonists were relatively young. I read this more than 10 years ago and probably less than 20

The idea is that the protagonists have been given special powers to help them hunt down demons. The demons feed by killing people; they get a better meal if their victim is in the grip of powerful emotions at the time. Most do this by evoking intense fear; one demon did so by getting human servants (attractive women) to seduce the victims, who would be consumed at the moment of orgasm (that's why I'm not totally sure it's YA)

details: There was one character who was a Fairy. Humerous comparisons with a well-known term for homosexuals were made. There was one character who was either the reincarnation of Merlin, or had him co-habiting his head, or similar. Neither of those were main characters. In one scene, a mime really annoys a magic-user; in response, he creates an invisible soundproof (but breathable) box around him ;) In another scene, something that was essentially a magical etch-a-sketch was being used by a crime victim to describe the perp. It commented that the resulting picture was going to be boring and suggested other, more interesting things. The supervising policeman reacted by throwing it out the window ;)

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
Ok, NO Idea what your book is Chris, but it does sound interesting. HOpe someone iDs it for you.

Bryan457 | 284 comments Probably the Wizard series by Simon Hawke (http://www.goodreads.com/series/42666...).
The Wizard of 4th Street (Wizard, #1) by Simon Hawke
This one has the fairy on the cover The Wizard of Whitechapel (Wizard, #2) by Simon Hawke
This cover has Billy, who by this time has the spirit of merlin living in his head and sometimes taking over his body The Wizard of Sunset Strip (Wizard, #3) by Simon Hawke
Wyrdrune and Kira are the ones with the special powers to hunt down the Old Ones. I think the 1st book had the mime scene.
Looks like there are about 10 of these

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Chris | 2 comments Brilliant thank you :)

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