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Lose yourself in a world of dark and immense detail. Or play backgammon or chess.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) (( Tristan and Adelaide))

Tristan pulled out his pocket watch. In half an hour he had a meeting with one of the overseers of the new lodgings he was building for the new tenants. The previous lodgings were so poorly kept that everything had to be refurbished from top to bottom. However, they were a week behind schedule and he was getting impatient.

Unfortunately, he had to take of one matter at a time and at the moment he had to take care of the first one. After asking one of the chambermaids, he found himself in the library to find a certain person.

And there she was.

"I am glad you're here, Princess. I am a very busy man and I have no time to waste," he began as he pocketed his pocket watch. "I am one of your suitors and I mean to marry you. I will be straight forward with you. I am marrying you for your money and connections."

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Adelaide found herself in the library after her meeting with her father, though it was more of an inquisition. He demanded to know which of her suitors she wished to marry, or he would narrow them down for her. To be frank she did not find any of them appealing in the slightest. They were all old, unpleasantly plump, poor excuses for Lords. She wanted nothing to do with any of them. Walking over to one of the many bookshelves she planned to find a book and curl up in a chair next to the fireplace. It was something that had always soothed her frantic nerves.

She heard the door open behind her, and turned to see someone she had not had the pleasure of laying eyes upon before. He was one of those romance novel worthy male leads, she found herself drawn to his icy blue eyes. Until, of course, he opened his mouth, then she found herself rather annoyed with him. She could not believe he had the audacity to speak to her that way, as if marrying her was something that he had already confirmed.

"You are bold, sir, rather informal in a way. Though I do not believe we have met before. Allow me to give you a tip for the next female you find yourself courting. Never say you do not have time for them, it's not something one finds desirable in a potential match."

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) That was a common reaction to Tristan's good looks, especially when they look at his eyes. They were piercing enough to shoot through ice. That is until he starts to speak. He is not someone who beats around the bush.

Tristan has done his reach. He knew that he was the most qualified among her suitors both physically and in status. As much as it annoyed him to take his physical attributes into account. He felt that it would be of some use at least this time.

"I am not bold, my lady. I am only stating facts and I am told you are a person that appreciates it." That and the fact that he found her in the non-fiction part of the library. "Then wouldn't you say that it is good that I have no plans on making another courtship. You need a husband and I need to keep my people provided. We would benefit from one another."

He smiled, but the smile looked more like a smirk. "My name is Tristan Levi. We have never met since I happen to be one of the newly appointed lords. This is the first time I have visited this castle since you were but a child."

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Adelaide felt her eyes narrow slightly, as she studied him. He was attractive, yes, she would give him that, but his persona was irritating. However, she found that his confidence and ambition...reluctantly admirable, most Lords lacked those qualities.

"Facts?" At that word she put the book that she was holding back on the shelf and fully turned to him, "As much as I hate to admit it, I do enjoy facts rather than useless opinions. It seems you have done your homework." She did not know whether to be surprised or pleased at that.

She gave him a rather unladylike scoff as he stated that he had not indented to find another courtship, "Are that confident in your ability to woo me, or are you just too foolish to know when to give up?"

She arched a perfectly feminine brow as he informed her of his name, she had heard of him. When her father had been searching for a new lord his recommendations had been glowing. The king had been most impressed with him, she however was still on the fence. "Tis a pleasure to meet you Lord Levi." She gave him a light smile to counter balance her sarcastic words.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "Maybe. I simply know that you are an intelligent woman. I am sure you will come to realize the benefits of our match." His first bold move was touching her hair quite casually. "You are right. I have done my homework and I feel we would perfectly suit since I am not one to shower you with flowered words or promise to kiss the pavement you walk on."

How unexpected that she was making this so difficult.

Maybe he miscalculated his approach. But it couldn't be. According to his sources Lady Adelaide Blackwood disliked falsehoods of any kind. That was part of the reason why he chose her.

"I am not a foolish man. My time is precious, so I do not make mistakes." Each mistake meant time that could have been used for his work wasted. In that amount of time, he could have checked on the produce in one of the mills or farms.

Then he makes his second bold move. "Allow me to prove how well suited we are."

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How odd that he would point out the fact that she was an intelligent woman, most of her suitors disliked that fact about her. They wished her to be meek and docile, but that was something she simply could not do. No, it was something she would not do. She decided that maybe she was being too harsh in her judgement of Lord Levi, he, like herself, went after what they knew they wanted. Besides, if she were to admit it to herself, which she was hesitant to do, Tristan was her most suitable for her out of all of her suitors.

She eyed him wearily as he touched her hair, though she made no attempt to pull away from him. He had not over stepped his bounds as of yet. With his words he had, perhaps unknowingly; admitted that in choosing her, she was not a mistake. That added with the fact that he seemed to actually enjoy the fact that she had a mind of her own, made her warm up to him considerably.

Her eyes widened with his last words, "Allow me to prove how well suited we are." Adelaide bit her lower lip, she was indecisive on how she should respond. On one hand his words implied something inappropriate, on the other she found it difficult to refuse his request. So she weakly nodded her head yes in agreement.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Meek and docile would bore him within a week. And they were usually not to be trusted. His wife had been meek and docile. Three months after their marriage, she had already taken a lover and was hiding him with the allowance he gave her.

Of course, he pretended to be blind to his wife's infidelities. Out of respect for her family, he said nothing about it. Even paid off the lover to die with the secret. It was the least he could do for sending her to an early grave.

He grinned again that grin. The one that made him look like he was smirking condescendingly. Though he was not. He was smiling knowingly because he knew he was not wrong.

Leaning closer, one hand pressed on the shelf behind her to keep her in place. The other hand touched her chin and stirred her face to look at him.

Really look at him.

In the eyes.

"Don't you feel something?" he asked. Because he did. He was attracted to her. And that was the other reason he chose her. He wouldn't believe her if she didn't at least feel a trickle of attraction for him.

His head might deny it, but everything else told him he wanted her.

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Adelaide's heart was pounding in her chest, and the heat she felt on her face alerted her to the fact that she was blushing. She could not help it though, despite her brave words she was in fact an innocent, as a lady of her station should be. She had never been this close to a male that was not a blood relative before.

She glanced around and noticed that they were alone in the library, the chambermaid from before had seemed to disappear. That did nothing to help her blush, it only served to make her face a brighter shade of scarlet. So she did want he had intended, she looked at him.

As much as she wanted to she couldn't deny that he was right, she was attracted to him. Shockingly she even found his persona likable as well...his honesty was welcomed to her. She swallowed visibly before replying to him, "We both know I would be lying if I said that I did not..." Her voie was soft, she was sure that if he hadn't been standing so close he would not have heard her.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Under his instruction, the chambermaid had left to get them their refreshments. He thought the few minutes alone would be a good advantage.

"Marry me?" This was actually the first thing he said that at least resembled a question. Maybe behind all that confidence he was quite unsure as well. It would have been easy to plan and predict everything as easily as he could predict the number of hours it would take to build a house, but there were always buts.

Knowing better than to push his luck, he pulled back and chuckled ... because he thought so but at least now it was confirmed. It might not seem like much but attraction is a start. "I don't know what else you are looking for, but I believe that attraction is at least a start."

It was a good thing he pulled away then, because the chambermaid returned with their refreshments. The scene she returned to seemed harmless enough. Tristan was now at a respectable distance ... though the lady seemed to be strangely red.

She asked, "My lady, are you quite alright?"

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At the chambermaid's question Adelaide's face heated up even more, which annoyed her. Normally she was so in control of her thoughts and feelings, but one meeting with Lord Tristan and she was acting like a foolish love-struck girl! She gave the maid her most winning smile, "Yes, of course, tis rather hot in here tis, it not? Could you put out the fire, please?" It was a viable excuse as it was getting hot in the library.

The maid curtsied and left to gather what she needed to put the fire out. As soon as the door closed Adelaide turned to Tristan, "Do you always throw marriage proposals out so causally?" She smiled at him, it was the first real smile that she had given him thus far, "Attraction is a start...yes. I have a few, well you can call them questions or conditions before I accept or consider your offer." Adelaide realized that despite what she had heard from her father, briefly, she knew nothing of him.

Which was something she loathed, knowledge was power in her eyes, and she wanted to know more about him. "First, as you say you are a busy man, with little to no time...I would expect what time you did have to be used on me. I am not one for infidelities, and I pray that you are not either." She thought of the wives of the Lords that her brother seduced and shivered, she had always despised them. She admired her brother, but not his...job, or the foolish married women that slept with him.

"The second would be....why me?" She tilted her head to the side as she asked him. It was the most important question she wanted to know. Sure he stated that he wanted her for her money and connections, but he could have easily have went for either of her sisters. She was the middle daughter of the royal family, it seemed odd he would not go for her older...adopted sister.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Tristan almost laughed at the flimsy excuse. For a moment, he wondered if the other girl would believe it but when she left to do her mistress's bidding she seemed to believe it just fine.

Because of course the thought of Lady Adelaide doing something unacceptable is unthinkable. Not surprising. Miss Adelaide had a pristine reputation.

There were rumors but those were rumors he has yet to look into.

"I am many things, but I don't lie and I expect the same from everyone else. I never tolerate lying, especially from my wife." His words were laced with warning. "I thought I made that clear when I told you my intentions. But if it bothers you very much I will make a promise with you now that I will return to be by your side every night. Unless circumstances prevent me." Like being assigned to the battlefield.

He turned around and began to enjoy the food laid on the table by the chambermaid. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Carefully, he took a sip of the drink and continued, "And lastly, I am attracted to you. Haven't I made the very clear?"

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Adelaide arched a brow when she noticed the look on Tristan's face as he heard her excuse to the chambermaid. He seemed mollified, like the maid, but there was something else written softly on his face. A sort of vague suspicion, it worried her. Perhaps she was being overly cautious since she and Gabriel had feared that Cassie had known their secret. But somehow she doubted it he had, after all, done his homework on her. She wondered what all he actually knew about her.

She paused to consider his words before replying to them, if she allowed him to make that promise it would be difficult to sneak away to help her people. She would not stop just because she got fact, it would probably be easy to sneak out of his estate than the castle. That was a definite plus, most of the villagers would die without her aid. So it was important to her, "No, I believe your words, and I will not require you to make that promise to me." Though she was glad that he had offered, it told her much about his character.

"You have made it clear that I am attracted to you...but I am pleased that you find me attractive." She walked over to him, stopping just in front of him. She bit her lower lip, trying to build up the nerve to agree to marry him, before she talked herself out of it. Sighing softly, she looked up at him, her sky blue orbs gazing into his icy ones, "Very well Lord Levi, I shall accept your proposal."

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He finally smiled, probably his first genuine smile the whole evening. But he reminded himself that this was a professional transaction. One that benefited both parties in some way.

She would benefit with his name and loyalty. The king will finally stop looking for ridiculously unsuitable suitors for her. And he would benefit of course with her wealth and connections. His thriving people prosper to how it was once was when his father was the lord. His childhood home will again resemble how it once was. And beautiful enough to raise the family he was sure to have in the future.

He had everything planned and seems everything was going as he had calculated.

But most importantly, the attraction was clear and mutual. He was not going to deny that his thoughts and intentions are completely pure. She was a beautiful lady and he was a man. It has been two years since his first wife died. They were married for two years and wanted nothing to do with each other for most of the second year. And he had never had the interest to take anyone else after her.

"I shall speak to your father soon then. I am sure he will be pleased."

There will be much to talk about too. Contracts, dowries and costs. The business aspects of this arrangement was something he was good at. "I suppose you will want to talk about the arrangements with your mother?"

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Adelaide's brows knitted in confusion as she seen Tristan's smile, it seem so familiar to her. This was her first time meeting him though, was it not? He had said that he had not seen her since she was a child however. She glanced down at the table trying to recall why she suddenly felt as if she had met him before. When her eyes landed upon an apple on the tray that the chambermaid had brought them, and it clicked for her. On her eighth birthday she decided that she no longer wished to be a princess, so she ran away.

Well she 'hid' outside in the middle of the courtyard next to the apple tree, as she was planning on using it as her food source. But she was too short to reach any of the branches and after two hours of trying and failing with the bruises to prove it. Someone had finally taken pity on her and brought her some real food. That someone was Lord Tristan. He sat down with her and asked her why she had run away, back then he was the only big person who seemed to actually care. She giggled as she remembered running back to her mother after what she considered her first courting and vowed to her that she would marry him one day.

She wondered if he remembered what he had done, she was not sure as she herself had forgotten. Which considering how in love with him she had been she was surprised that she had. Perhaps it was when she found out that he had married someone else that she began to start forgetting about him? That seemed logical. Vaguely she wondered what happened to his obviously late wife and made a mental note to find out later. She returned her attention to Tristan as he began speaking to her.

Adelaide's jaw nearly dropped when he mentioned speaking to her mother. How could she have forgotten something as important as that...she would be his wife after all. That title required certain...duties, her breathing increased as if she were in the verge of a panic attack. It was odd, she could handle the blood and gore of battle wounds but the mere thought of...well, had her flustered. She closed her eyes and took a deep relaxing breath, the last thing she needed was for him to think her weak. "Of course..." She replied softly, turning her gaze from him.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Tristan did remember. He had arrived with his teacher that day. His teacher was a great scholar and had brought Tristan with him to help him with his latest scholastic pursuit. Even back then, he had been a serious pupil. He was really determined to get his people, land and title back so he really thought of nothing else.

Only even vaguely listening to the invitation given to his mentor and him to join the princess's 8th birthday. He had planned to miss it. He didn't see why he should join a child's birthday party.

"You're going to have to grow a little more taller to survive on that." That was what he had first said to her. He was trying to be both humorous and serious.

At that time of course he didn't know she was the princess. She was bruised and dirtied after all. Not quite the look for a princess.

"So, you ran away? Why?"

So, their meeting was hardly love at first sight for him.

At that time, she was a little girl and he was close to being a man. But she made him laugh and he couldn't quite forget that.

Would she be able to make him laugh again?

The chambermaid returned, and Tristan realized that his business was finished here. He was going to have to speak to the king first then he will leave to take care of the problem back in the cottages. He had a tight schedule to keep.

"I will leave you now," he told her before pulling out his pocket watch again to check the time. It seems he was still on schedule. "I will return in two days time."

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"Too bad the tree cannot shrink..." She muttered longingly, she had always been on the shorter side, though her mother swore she would grow taller.

Adelaide smiled to herself, her mother was right, she had gotten grown since then. In fact at her current height, 5'9", she was taller than most girls her age. She mentally shuttered at the way she remember herself first appearing to him. She had been covered in dirt, grim, and bruises not a look for a princess. Though in her defense she was not a princess in that moment, in her mind anyways.

She did not wish to tell him why she had run away, because he could tell her father on her. But she still felt as if she were right, she looked around before whispering quietly to him, if her father heard he would be livid. "A farmer asked papa for more grain...and papa said that the farmer should be able to live off the land. That it was so simple a child could do it." She frowned her lips forming a pout, as she crossed her arms. "Tis not easy. I cannot do I snuck the farmer some grain..." So she ran away because she feared she would get into trouble.

She noticed that he had some of his drink from earlier just below his bottom lip, without thinking she stepped forward and brushed it off. Giving him a sheepish smile she straightened his tie before she stepped back. She figured she had already overstepped her bounds, she might as well make him presentable. He was going to see her father after all. The door opened and the chambermaid walked in as she returned to a safe distance. Either Tristan and Adelaide had great timing or the maid had bad timing.

"As you wish, I hope your projects stay on time," She gave him a polite curtsey and smiled at him, "Until we meet again, Lord Tristan. I wish you well."

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "A farmer asked papa for more grain...and papa said that the farmer should be able to live off the land. That it was so simple a child could do it."

The first thing that popped into his head when she mentioned that was: 'Why would a farmer ask from her father?' It only took a moment for him to deduce that the girl might not be the simple peasant girl he thought she was.

"Your father was wrong to say that a child could do it, but he isn't completely wrong," he explained. "Because everyone lives off the land. You and I do. The food we have on the table came from farmers and your father bought the grain from them honestly. Your father might be thinking that it was quite odd that the man was asking for grain when other farmers' harvests are just fine."

Why did he say this? Probably because he could sympathize for the king. Compassion was a luxury a king couldn't afford after all. If he surrendered to the whims of this farmer now, others will come with the same plea. But he wouldn't be surprised if the king launched an investigation just in case. Maybe the soil was bad or the water was contaminated.

Yes, even back then Tristan had to think like a leader.

But he couldn't dislike this girl ... this princess had a kind heart but still had much to learn. At the same time, he didn't want that aspect to change about her when she reaches adulthood. It was a rare quality to be this kind.

"Already acting like a wife," he thought in amusement to her actions.

It seems Adelaide can be quite bold as well. Inside, he congratulated himself for the excellent choice. In response, he nodded and turned to leave.

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Adelaide listened quietly as he explained to her why her father had made the decision that he did. She was exceedingly intelligent for a child of merely eight, so much so that her father had allowed her to take over the treasury ledger. But that was a well guarded secret, after all what King would normally allow a child do handle such a task...especially a female. She was pleased with the fact that he treated her as if she were an adult, not speaking down to her like most big people did. "I suppose you are correct...perhaps he should be re-taught the ways of agriculture. That way he might effectly use the resources he has without additional aid..." She mused to herself out loud.

She had not realized until she fully thought over her words, what she had actually done. Her mother would be quite cross with her, according to her mother, 'Ladies are meant to speak when spoken to, as decorations, nothing more.' Adelaide disagreed strongly, she did not wish to be a prop. She looked over at the stranger worriedly, she had been to open with him already, but she wanted to ask his opinion. As he had been the only person thus far who had taken an interest in her thoughts.

"How do you suppose a lady should act? I've seen them you know, skittish as a newborn kitten, tis rather unpleasant. I do not wish to be like that..." She leaned closer to him, her voice growing softer, "I wish to be a spy...or a doctor, not a boring old lady or a princess." She grinned at him after she told him her secret, the only other soul she had told that before was her brother Gabriel. Who laughed at her, saying she was too clumsy to be a spy, and too soft hearted to be a doctor.

Adelaide caught the amused look that passed over his face, and smiled to herself. Perhaps Lord Levi was not as uptight as she had thought. She was rather pleased with that idea, marrying a stuffy old lord was not what she had in mind. When he turned to leave she felt...saddened, which surprised her, it was almost as if she wanted him to stay. Which she knew he could not because he was a busy man. She remembered how much more at ease he had been when she was younger, and wondered what had changed. "Do not grow up too fast..." he had once told her, "…life is about the journey, not the destination..." She completed the rest of his quote softly out loud, though she had not noticed that she had.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) ((End of Tristan and Adelaide Thread))

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Adrian threw the door open. The lock on it was damaged.

"Are you serious?"

Ink dropped the book to the table with a smirk, pulling the pin from her hair and letting the blonde tresses fall about her waist.

"I said I would wait for you," she said smoothly, "I had very interesting information, and you're late."

Adrian handed her an angel feather - something he had just acquired on his recent expedition.

She smiled, and was about to answer when she looked behind him.


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*Razenker walked into the library, his sword held firm in his hand, and smiled at the female Mortal who stood amongst them* "I take it you are Ink? It is nice to meet you."

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Ink arched an eyebrow at Adrian, before looking back towards Razenker.

"Yes," she said, "That would be me. Fondest greetings I assure you."

She would have asked what Adrian was doing with him had she cared. She examined the white feather.

"I saw that little Princess today, Adrian," she said cryptically.


"She's gone now," said Ink, "I searched everywhere for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Shame. You could have made good use of Elizabeth."

"She was here?" asked Adrian.

"Had you returned you might have caught her," said Ink.

Adrian sighed.

"This is an ally of mine," said Adrian, "I want you to tell him about the Angels."

She eyed the demon skeptically.

"And for me?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((I'm going to sleep now - goodnight~))

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(( No updates, sorry... :( ))

"For you, I offer a trinket from Hell, itself. It works well with Mortals, giving them power that they could not possess otherwise. But first, I want what information you have to offer. Such trinkets are not given out freely and I have been through enough treacheries to allow a mere Mortal to attempt such a thing."

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Ink perked at the mention of trinket. From Hell did he say? crossed over to the table, practically sprawling across it. She reached over to her bag and pulled out a knife, holding it up in the air, it's intricate design gleaming in the light from the window.

"Whatever is on this blade," said Ink, "They hate it. I mean, they seriously hate it. Touch their skin with it, and they go into an absolute frenzy. Trouble is, I don't know what it is but you're welcome to have this - I stole it from a blacksmith many years ago. One slash, and they'll scarper in a hurry. I don't know of what use that might be to you but perhaps it will."

Adrian reached out to touch it and she held it away from him, giving him an incredulous look.

"Don't touch it," she complained.

"Keep going," he replied with a sigh.

She sat up, twirling the knife in her fingers.

"I've had dealings with angels," she said, "No... I wouldn't say dealings... Anyway, I know a pathway directly into the Heavens. I used it just yesterday in fact to visit him. It's unguarded, and allows you to pass right into the heart before even being noticed. I don't know whether demons would be detected upon reaching there, but I was able to visit an angel and leave again without them suspecting a thing."

"Why?" asked Adrian.

She shrugged. "It's good to have friends in high places - you're my friend, after all."

"Glad I make the cut," he said dryly.

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(( I can't find Ink's character. Is the dagger actually in her character sheet or are you just wanting me to make up something? ))

"That's an interesting dagger you have. Though, I have to ask, for what purpose would you be visiting an Angel? I was told that you were capable of handling them in addition to the information that said you were hostile with them, in a sense. For what purpose would visiting an Angel be beneficial to you if they are hostile to you? Or, perhaps, a better question would probably be what Angel would actually allow contact between them and you when you are considered hostile to them? Of course, these questions are miniscule to the primary one: where is this passage and how does one move through it?"

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
(( Ok, I found Ink, but I didn't see information for the dagger, so my question still stands. ))

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((Eh? The dagger isn't there? Did I even doooo my weapons - I'll have to take a look at that))

"Okay you first have to understand," she said, "It doesn't matter what race you are, unless you're a goddamn fairy, but rather what you can offer me in return for my own services. I despise angels but if the bounty is big enough, sure - I'll hunt for them. I can't be held responsible for them falling in the process."

She tossed the dagger up and caught it again.

"As for the pathway," she said, "State what you are willing to offer for it. I only have the one unguarded - once it is lost I won't get in so easily now will I?"

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(( Ok, so no information on the dagger other than the blacksmith had owned it and died. Are you just wanting me to make something up, then? ))

"You're quite the straight-forward being, aren't you? Well, like I stated, I have a trinket from Hell that will grant mortal beings, such as yourself, unique powers that are known only to the high-ranking Demons of Hell. Like I said, as well, though, such a trinket is rare and is not easily given. I need proof of your knowledge and expertise before I will give it up. However, if you must have a payment up front, I will supply you with Hellarmor that will benefit you greatly. Such armor will be made specifically to help your abilities to hide and remain hidden from those who would see you dead. Such would be useful when gathering information and assassinations, would it not?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((If you're comfortable with him knowing the origins then yeah - she has absolutely no idea of it's story - she isn't interested in things like that :P))

Ink leaned back again, pursing her lips thoughtfully. She liked things like that.

"Why not," she said, "I've milked that angel for all he had to offer anyhow."

She rolled onto her knees and began digging into her satchel, pulling out some parchment.

"The pathway cannot be seen," she said, dipping a quill into some ink and beginning to draw lines across the page, "In a similar fashion to ley lines you can't see them with your naked eye. I can take you there the first time if my directions are not thorough enough. However, you must undergo a certain ritual. I'm sure you're not opposed to human sacrifice but you can't just pick anyone. Even I struggle to find one suitable. You must find the purest human you can, pure in every sense of the word, and they must participate willingly."

Adrian made a face at the mention of human sacrifice, reminding himself why he ever associated with Ink. She sighed, taking out a vial filled with an unusual silver sand.

"And it must be performed inside a symbol drawn with this celestial sand," she said, showing him a drawing of the symbol, "I don't know what it is, I'm much more well versed in demonic symbols, but it works."

She placed it down on the table along with the sand and the dagger.

"I wish there was an easier way to get in," she sighed, "But the Heavens have been stormed so many times this is the only way. If you can get someone in to unlock the Pearly Gates then your armies can simply walk in in their masses."

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(( Well, I wasn't sure if you had something in mind or if you just wanted me to make up something. I ask because it then makes me come up with lore that relates to your character, which is typically frowned upon in RPs, but, if you're alright with it, then I can do that. And I have a feeling Steven's going to be targeted soon. XD ))

*Razenker watched and listened closely to the instructions that the female gave him* "I see. Well, then what do you have in mind for this Human sacrifice? Surly someone like you would have information that could be given to find someone like that. Of course, I'm sure you would require a form of payment for all information, and I am willing to give you something else, as well, to the final payment for such information. However, like I've said numerous times, now, the final payment will not be given until I have stepped foot into the Heavens. I can have my blacksmiths forge you the Hellarmor, however, soon, if you wish, but I must have my forge set up, first. That is part of Adrian's doing, however, so I must wait on him to give me the land to do so. As for this dust of yours, because of its properties, touching it would be a poor decision on my part. It won't kill me, but I wouldn't be fond of it. Because of this, you may have to come along, anyway, even if your instructions are enough, so that you might be able to draw this symbol for me. After all, I wouldn't want to trust my sacrifice to carry their own demise. Such is a manner that can cause unwanted setbacks to occur."

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(( :( ... ))

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((Oh don't worry - I'm very free-spirited with my characters and usually don't mind others tampering with their stories if it makes the overall story more interesting hahaha))

"Of course not," said Ink with a smile, "Often my sacrifices have been blackmailed; threatened with something far worse than death. And if they are still unwilling? They were not appropriate anyway. Only the pure of heart will suffice - I met Adrian because I thought he was pure of heart, but there is underlying selfishness within him. Sweet maidens, virgins, selfless mothers, self-sacrificing fathers - all easy to find but not so easy to determine whether they are indeed pure of heart. Then again, I'm well versed in figuring that out. It's what I do - I observe things."

She picked up the sand and examined it again.

"And yes," she said, "It didn't occur to me that this might bother you - it is a celestial substance after all. As for the dagger - if it helps during the siege you may take it. I daresay I'll come across other relics in my life."

((Sorry, I was away for the weekend))

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(( Alright, that's fine. And no problem. :) ))

*Razenker smiled* "Alright. Then you will help me find a person pure of heart? And I'm certain that this trinket of mine will aid you far more than that dagger will. After all, why have a weapon enchanted with the powers of Hell when you, yourself, could be enchanted with the same powers of a higher magnitude?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Ink's eyes sparkled and Adrian smirked. Sold. He knew perfectly well Ink's favourite gifts were of the powerful sort - it was the only reason she hung around him at any rate.

"I can help you," she said, "It is not a hard thing to discern who is pure of heart. Even the toughest of men may have golden hearts within them."

She held out her hand confidently.

"I suppose I am interested in doing business with you," she said, "I'll act as your assistant in the process as you wish."

She turned to Adrian.

"Get those forges ready, Prince," she said, "We've got work to do."

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*Razenker smiled wider* "Excellent." *He extended his hand and took the female's firmly* "Then let us begin, shall we?" *He looked over at Adrian from the corner of his eye* "My men will meet you at your castle. They will tell you what they need and you will supply them as agreed, then they will forge you powerful Hellarmor and weapons." *He looked back at the female* "So, who did you have in mind?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Adrian nodded, adjusting his clothing quickly.

"I will await their arrival," agreed Adrian, "And let them come quietly. I'd like to keep the Guildenstar b*stards ignorant - for now at least."

He opened the library door, checking to see if the coast was clear before turning back to Ink.

"And Ink," he warned, "If things don't go your way, come to me, don't go attacking him - you'd probably lose."

"So presumptuous," she shot, and he leaned against the open door. She turned back to him smiling.

"I know several who would be fairly appropriate," she told him, "But if you have a preference, speak it now and I will accommodate. Otherwise? One of the things I love about this land is that it is full to the brim with good-doers and maidens."

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*Razenker chuckled* "I've been hearing rumors about a Knight that was once from this kingdom, but has since gone rogue and has started a faction of his own in attempts to end the war. Perhaps this being might be someone of pure enough heart? My pet reported to me that he was with the Archangel, Xithen, who it ran into in one of Guildenstar's village. Why he was there, I do not know, but the presence of such a being in front of mortals is rare. Maybe it's because he had something to do with this Mortal? I may be wrong, as I do not have enough information to go on, as of yet, but it's a start. If not, we can just kill him and end his petty resistance, then continue searching from there. What do you say?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments Adrian's eyebrow twitched and he scowled at the ground. Bleeding traitor...

"A deserter who works to bring peace," mused Ink, "He sounds very promising. Going after him will be beneficial to your cause regardless of whether he'd fit the sacrifice I'd expect, especially if he has allied himself with an Archangel."

She smiled, such extremists were harder to persuade but then again, persuading people to die was something she was rather good at. She smiled at Adrian.

"On another note," said Ink, "Do you know the name of this Knight? I daresay Adrian probably does."

Adrian averted his angry gaze.

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(( Adrian may know; Steven's family was of noble blood. He may know the history if he wishes, as he is a Prince. XD ))

*Razenker released his grip on Ink's hand and brought it back down to his side* "Unfortunately, I do not, but I do know that he is a self-trained Knight and is quite skilled in combat. He stood up to Eerashi on more than one occasion and managed to escape alive. Such is an impressive feat for a Mortal."

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((Thank youuu, I wasn't sure but yeah makes sense that he would know :3))

"I don't believe I've met Eerashi," said Ink, "But to battle a demon is difficult and something even I struggle with - that's what Adrian is for."

Adrian arched an eyebrow. She really was highly strung. At least she knew her own weak points - her magic wasn't very offensive and much more effective against angels and humans.

"As for more information on the Knight himself," said Ink, "I'm sure Adrian will be of use. If this man was a Knight even despite Adrian's young age, he should know at least something."

Adrian let out a long sigh.

"I guess I could help you there," said Adrian, "I didn't know him too well, but I remember him at least."

((I'm gonna go and find Steven haha))

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(( No problem. XD And he's in the Neutral Humans topic. ))

*Razenker turned to Adrian* "Oh? Then would you be so kind as to provide me his name?"

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"His name was Steven," said Adrian casually, "He was about 5 years older than me when he was still with us. Great swordsman - my father adored him."

He tapped his sword.

"He gave me a few lessons when I was a boy," said Adrian, "I still mirror some of his techniques now - I'm surprised he's still alive. He was entirely too self-sacrificing. Left for the stupidest reason. Could have been a legend here at the Court."

Ink clicked her tongue.

"Self-sacrificing you say," smirked Ink, "A selfless and chivalrous man - well that can't get any easier."

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(( No problem. :) ))

"I couldn't agree with you more on that one. If he truly is that chivalrous and if he is impulsive, as you say that he left for a stupid reason and your surprise to his being alive, then perhaps this will be quite easy. Not only will I make my way into the Heavens, but I will also have eliminated a key foe in my campaign."

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"It's as though he was born to die this way," said Ink with a sarcastic sigh, "As long as we hold someone's life at ransom, I'm sure he'll more than willing to go forth with the sacrifice."

"Martyr," scoffed Adrian, "But how do you know he won't let that person die for the greater good?"

"If demons rule over heaven and hell," said Ink, "There will be peace. Besides, we just need to make it so the people we threaten are more important than that."

"It's been years since he deserted," replied Adrian, "I have no idea who is dear to him now - I didn't when I knew him either."

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(( You're fine. ))

"Perhaps there might yet be someone close to him. Did he love a person when he was younger? Or was there another of his kin that remains? From the way you're speaking, it makes me believe that his family has deceased."

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments "Yeah they're all gone," said Adrian, "He left after that. It's like me losing my family and going off on my own. I could never abandon my duties like that."

"Enough with the bitterness," complained Ink, "So what you're saying is that we need to find someone else. A lover, a comrade..."

She smirked.

"An old friend."

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(( Woops, sorry, I didn't see an update. :( ))

"And just where do you think we would find this person? Who would such a person be?"

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((No worries ahahah))

Adrian caught Ink's eye and scowled.

"We were not close," he snapped, "It wouldn't work if you used me as bait."

"But you could serve as an example," said Ink, "That we are capable of killing anyone. Even a Prince."

She pursed her lips.

"Without a lover," she said, "We'd have to use a group of people... perhaps his comrades? His friends?"

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