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message 1: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11053 comments Welcome to the official home of our Ask An Author, Win A Book corner.

Each week, we will have a guest author who will visit with us for one or two days to answer questions from members, and will giveaway a book/s to a lucky winner or winners.

Just to keep things fun and stress-free, here are a few guidelines/reminders to keep in mind.


One to two questions only per post. Let us keep our questions polite and friendly. Participate often but please don’t monopolize either.

If the author is not online when you posted your question, please be patient. Not required, but recommended, please bold your question/s, so it is easily visible.

Also, please do a quick check of the thread to make sure that your question has not been asked already.

It will be one entry for the raffle, no matter how many times you visited/participated in the thread.

For non-US members, please take note, whether the raffle is open worldwide or not. We would really like everybody to have the chance to win, but that will depend on the author. However, non-US members are always welcomed to ask questions and participate, even if the are not eligible for the giveaway.

If you are the winner, please contact the author within 48 hours on the process of claiming your prize. If you are an e-book winner, please remember that the same copyright rules apply to this e-book as if you bought it.


Thank you for agreeing to participate and sharing your valuable time with us.

Please visit your thread as often as it is possible for you. To keep yourself organized, please answer questions on a “first posted, first to be answered” system. Feel free to use the ‘quote’ feature or copy and paste the question that you are answering, maybe leaving the “question” in italics and your “answer” in bold.

You are not required to answer all questions, if a question/s made you feel uncomfortable or for whatever reasons you may have, but please acknowledge all questions. Again, let us keep the thread a friendly and courteous place.

You are responsible for conducting the giveaway and must choose the winner randomly. We would appreciate it if you can make arrangements to send the prize within a week after you have announced the winner.

Again, we are all excited with this new venture, and are hoping that everybody will enjoy the wonderful conversations we would have with our guests.


If we have any authors lurking in our group who would like to be part of our Ask an Author, Win A Book roster, feel free to send a private message to any of the group moderators.

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the number of interested authors and in keeping with the goals of this folder, we can only host an author ONCE in our Ask an Author, Win a Book Corner. If you had been an Ask an Author, Win a Book Corner author participant before, and would like to announce or promote a new book, feel free to use our (Self)Promotion folder.

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya (cowgirl6565) | 26 comments I think you need to remove all the old entries because they are no longer usable. Instead put a list of authors you have contacted in the past. (Either with a date or not). People won't get frustrated when looking for the giv-aways.

message 3: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11053 comments Ask An Author, Win A Book is no longer in progress.

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