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Carla Hanna (carlajhanna) | 20 comments Mod
Teen stars who grew up in the industry don't talk like 'normal teens' whatsoever. The dialogue in Starlet's Web is 99% authentic. What I removed is the cussing. Real Hollywood actors would cuss in every sentence of the dramatic monologues that they share with each other.

When I first heard it, I felt like the teen was disconnected from reality until I realized that she was so used to scripts that how she spoke was real to her. I didn't want to sugar-coat the dialogue into something unreal because teens all over the world aspire to be actors but have NO idea what that would be like. It would mean coming into a culture in which the teen is an adult who runs lines with each other, gets screamed at in every cuss word imaginable - with the f-bomb and sh** used as frequently as articles, and "compartmentalizes" herself.

The dialogue in Starlet's Web gets under your skin? It should (then imagine it with F***ing in every sentence). Want to be an actress? Why?

Carla Hanna (carlajhanna) | 20 comments Mod
One of my best buddy's daughter just sent in her tape for X-factor. NO!!!! (Please don't be a singer.) She even read Starlet's Web. But at least she'll know what she's getting into at 15. She is so very, very talented.

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