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What would happen if you ate your own daemon?

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I don't think you could. It would be like eating your own arm. It would most likely be physically painful to YOURSELF. Hypothetically, you could perhaps target someone else's daemon, but it would probably be seen as a form of cannibalization (since it's a part of a PERSON).

Can someone live without their daemon? I can't remember. I know (view spoiler)

And Irini, if you feel like there are more important and interesting topics to discuss, why don't you go make your own thread and discuss them there?

And why would you want to do that?? I know it's theoretical, but surely there are more important or interesting topics to discuss?

My daemon, of course, would have to be a bucket of chicken.

S.A. (last edited Jul 11, 2013 01:08PM ) Jul 11, 2013 01:08PM   0 votes
I suppose if the person got hungry enough it's possible *shrug* People will do things they normally wouldn't when they're starving to death. I've heard a story about a little boy eating his own flesh, he was so hungry, so why not a person eating their daemon?

I'm not sure you could, either. I don't know... your daemon IS part of your soul, and you can feel things that your daemon feels and vice versa, so I think Kyra is right: you would be hurting yourself AND your daemon.
Also, none of the Golden Compass characters would even CONSIDER eating their daemons.

You would become one?

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why would you want to eat your daemon?!?!?!?!

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I don't think you could get the chance. If your dæmon dies, you die ( So unless you tried to eat your dæmon alive, you would be dead before you had a chance to eat it. And if you did attempt to eat it alive, you'd probably die during or immediately after the process.

Essentially, it would be like committing suicide by trying to eat your own heart. Would it even be possible to live long enough after ripping your heart out of your chest to eat it? I highly doubt it.

That's enough disturbing conversation for me today, I think.

the more pressing question is: of all the names the author could use why the hell are they called dæmons!?

Robin Pullman borrowed it from Ancient Greek Mythology:

Originally, a daemon was not necessarily evil - Christianity
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Magic/Soul-assisted suicide?

it's one letter away from demons, right?

deleted user a) look at robin's comment on your previous comment. B) Th word Demon came from Daemon. Just as 'I' came from 'Ic' and 'Father' came from 'Patar' ...more
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