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Matt stifled a yawn, unable to fathom why he was, yet again, so tired. He trudged through the forest, getting some fresh(er) air.

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Luna entered the forest cautiously. After a while she settled down in a clearing and lay down, her hands behind her head. This was a place where she could let go of her world and just be alone.

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Matt was about to start jogging when he saw a girl, Luna or something, lying down. He morphed claws and small hairs on his hands and feet and climbed a tree next to her. He started making bird noises.

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Luna sang to herself and the wilderness as she heard the birds calling. She smiled and closed her eyes. At least she wasn't completely friendless.

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Matt lay against the tree and watched her. He felt a flutter and a big colourful bird landed next to him.He smiled until the bird pecked his toe. He jumped a bit and shuffled away. The bird bit him again and this time he yelped and fell to the ground, landing right next to Luna. The breath rushed out of him and he choked.

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Luna was so startled at this sudden appearance that she bolted upright and was on her feet in seconds. "Who's there?" She called, warily. SHe hated this school.

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Matt looked up at her. "Hey there, partner" he said, his voice soft as he tried to get his breath back. he stood up too and his nose turned darker as he made it 5 times more sensitive, just to help him breath a bit.

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Luna kneeled back down. It was a furry creature, rather cute too. "Hello," she said softly.

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Matt sniffed and returned his body back to normal. "What's your name?" He asked her, acting as though he hadn't just fallen from an impossibly tall tree and landed right next to her.

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"Luna," she said, and her eyes became large and round as he transformed. Her heart almost skipped a beat from fear.

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He smiled "my name is Matthias, but most just call me Matt. What do you do?" He asked her, being totally blunt.

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"Well, Matt, it's a pleasure to meet you," she said, still slightly quivering as she recovered from her fear. "I'm- I'm an avenger student," she stammered. "You?"

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Matt snorted "Isn't it obvious? I'm a" He broke off and morphed his tongue pointed "Muutant" He laughed, returning his tongue to normal.

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Luna nodded, slightly wary. "Hmm. That's pretty cool. I'm not good at anything, except for sparring and english class."

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Matt paused looking her up and down. "Seriously? There must be something you can do?" He asked her, slightly dubious.

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Robyn of the Pucks flew into the forest as a raven, looking around.

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She laughed at his statement. "Well, no, I can't. Though I suppose I can break down english..." She ticked the factors off on her fingers. "I can; read, write poetry and prose, analyse text, read shakespeare and understand it...." She trailed off and grinned at him. "That's all I can do. And fight with a sword."

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Matt smiled "And I'm a freak who can do weird stuff with his body. Not as sexual as that sounds." He chuckled. He looked up at a raven and frowned.

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Luna gave a very unladylike snort at the last phrase which came out of his mouth. "You're not a freak," she said. "Well, I don;t think you are."

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Robyn looked down at Matt, noticing he was frowning at him. Good. He tilted his head and grinned, still a bird.

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Matt was about to reply when he noticed the bird... Smiled? "Wait a minute" He said. The bird reminded him of... something.

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Robyn tilted his head the other way, still with a grin.

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Matt growled at it. He didn't like it and he hated not knowing what it was. Then a thought struck him. Did he mean he hated not knowing WHO it was? He smirked. "Who are you, shape changer?" He called up to Robyn.

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Robyn nodded. He flapped his wings. He would have clapped, but, he was a bird.

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Matt nodded "... Student?" He asked, still not sure who it was exactly.

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Robyn nodded yet again.

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"Who are you talking to?" Luna enquired.

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Robyn cawed to alert Luna of his presence.

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Matt pointed to Robyn "That" He stated "Is no ordinary Raven" He said the obvious.

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Robyn shifted and laughed. "Good observation," he said and shifted back into a raven.

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"Woah," Luna said, startled. Then she blushed, embarrassed. "Sorry, I've only been here a day. It's weird for me, all this new stuff..."

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Matt spluttered "Robin?" He guessed, patting Luna's shoulder as if to reassure her.

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Robyn shifted. "Wrong. Robyn with a Y."

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She smiled at him, then turned back to the raven. "That's really cool."

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Matt rolled his eyes "That's what I meant" He lied. He moved in close, his forehead nearly touching Robyn's "What do you want?" He asks.

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Robyn smirked. "Company," he said. He looked at Luna and chuckled. "Hope I didn't interrupt anything."

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Matt nodded, not catching the hidden meaning. "Sure, no problem. I was just talking to Luna." He smiled. "She's quite modest."

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"I can see," Robyn teased.

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Luna said, touched, "I'm not modest. I am simply telling the truth."

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Robyn chuckled. "Cool. But bragging is fun."

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She crossed her arms, a slight icy gaze in her stormy eyes. "I have nothing to brag about."

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Matt chuckled. "Bragging is fun. You have to be able to do something we can't?" He asked her. He grew his ears into donkey ears, just to be an Ass

(( Haha bad pun))

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((lol, nice))

"Of course you do. You have a guy following you." Robyn grinned and pointed at Matt.

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She frowned at him. "I can't. I'm hopeless at everything but English class and sparring." Turning to Robyn she added, "He's not following me. He's just an acquaintance, which turned out to be a friend."


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Robyn chuckled. "Sure, sure." He said.


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((good night))

Luna glared at him. "You are getting the WRONG idea." She turned to Matt with a pleading stare.

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Matt caught on "Now hold up! I'm not saying your bad, Luna, but I'm more into the, uh... Well, you.." His head snapped back and when he looked at her, his face seemed more defined, his gaze sharper. "I'm gay" He said bluntly. Matt was yelling on the inside, but his alternate personality laughed.

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"Exactly!" Luna turned to Robyn with a satisfied smirk on her face. "No offense taken Matt. Besides, I like you better as a friend."

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Robyn rolled his eyes. "Gays are fun," he said.

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Luna made a dismissive cough, offended. "Who said they weren't?"

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