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Can mine be in the Combat warriors?

Name: Luna Starlet
Codename: Starry
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Powers and abilities: Excellent at sword fighting and can burn holes in things with her eyes
Gender: Female
Personality: Hot temper, but in the inside is very kind
Other: Likes to be close to nature

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Name: Matthias Castellan

Codename: Spiderfox

Age: 16
Grade: ?
Powers and abilities: He can morph. What he can do is a lesser form of shape shifting.
Gender: Male
Personality: He is funny and a bit sarcastic. He is a joker that has a darker side to him.

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Name: Robin, Robyn and Roben Goodfelloq
Codename: The Pucks
Age: 17
Grade: 11 (college/senior)*
Powers and abilities: The triplets have a form of magic. They all can shift into the blackest of ravens and into the whitest of horses. They also can make multiple copies of themselves with full fighting and power abilities. They can also make others turn into rats for any duration of time.
They also have the ability to blow a thing they call 'fairy dust' into the air and have it explode when they want it to and as big/bright as they want it.
Gender: Male
Personality: The Pucks are all mischievous guys. The three of them love to pull pranks on others and tease the people around them, including adults. They can respect authority when it pleases or benefits them. They are super loyal to their true friends, sticking by them no matter what. They are tricksters.
Other: *I'm Aus and only know 1-12. Have nooo idea what senior, freshman, college etc. are

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