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Keiara, tear stains on her cheeks, looked at Emily.

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Keiara smiled and nodded.
'With or without the additions your father has made to them?' JARVIS asked.

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'He likes all of them best, Miss." JARVIS answered.

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'The one in the right corner is the least expensive,' JARVIS contributed.
Keiara looked at her and nodded. The one JARVIS said.

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Keiara watched Emily. What was she going to do now?
'Miss, I may add right now that your father loves his cars,' JARVIS said.

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'It is in my requirements as security to alert Mr Stark as soon as something like this is happening,'
Keia watched Emily.

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'It is to the car'
Keiara giggled at that.

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Keiara, blinking, held the wires.
'Correction, it is His car'

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'But he likes all of his cars,' JARVIS said. 'After Loki blew up a few along with the chitari, he didn't have as many.'

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'Yes, Miss, but why...'

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'Not while I am here'
Keiara giggled.

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'I can't. As I said before, I am uploaded into every system.'
Keiara crawled over to Emily.

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Keiara nodded and handed her exactly half.

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Keiara frowned and tilted her head.

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Keiara tilted her head the other way. Hello, she was a baby.

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Keiara nodded.

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Keiara nodded and handed her the wires. She crawled to the other side.

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Keiara smiled, watching.
'Your father with not be happy about this,' JARVIS said.

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Keiara nodded with a smile. She put out a hand and a flame from the car landed in it. She giggled and looked at it, not getting burned.

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((dude, she has fire in her hand!))

Keiara sat down and played with the flames in her hand.

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((*hits head on wall* she hasn't done that before. Part of her powers... not known yada yada))

Keiara smiled up at Emily. "Flame no hurt." She said. She made the fire dance in her hand.

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Keiara giggled, playing with fire.

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Keiara looked at the car, smiling.

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'Not when the flames get to the fuel,' JARVIS said. 'Then it will explode.'

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Keiara used her powers to put out the flames fully.

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Keiara nodded. "Pleasure," she said.

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Keiara nodded and hugged her.

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"Okay," Emily said. They left.

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